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by Bina Abling

ePub Fashion Sketchbook download
Bina Abling
Fairchild Books; 2nd edition (January 1995)
Graphic Design
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Ablings directions are easy to follow and detailed.

Fairchild Books New York. It is completely revised, with updated draw-ing instructions and new images in every chapter.

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fashion illustration 156FASHION SKETCHBOOK SIX DRAWING FLATS AND SPECS 157 Women’s Outerwear. The book guides you through. Fashion Artist (Fashion Design Series). Basics Fashion Design: Fashion Drawing. 6 MB·6,174 Downloads·New!

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Now in full color and completely revised. Fashion Illustration Tutorial Fashion Illustrations Drawing Process Fashion Templates Illustration Techniques Fashion Sketchbook Fashion Sketches Fashion Figures Design Process.

Bina Abling's detailed, easy-to-follow lessons have clear diagrams and runway photographs to help you develop your drawing skills. Format Mixed media product 432 pages.

Fashion Sketchbook, now in a new edition, is the leading authority on sketching the fashion figure, fabric shapes and garment details. Ablings directions are easy to follow and detailed, using minimum narrative and numerous diagrams. Fashion Sketchbook explains step-by-step how to draw women, men, and children; pose the figure; develop the fashion head and face; sketch accessories; include garment details; and prepare flats and specs.
  • Full disclosure: My background is in graphic design and I am a mostly self taught artist. I'm trying to shift gears from my current job as a production artist to go into apparel design (the technical end). My mother is a seamstress and I pretty much was raised in the local fabric store. I bought this book in particular, because another customer recommended it over 9 Heads (I bought both, but this one came first).

    That said...this is the best book I've ever bought on drawing...ever. I lucked out and bought it USED for $10 through an amazon seller and I've never been so pleasantly surprised. This book not only covers the fashion end of the spectrum, but it truly wants you to understand the human form and movement. The first fourth of the book is simply explaining to you how to draw each part of the female form (it goes into male form and children as well--but not as detailed), telling you the difference between fashion croquis and a normal human shape, but also quick short cuts to getting the form down. Yes, practice makes perfect and the few art classes and all the advice I've ever gotten as an artist always said this, but being able to jump start pretty quickly into drawing the figure is so helpful to young artists. Just this part of the book has me amazed. I still recommend studying living breathing forms, but this is a damn good start.

    The amazement doesn't stop there. It covers step by step what you need to know about drawing draping fabric, layering color, and creating texture to represent fabric types better. It even covers flats--not in complete length, but enough to get by. I found this and most of the end chapters the most useful, because it goes on to explain how to draw the most useful figure/design, depending on the purpose. Everyone wants to draw pretty pictures, yes, but theres a stark difference between drawing something to look pretty and drawing something to be informational, and have it still look fluid. The part of this book I like the most is that yes it tells you exactly how to get an effect or shape, but it also explains the theory. You give a man to fish, he'll eat for a day. You teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a life time.

    This book is going to go on my shelf next to all the art books I have. It will be a frequent pull and just as loved. I might even by the newer version just to see what improvements were made.

  • I love this book. I have been reading and watching every video everyday. It's very visual.
    I really enjoy that is a bounded book because is easy to manipulate.
    About the videos, I'm not sure that I like the way that this edition presented them because you have to create and account to watch them and they are only online access, I think for one year.

    Even though I reccomend it! It's a must if you want to learn how to draw fashion figures (I didn't study fashion and I am learning on my own). Believe me, I am a fashion geek who lives in New York and this is one of my favorites ????

  • This book is great for the drawing aspect but the rendering tutorial is HORRIBLE. Which sucks because portraying textiles accurately is more important then getting the figure right. Especially since they need to be drawn more. Drawing the figure and the garments however, this is a great step by step book for that. Perfect perhaps.

  • Very thorough text, with a small yet useful reference of different types of garments, and how to render them convincingly on a variety of bodies, including infants! Also has spotlights on other illustration styles. A must for the designer's library.

  • I thought this book would show me how to draw different garments STEP-BY-STEP, line by line. Instead, its more of a reference book on different techniques. I included pictures so you can see what I mean. I used this book in combination with "Fashion Drawing for Dummies" and "Fashion Illustration Techniques" to create my illustrations for my FIT AAS Evening Weekend Fashion Design application. I got in, but I don't know if I could attribute to this book alone since I took an intro fashion drawing class years ago and used these books as refreshers. I've attached photos of all the books and one of my illustrations for reference.

  • Although a little pricey (when busy buying all the other needed materials for the illustration classes) this book is a definite MUST HAVE! It will show you how to draw your croquis and the movements as well as side and back views. Although your professor may not reference this book, it is a wonder piece of Heaven to own! :)

  • Bina Abling is an exceptional instructor. My dream growing up was to become a fashion designer and when that didn't happen, I yearned for that experience for many years. Now that I'm retired and have some free time, I thought maybe I can learn something about fashion design. Doing much research on Amazon, I found this book to be the epitome of all that and more. Bina is a gifted, knowledgeable, forthright teacher. She encourages your creativity and helps you through the absolute rules of fashion design. The information regarding the tools and the illustrations are phenomenal. I cannot say enough about this book; it's luxurious and rich with everything you need to know about fashion design. The illustrations and the sketches of children and men which are usually very difficult are very helpful. Bina also includes a DVD inside the front cover - this is very helpful also as you watch her illustrate. Bina also encourages the student. I would recommend this book for any Fashion Design student or anyone who wants to learn to illustrate the runway model or perhaps learn more about the fashion design world.

  • Ms. Abling has done an excellent job illustrating how to illustrate, for apparel. The workbook-like format is easy to follow and instinctually laid out. She explains the materials needed, and the techniques she uses to create lovely illustrations. A must-own for any fashion design student.

    As a side-note, she also has several great YouTube videos explaining some of her techniques as well. They're a nice supplement to this book.