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by Richard Kassel,Nicolas Slonimsky

ePub Baker's Dictionary of Music download
Richard Kassel,Nicolas Slonimsky
Schirmer Reference; 1 edition (November 1, 1997)
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Slonimsky wrote the Lectionary of Music as a "reading dictionary," as he. .Nicolas Slonimsky, Author of Widely Used Reference Works on Music, Dies at 101".

Slonimsky wrote the Lectionary of Music as a "reading dictionary," as he called it. Then in 1988, he published his autobiography, Perfect Pitch, filled with anecdotes about musical figures of the 20th century, including his mentors and colleagues. For his 98th birthday, he visited St. Petersburg to participate in a music festival. Some of his letters, books, photos, sheet music and recordings are maintained at slonimsky. First published 1937 by Coleman-Ross. Republished in 2001 by Schirmer Reference, New York.

by Slonimsky, Nicolas Slonimsky, Richard Kassel.

Baker's Dictionary of Music book.

AbeBooks a delightfully eclectic dictionary worthy of the Baker's name.

a browser's delight even if one knows very little about music but simply enjoys good, strong writing. A)n irresistibly inviting first choice!" - - Rettig on Reference (Rettig on Reference ).

It's sad but nonetheless true that Nicolas Slonimsky died in 1995, yet the 1997 Dictionary of Music is thoroughly Slonimsky.

Temporarily out of stock. It's sad but nonetheless true that Nicolas Slonimsky died in 1995, yet the 1997 Dictionary of Music is thoroughly Slonimsky. The result is that most deadly of dictionaries: the text that can't be put down.

Music - Bio-bibliography - Dictionaries. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. China-America Digital Academic Library (CADAL).

Nicolas Slonimsky: Writings on Music: Slonimskyana (Nicolas Slonimsky: Writings on Music). Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, Vol. 2. Nicolas Slonimsky, Laura Diane Kuhn. Download (PDF). Читать. 4: Levy-Pisa.

Author of Lexicon of musical invective, Baker's biographical dictionary of musicians, Music since 1900, Music of Latin America, Baker's biographical dictionary of.

Author of Lexicon of musical invective, Baker's biographical dictionary of musicians, Music since 1900, Music of Latin America, Baker's biographical dictionary of musicians, Thesaurus of scales and melodic patterns, Perfect pitch, The Concise Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians. Join Waitlist 2. Baker's biographical dictionary of musicians.

Nicolas Slonimsky: The First Hundred Years celebrates America's leading musicologist, now approaching his centennial year. Still active at one hundred, Slonimsky is probably best known for his scholarly and voluminous writing, which has been indispensable to musicians worldwide. The First Hundred Years is the only collection of Slonimsky's writings drawing together selections from Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, Music Since 1900 Lexicon of Musical Invective, Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns, and his autobiographical work, Perfect Pitch.

Baker's Dictionary of Music is an A to Z listing of musicians, famous compositions, musical terms and instruments. Baker's Dictionary of Music covers everything from Bach to rock music. Illustrated with more than 125 photographs and drawings, including in-depth essays on musical topics and an introduction to musical terminology makes this Dictionary essential for all music libraries.
  • There is no other dictionary of music equal to this one in range, depth, style, and presentation. It presumes music as a whole, not only in its classical cloak. It is a pleasure to read. Individual entries are clear and focused, without the infuriating omissions one has found in various editions of the Oxford or Harvard. Specific topics which in the editors' opinions require greater analysis are given their due in thoroughly inteligent boxed articles, with different background color. To give an idea of the work's scope, here are some samples of regular entries: etiology, major-minor syndrome, Arab music, "A Bicycle Built for Two", Marni Nixon, Picardy third, schnarre, kolo, "Red" Foley, Fluxus, Eduard Steuermann, mescolanza, etc. Of course, all the usually expected items are present, not in dry lexicographic prose but vibrantly and wittily written. Boxed articles include such topics as Music Therapy, Arnold Schoenberg, socialist realism, interval, longevity, Edward MacDowell, Arturo Toscanini, rock, Henry Cowell, César Franck, graphic notation, jazz,etc. The entry on Maria Callas ends by quoting a commentator who said: "If an orgasm could sing, it would sound like Maria Callas." Slonimsky concludes "Pleanostically speaking, she was an incarnation of carnality." The book is printed on sturdy, beautiful paper, standard type, and has numerous photographs throughout, including one of Carmen Miranda. The binding is meant to last and be passed on.
    This is a work to cherish. I cannot imagine a music lover who would not treasure it. This edition was edited after Slonimsky's death. There may not be another version coming. I encourage anyone with a serious interest in Music to get it before it goes out of print. Music is here, presented with depth and elegance, in all her infinite variety.

  • This is undoubtedly the most thorough and comprehensive single-volume musical lexicon in existence, compiled by a self-described "compulsive taxonomist". Nicolas Slonimsky became a musicologist out of frustrations he felt when he found obvious mistakes in the written biographies of musicians. Slonimsky had a long career as a musician, conductor, and an enthusiastic promoter of controversial new works of music.

    The Baker's Dictionary covers all the bases: composers, conductors, musical instruments and paraphernalia, musical terminology, music history, music theory, musical science, and generous sprinklings of notable performers from not only the classical realm, but folk, blues, jazz, broadway, rock and pop music. All this is served up with scrupulous equanimity, but not without generous portions of wit. Slonimsky includes some semi-facetious entries (e.g. "ablation", "gauche dexterity") and others that are completely tongue-in-cheek (e.g. "acousma", and "hirsute chromaticism"). There are speculative entries on philosophical and physiological tangents to music, such as mating, longevity, musical symbolism, synesthesia (an entry on "color hearing"). Like as not, if you can think of any remote bit of trivia concerning classical music, Slonimsky has it covered.

    As a serious musician, Slonimsky's underlying focus seems always to be on the structures and elements within pure music. He extends this courtesy as far as the avant-garde, so you will find reference to Cage, Meredith Monk, Nam June Paik, Yoko Ono, and various electronic composers. As evidence of Slonimsky's sentimental side, you will find a highlighted entry on Slonimsky's personal friend, Frank Zappa. (That's okay, but it could be disconcerting to some to find Zappa in the same company as Mozart, Bach, Brahms, etc.) Evidencing his humor, you find a highlighted entry on Slonimsky himself. He possessed an amazing vocabulary. If Slonimsky felt that something about music hadn't been pinned down and named, he would suggest some terminology of his own devising.

    Anyone can spend days poring over this book, and I think any serious musical student would want to have it. It's not infallible. There are, for instance, innumerable entries about exotic instruments but I looked in vain for an entry about the Australian didgiridoo. But it remains a reference of amazing breadth and scope, virtually in a category of its own.

  • Mr. Slonimsky was a truly amazing individual. He single-handedly made the Bakers Biographical Dictionary of Musicians into a standard reference that has continued to grow after his death. In his spare time, he created other standard music reference books. The Dictionary of Music is an excellent example. If there is something he did not define, I'm not sure that I need to know it. (And it is a lot cheaper than the current 6 volume edition of Bakers Biographical Dictionary of Musicians.)

    And, best of all, this volume shouts out with his uniqueness and quirkiness.

  • Excellent book, in excellent condition. We are very happy with it.