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by Storm Large

ePub Crazy Enough: A Memoir download
Storm Large
Free Press; First Edition edition (January 10, 2012)
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Storm Large has written a bodacious book. Crazy enough : a memoir, by Storm Large. 1st Free Press hardcover ed. cm. 1. Large, Storm. 2. Singers-United States-Biography.

Storm Large has written a bodacious book. Storm Large is an irresistibly rambunctious force of nature. Storm Large is a singer-songwriter best known as a contestant on the reality television show Rock Star: Supernova. Her acclaimed one-woman show, Crazy Enough, has appeared in the UK and Australia, and is heading to off-Broadway in New York City. Meet the authors, watch videos and more at. SimonandSchuster.

Storm Large performs with world-class symphonies and hard core rock band. nd she’s written a book worthy of both audiences.

Crazy Enough is shattering, gorgeous and uproarious fun. –Katherine Dunn, author of Geek Love. Storm Large performs with world-class symphonies and hard core rock band. If good writing is about taking chances and pushing readers to the edge, then this is a chart buste. s she takes us on a wild and sometimes painful ride into her world of crazy. Larry Colton, author of Goat Brothers, Counting Coup and No Ordinary Joes.

Storm Large is an irresistibly rambunctious force of nature. Her ballsy, heartbreaking, hysterical tour de force of a memoir is not to be missed. Crazy Enough is shattering, gorgeous and uproarious fu. -Katherine Dunn, author of Geek Love. Crazy Enough is vulgar and fragile, tragic and empowering, and like Storm, it is always entertaining. - Chelsea Cain, New York Times bestselling author of Heartsick and The Night Season. With cleverness and honesty, she transforms a story that in most hands would be maudlin into yet another funny, passionate, and irreverently jarring adventure.

Crazy Enough is a love song to the twisted, flawed parts in all of u. Yes, Storm Large is her real name, though she’s been called many things. Playboy called her a punk goddess.

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The 'Crazy Enough' memoir is raw, brutal, at times gut-wrenching and at others side-splitting - but always honest. Her nature to expose the good, bad and the ugly is her greatest asset next to her voice. Her reply to a fan on the subject of insecurity and self-assurance is nothing less than inspiring. Does anyone want her to do that to yourself? TOP Short Film. 332,496 Views · 25 May. 13:18.

Crazy Enough is an album by Portland rock singer Storm Large. It contains all the songs performed in the eponymous theater piece written and played by Large. All tracks are written by Storm Large and James Beaton, except where noted. Storm Large: Vocals, producer. James Beaton: Piano, guitars, keyboards, producer. Jim Brunberg: Guitars, bass, backing vocals, engineer, mixing, producer. David Loprinzi: Bass, guitars. Adam Hoornstra: Viola, string arrangements.

Crazy Enough: A Memoir.

Yes, Storm Large is her real name, though she’s been called many things. As a performer, the majority of descriptions have led with “Amazon,” “powerhouse,” “a six-foot Vargas pinup come to life.” Playboy called her a “punk goddess.” You’d never know she used to be called “Little S”—the mini-me to her beautiful and troubled mother, Suzi. Little S spent most of her childhood visiting her mother in mental institutions and psych wards. Suzi’s diagnosis changed with almost every doctor’s visit, ranging from schizophrenia to bipolar disorder to multiple personality disorder to depression. One day, nine-year-old Little S jokingly asked one of her mother’s doctors, “I’m not going to be crazy like that, right?” To which he replied, “Well, yes. It’s hereditary. You absolutely will end up like your mother. But not until your twenties.” Storm’s story of growing up with a mental time bomb hanging over her veers from frightening to inspiring, sometimes all in one sentence. But her strength, charisma, and raw musical talent gave her the will to overcome it all. Crazy Enough is a love song to the twisted, flawed parts in all of us.
  • Good read. Relatable, real, entertaining but also mildly moving. If you in are any way conservative or have a problem with swearing, sex, and otherwise "big people" things in books, this is not the memoir for you. But overall I enjoyed it. I found Storm to sometimes possess too much of a "whoa is me" attitude, and to be a bit insensitive/dismissive towards her mother's issues and clear battles with emotional and mental instability. So there was a part of me that was annoyed with her for that. But there was a more sympathetic part of me that understands that Storm was a small child when her mother's instability started, and I might share her same feelings had that been my situation (my own mother is similar but not as severe). So I'm torn with my feelings towards the author. Overall not a bad read if you're into memoirs.

