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by Isaac Mizrahi

ePub How to Have Style download
Isaac Mizrahi
Gotham; First Edition edition (October 7, 2008)
Graphic Design
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Isaac Mizrahi has received awards from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, including two “Designer . So I decided the get some guidance from the style experts.

So I decided the get some guidance from the style experts. Instead, it is a guide to help you figure out how you want to present yourself to the world.

How to Have Style book.

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Isaac Mizrahi has "made over" the style advice book genre. How insightful of him to help each reader understand that style comes from within. He advocates thinking things out when it come to developing a personal style. Think before you shop! Brilliant! The book is full of fantastic advice. It is full of clever details. I love having his handwriting on the pages of the book.

Showcasing his singular approach to looking great, How to Have Style begins with the premise that all women should wear what inspires them. Using twelve real women facing real wardrobe dilemmas, Mizrahi walks readers through the fundamentals of finding a personal style that reflects their authentic selves.

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Welcome! Read about what to wear and how to wear it on the YLF Blog. Outfits Ensembles Trends Advice.

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The award-winning fashion designer and trend-setter offers his innovative approach to looking terrific with style, using twelve real women facing real-life wardrobe dilemmas to walk readers through the fundamental process of defining one's personal style and including hundreds of tips on fashion, accessories, color choice, makeup, skin care, and more.
  • The best book of the ages. I have given tons of these as gifts and hate that it's out of print. It's a love letter to all women--or anyone looking to discover their own voice. I didn't think clothes meant much, or that I could be good at choosing them, or ever feel much confidence about them, until I read this book. Now I keep it within easy reach, whether to reference, become encouraged, feel inspired, or just flip through. Though published years ago now, the styles still hold up as interesting and relevant.

    It is a masterpiece.

  • I was tired of buying things that didn't work. So I decided the get some guidance from the style experts. Once I came across Isaac Mizrahi's book, I had to buy it. This book was not a guidebook that lists everything that will look fabulous on you or gives you a laundry list of things to avoid. Instead, it is a guide to help you figure out how you want to present yourself to the world. Isaac's easy to follow steps helped me define what my style is and helped me focus on what I am drawn to.

    Most of the style books that I have seen in the past focus on celebrities. That wasn't the case here. The focus was on regular people. Average heights were represented as well as tall women, petites, those with boyish figures and hourglasses. I also liked the fact that women of color, various age ranges and differing lifestyles were included as well.

    The major point that I took from this book was that you should find out what you like, what works for you and listen to your inter-voice when it tells you then something works or doesn't. Play up your assets and downplay the things that you don't like. Style evolves over time, so it is important to evaluate what you have as well as pick up new pieces.

    The tone reminds me of his talk show on Oxygen. So if you loved that show, you will probably enjoy this. Isaac is that knowledgeable friend that will guide you towards what he thinks will work, but ultimately leaves the decisions to you. He does provide helpful tips about hair, makeup, pants lengths, underwear, accessories, tailoring, etc. General information about the different building blocks that are needed to build a wardrobe as well as recommendations to various stores and websites are also included.

    This fun, quirky, easy to follow guide was entertaining as well as informative. I highly recommend it.

  • If you are looking for a book that tells you how to accentuate your good points and to hide your flaws (real or perceived), this is not it.
    I've already had my hair cut and my make-up redone, but even after reading this entire book I have no better idea what would flatter me and my figure.
    I do like the concept of creating your own personal style board to see what resonates for you, but how to apply that was missing for me.
    While I've seen his designs and usually like them. I have to agree with the reviewer that criticized some of his style choices (I did like the bleach blonde she hated, though). I was hard pressed at times to pick what he thought were good outfits from the bad.
    I'd suggest that you look through this book before you decide to buy it. It seems to have hit a chord with some women, but it sure didn't for me.

  • If your girlfriends were to come around Trick-or-Treating, this is what you'd want to drop into their goodie bags!
    Mizrahi's book is candy for the eyes. There are so many pictures - full color, not just sketches, on glossy pages. Plus, this book is both fun and informative. There is a certain richness, breadth and depth to the information, unlike a lot of the style books out there. Mizrahi's writing is a love letter to women. His approach is different from many stylists, who seem to only provide guidelines for dressing like themselves.
    In this book, Mizrahi takes 12 women of varying ages - 20's to 50's - and body types, and transforms them into better versions of themselves. It's amazing how the women all seem to become more vivid and alive. Mizrahi does not dilute their personalities, either. Instead, he enhances them, e.g. the quirky woman wears a thick Russian fur hat; the shopaholic learns how to combine all her prints; the plus-size woman becomes an alluring femme fatale; the socialite stops playing it safe and dons couture.
    What I really love is that because Mizrahi has the credentials and the expertise, he doesn't limit himself to the same tried-and-true fashion rules. He's sort of a Picasso of fashion. One blonde professional in the book comes to him with the safe, appropriate honey-blonde hair, and he transforms her with color - both by lightening her hair to a bold platinum (she then looks like Kim Novak) and moving her away from safe black to colors that enhance her features.
    Mizrahi instructs the reader as to how she can be true to herself and yet break out of her own rut through the use of an inspiration board, a broad list of resources, and a helpful style workbook.
    This truly is a guide to personal style. (The pictures of Mizrahi throughout the book are really cute, too!)

  • Love it, I was a little wary because of other reviews, but I just loved it! I'm really glad that Amazon is able to still offer this full-of-tips, fabulous, motivating book! Really a great source of inspiration, it has very different kinds of women, but Isaac manages to make them all look fabulous. I am wearing some of the things in my closet that were seldom used thanks to his tips. I already feel I dress with more flair! Thanks Isaac!