» » Spectrum 7: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (SPECTRUM (UNDERWOOD BOOKS)) (No. 7)

ePub Spectrum 7: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (SPECTRUM (UNDERWOOD BOOKS)) (No. 7) download

by Cathy Fenner,Arnie Fenner

ePub Spectrum 7: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (SPECTRUM  (UNDERWOOD BOOKS)) (No. 7) download
Cathy Fenner,Arnie Fenner
Underwood Books (September 30, 2000)
Graphic Design
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Book 7 of 18 in the Spectrum Series. Spectrum 8: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. Paperback. Spectrum 22: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.

Spectrum 7 book Published September 2nd 2000 by Underwood Books (first published September 1st 2000).

Start by marking Spectrum 7: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Published September 2nd 2000 by Underwood Books (first published September 1st 2000). Spectrum 7: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art (Spectrum (Underwood Books)). 1887424547 (ISBN13: 9781887424547).

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Paperback published 2001-09-28 by Underwood Books. Alert if: New Price below.

Cathy Fenner, Arnie Fenner. The premier venue for such art, each lavishly illustrated volume is an invaluable resource, eagerly awaited by art directors, illustrators, and readers alike. Drawn from books, comics, magazines, art galleries, advertisements, and portfolios, the collection represents a who's who in fantasy today.

The Spectrum Awards were established in 1994 by Cathy Fenner and Arnie Fenner to recognize the best in fantasy, science fiction, and horror artwork created each year. In 1993, they announced a call for entries to the arts community to submit work. Beginning in 1994, works selected by jury have been compiled in the anthology, Spectrum – The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, published annually by Underwood Books.

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Presents more than two hundred full-color reproductions of paintings, drawings, advertisements, comics, magazine illustrations, and sculptures by outstanding contemporary fantastic artists--including Michael Whelan, James Christensen, Gregory Manchess, and Bob Eggleton--as well as a review of the past year in the world of fantastic art. Simultaneous. 25,000 first printing.
  • This volume is one of the better in the anual series. The printing is excellent and the art outstanding (if you like fantasy art). My only complaint with these books is that many of the pictures are small and hard to see the detail. It would be nice if the publisher would print less material, but make all illustrations full page. I found that good copies can be purchased used.

  • Like em alll

  • I bought this from Amazon over 2 years ago (just getting around to rating it :)) and it is still near the top of my read pile. This book has made me want to collect the entire series. Top quality.

  • Of course it's art, but like any other Spectrum book, some pieces are for more moving than others. Lovers of fantasy, horror and sci-fi art take note, though: This book is an essential part of any library.

    As a comic book fan, I particularly enjoyed seeing several of the year's best covers sans logos, UPC bars, prices and whatnot. It's nice to see these works as the art they are, and the same goes for the book covers.

    Gaming fans will notice some of the artwork used to promote their favorite games. That's pretty darn cool, too.

    I don't always understand why the award winners have won the awards they have, as many of the other works in whatever group seem to be better, but that is why I'm not on the judge's panel. Some of those winners seem to be almost pedestrian and lackluster, though technically sound.

    These books are worth almost any price you'll pay, and artists will love them for the work they can inspire. Art lovers will love having this stuff at their fingertips, too. If you haven't devoured any of the other books in the series, this is a great place to start.

  • I've been following the development of the Spectrum series since the first volume, and I must admit that the series - as a publication of artworks - is getting better. The layout is more thought out, the artworks presented are sufficiently annotated and marked. On other hand, I wonder whether the makers of this book feel like they have to fill up more pages and therefore sometimes go amiss in their choice of good fantasy art. Nevertheless, this is an excellent collection of works of fantasy (and fantastic) art, especially good as a first step in the exploration of the field. Those new to the genre might choose the Spectrum series as a beginner's guide to fantasy art and use it as a jumpboard for further research of this creative branch of art.

  • I love the Spectrum series, and this one fits in with the rest of them perfectly. While much of the art is truly innovative and skilled, there are always a good number of pieces that slip by the judges as 'quality' and make it into the book, making it disappointing at times. Next to the well-chosen genius of Dave McKean, Phile Hale, Tony DiTerlizzi and the like, we are oppositely bombarded with the cliches that make fantasy art laughable - large chested, scantily clad women done without skill or grace. I mean, what's up with the devil-chick on page 74? More and more quick photoshop 'works' are worming their way into the competition, making the painter obsolete and reducing the real intellectual thought, whimsy and quality of this series.
    I'll collect 'em anyhow. It's an amazing source of inspiration for the aspiring fantasy illustrator. If not from the great works, the poor works, at which one can say 'I can do better than that, ...!' [and then try their hand at it]

  • As of this book I will now start to buy more art books.
    I've always had an interest in art books but have never convinced myself to buy one because I couldn't justify buying a book just to look at pictures. That attitude now changes as some of the paintings in this book can keep my looking at them for a significant length of time.
    Actually taking the time to look at a good artbook is just as rewarding as reading. From this year on I will by the "Spectrum" books as they come out.
    A fabulous book!

  • I have a wide collection of fantasy-art books and the spectrum collection is simply among the best books you can buy. they are basically a collection of works from many painters,illustrators,sculptors and artists from the fantasy realm worldwide,the best pieces published get awarded and you can find from very famous book cover painters to comic illustrators to sculptors of popular figures inside these pages. I think any of the spectrum books are worth every penny.