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by David Roberts

ePub Egypt: Yesterday and Today download
David Roberts
American University in Cairo Press (January 1, 1999)
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David Roberts: Travels in Egypt & the Holy Land.

David Roberts: Travels in Egypt & the Holy Land. Egypt: Yesterday and Today. A third grade student could have seen that printing the book sideways in a landscape fashion would have allowed each plate to be reproduced on one page as in integral display exactly the way that Roberts intended it to be, with the text recent photograph on the opposite page. It is fascinating how stupidity and terrible production can destroy magnificent artwork.

Egypt Yesterday and Today has been added to your Cart. In the early part of the nineteenth century, Scotsman David Roberts produced numerous views of extraordinary Egyptian sites in carefully rendered, beautifully expressive lithographs. Lavishly produced, this large-format book highlights the diaries kept by Roberts as well as his remarkable body of artwork, which so lyrically captured Egypt's celebrated monuments and timeless landscapes. In a fascinating juxtaposition, photographer Antonio Attini contributes recent photographs depicting each subject Roberts interpreted so many years earlier.

Egypt Yesterday and Today book. Each lithograph is accompanied by a smaller colour photograph of the site or monument today, revealing how much or, as in some cases, how little Egypt has changed during the last 150 years. Concise discussions summarise This is a beautifully presented tour down the Nile, through large, colour reproductions of 124 of David Robert's lithographs, first published in the 1840s.

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Items related to Egypt: Yesterday and Today. Roberts, David Egypt: Yesterday and Today. ISBN 13: 9789774244087.

Egypt : Yesterday and Today. Absolutely gorgeous book, eye-candy through and through! Author published David Roberts paintings and modern photographs. David Roberts R a. Walmart 559895695. Although the angles of the modern pictures seem frequently wrong when compared to the original depictions, they are stunning, and the book is a joy to handle. MrsRK, November 20, 2016.

This handsome portfolio contains 10 fine art prints of David Roberts’ superb lithographs of ancient Egypt, selected from Egypt: Yesterday and Today (AUC Press, 1996). Between 1842 and 1849, on the basis of sketches made on the spot and aided by his excellent memory, Roberts produced the drawings that Louis Haghe turned into prints published by Francis Graham Moon.

Books, Comics & Magazines. Antiquarian & Collectable Books. Egypt Yesterday & Today Lithographs & Diaries by David Roberts RA HARDBACK art. David Roberts Egypt in Antiquarian and Collectable Books. Skip to page navigation. See all. The Holy Land and Egypt and Nubia Folio Society David Roberts - Fine HBs/SCs. £1. 9.

Egypt Yesterday and Today. by Antonio Attini, Fabio Bourbon, David Roberts. David Roberts, one of the most skilled landscape artists of his time, set out for Egypt in 1838, where he made countless sketches of the most remarkable sites and monuments during the course of his eleven-month journey through Egypt, Sinai, and the Levant. Superb lithographs made from his work, first published between 1846 and 1848, are richly reproduced here in resplendent color

This book shows the before and after of these ancient sites after excavation as never seen before. The wonderful and romantic images from David Roberts as were first seen when he travelled to Egypt, are contrasted with current photographs of the same sites. Although saving these monuments to the ancient past is most important to the world, one can't help but to wish to come upon these wonders when Roberts captured them in his drawings. Truely a must for anyone who has been to Egypt, or simply wants to arm travel through history.A large book with full color plates.
  • This book is huge, and it's just amazing! Drawings made in the early 19th century of what the antiquities looked like then--beautiful renderings reproduced large. And then a current photograph showing the same sites currently--most from the same angle as the drawings. I really love that the artist saw the sites when there was still color on many of the pillars and walls--color that has since been rubbed off by years of sandstorms and human hands. It's like you get to take a trip up the Nile to see all these great sites, both now and two hundred years ago at the same time. The copy I bought was a used library book (with the plastic cover protector), and it's been loved for years, but still in terrific shape.

  • I received this book as a library used book and it proved to be in excellent condition - very pleasantly surprised. As for Roberts art - it captured the actual romance of ruins wearing the mantle of the ages you won't see in the 'Processed Meat' of today's post industrial people processing. This book and Florence Nightingales' Nile diary both convey that lost sense, that lost sense of connectedness with the ages.

  • Perfect companion book.
    This an excellent book for those of us who have been lucky to visit Egypt or are interested in its history. To see the places I visited with the eyes of 150 years ago, with the colors in them, now vanished. I enjoyed it tremendously.

  • Beautiful book!

  • I had seen this book in a Cairo hotel lounge and loved it! So, I made sure to write down title, author, SSN #, etc. in order to find it at our local bookstore when we returned home. Yeupp... it was $95.00! I was thrilled when I found it online for a fraction of that cost so I ordered two. Both arrived in a very short period of time in perfect condition so I would use this vendor again. This was the identical book as in Cairo except that it had been printed by a different publisher. Fabulous artist, good commentary -- one of the most interesting that I've seen on Egypt. It's strictly a "coffee table" book rather than a long treatise on ancient Egyptian structures so this lets your mind wander to a time when the Egyptian antiquities were being re-discovered by the European cultures in the 1800's. The addition of current day photos makes an interesting comparison.

  • Many books on David Robert's are small or not generous enough to allow you full scope to enjoy his paintings or they focus on his Levantine paintings.

    This book is probably the best around that is not to expensive but gives you a feel for his grand Egyptian paintings. Some really nice ones of Sphinx, pyramids and also some of the lesser temples feature. The only other book which is now out of print that deals with this subject well is Peter Clayton's the Re-discovery of Ancient Egypt. Thames and Hudson.

  • Love this book. Had never read much about the renewed fascination with Egyptology in the nineteenth century. The David Roberts lithographs are simply beautiful and his journal intriguing. Modern pictures juxtaposed with the old lithographs highlight the amazing feats of reclaiming these Egyptian treasures from desert and water.

  • I have owned this book for years and never tire of leafing through it! It is truly amazing art work! The literature is engaging. All in all a great book to add to your library!