  • I found this memoir entertaining and enjoyable on so many levels, not the least of which was just how much courage it must have taken Storm Large to offer such an up-close-and-personal public glimpse into her life. She wrote a gripping, powerful, shocking, and ultimately uplifting memoir about being raised in the shadows of mental illness, her mother's repeated suicide attempts (and the emotional impact of her ultimate death), and her own terror of losing her mind as an adult. The fact that this woman was eventually able to convert all of this disconcerting psychic energy into a successful music career speaks volumes to (hokey and overused as the phrase may be) the strength of the human spirit. I was enthralled by the fantastic scenes of fans' bizarre and disturbing behavior (not to mention Ms. Large's handling of them), and could practically feel the rush that she experiences while performing. Her account of undergoing rapid eye therapy, or RET, was downright chilling.

    There were moments where I felt the repeated scenes of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll were perhaps a tad gratuitous, but I suppose I could just as easily be accused of similar infractions in my own novel. As with any book, I defer to the author on her choice of content. Besides being an obviously talented writer, Ms. Large is a gloriously free spirit who possesses a much larger than average personality. She deserves her place in the spotlight, and I wish her great success with both her writing and music careers.

  • I swore off biographies ages ago, no longer wishing to know personal details about public figures, celebrities, entertainers, etc. I'm glad I made an exception in the case of Storm Large's autobiography. She writes openly and (I assume) honestly about her own sometimes difficult life and her decidedly difficult life with her mother.

    While not a sunny, cheery story, I finished the book glad I'd read it and still very much an admirer of Ms. Large's work.

    P. S. Storm Large has recorded an absolutely definitive version of Cole Porter's "I've Got You Under My Skin" on her album "Le Bonheur" that makes for great listening while reading this work.

  • I cannot get enough of this woman. I happened on to her career by attending the Pink Martini November concert at the Paramount in Oakland. Storm filled in for China -- lead vocalist for Pink Martini. OMG! I am 44 but have started acting like at 14-year-old groupie ever since that night.

    I came home from the concert, ordered Crazy Enough for my Kindle, and sent the hardcover version to my friend. We had to WAIT for the January release. The suspense nearly killed me and SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

    Crazy Enough is honest and wild... honestly wild! I zipped through it in a day, not because it's THAT easy to read but because I could not put it down. I am a writer by trade and Storm has a style that appeals! What I like most is the fact that so many things happened to Storm that would have stopped the average person and she just... kept... going... no... matter... what... Also, she is superbly funny, no-holds-barred. I came out of the book wanting more... and sad that it ended. But also felt empowered!

    Her mother is complex but in the end, just wants to be loved. Her brothers are rock stars in their own right with the support they give sis. And dad tries his best but has more than he can handle. There is a lot that goes unsaid when she's a kid... and, as her craft develops, so does her ability to read between the lines of her family situations. She gets people and despite (what seems to be) a tough exterior, she, like many creative people, needs people and loves an audience.

    Well, sign me up! You go girl!

  • i downloaded "crazy enough" onto my kindle knowing nothing about storm large. what a wonderful surprise it was to read such a well written autobiography about such an interesting and very talented woman who overcame great odds with talent, humor, brains and beauty. i loved this book and now love storm large. she is now my new favorite author and singer. there were many times while reading the book, that i laughed out loud and underlined many of her brilliant turns of phrase. i could not put this book down and have recommended it to all the people i know. i hope that when storm gets tired of entertaining people through her singing, she will keep on writing because she is such a gifted writer. everyone who reads this review should go out immediately and buy "crazy enough" you will never regret it!!!