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ePub Led Zeppelin: In The Light (Rock Retrospectives) download

by Bob Carruthers

ePub Led Zeppelin: In The Light (Rock Retrospectives) download
Bob Carruthers
Angry Penguin; Har/DVD edition (September 1, 2008)
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It is important to know that NO music from Led Zeppelin, live or in studio appears in this production.

Format: HardcoverVerified Purchase. It is important to know that NO music from Led Zeppelin, live or in studio appears in this production. The producers use a "Whole Lotta Love" derivative groove/song as background music throughout the 4 DVD's-as well as other non-Zeppelin music.

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Rock & Pop Music Rock Retrospectives. Bob Carruthers is an Emmy award-winning scriptwriter, television director, and music promoter.

Rock & Pop Music. Led Zeppelin: In the Light : Led Zeppelin on the Record, on Stage and on Film: In the Words of the Band and Its Critics. By (author) Bob Carruthers. AbeBooks may have this title (opens in new window). Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

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Customs services and international tracking provided. Led Zeppelin ZOSO 1971 Atlantic SD 19129 VG+Light Wear Original Inner Sleeve. Led Zeppelin : In the Light by Bob Carruthers (2011, Hardcover, Mixed Media).

Изначально выпущенный на Swan Song, возможно это был лучший альбом, который не выпускали Led Zeppelin. Находясь под патронажем Deep Purple и будучи членом Silverhead, фронтмен Майкл Дес Баррес со своей следующей командой Detective пошёл ещё дальше он заручился поддержкой самих.

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Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin was released on February This is one of the few Led . The Rasmus- Still Standing. Led Zeppelin-In the Light.

led zeppelin best sung once several tots of Tequila have been downed! Led Zeppelin If you know these lyrics, enough said. Led zepplin is such an amazing band and this song is known by many to be the best in all of rock. Listen to stairway to heaven if you haven't already, you heathen. Everybodys got to kick back with a little Led sometimes.

Featuring extensive interviews with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham, this is a comprehensive and hard-hitting look at the rise of Led Zeppelin, proclaimed by Rolling Stone as the greatest group of the 1970s. A track-by-track analysis of every Zeppelin recording is provided along with intimate and rare photographs, as well as interviews with those close to the band, such as their publicist, BP Fallon, and their bodyguard. Two deluxe DVDs provide rare films and recordings of the band on film and on stage, making this a must-have for all true Zeppelin fans.

  • I'm primarily focusing my commentary on the DVD's, as the book would require an entire separate review. The book discusses each album, track by track. Guitar Player journalist, Steven Rosen provides a birds eye view of life on the road with Zeppelin in 1977 and I did appreciate his perspective, especially Rosen's encounters with John Paul Jones. Portions of the 1977 interview audio that Rosen captured with Jones & Page aboard Caesar's Chariot is used on the DVD's. Regrettably, John Bonham is conspicuously absent from the photos in the book, not ONE solo/close up picture? The majority of the pictures are of Plant and Page.

    It is important to know that NO music from Led Zeppelin, live or in studio appears in this production. The producers use a "Whole Lotta Love" derivative groove/song as background music throughout the 4 DVD's-as well as other non-Zeppelin music. Unfortunately, there are segments from Sydney Australia 1972, minus correct audio, which are featured.... ad nauseam. Narrator (presenter) Tommy Vance (BBC radio DJ) is a curious specimen with his "Zoso" baseball cap and sunglasses...less than conversational, it's as though a director shouted, "go" and he reads from a cue card, detached, apparently oblivious to the meaning of his spoken words. Many of the audio comments from the three surviving LZ members are sourced from the 1990 "Profiled" interview disc.

    At approximately 9:30 on DVD 1, former Zeppelin publicist, BJ Fallon (looking frail) states..."Zeppelin started off supporting Vanilla Fudge....who had Atlantic's biggest hit at the time with "In A Gadda Da Vida" and they (Zep) wiped the floor with these American chaps." Incredulously, a glaring Iron Butterfly NOT VF, were responsible for IAGDV! I'm curious to know how this statement made it past the editing process?

    The majority of the DVD's consist of slow panned video of photos, ala Ken Burns, with voice over or on screen comments from British journalists, critics, record producers, musicians etc.

    Personal accounts from Chris Welch, (journalist, drummer & author of John Bonham-A Thunder of Drums with Geoff Nicholls 2001 and Led Zeppelin-The Book 1984)
    As well as...
    Dave Lewis creator/editor of Zeppelin fanzine "TIght But Loose" and author of LZ Concert Files, are sincere and first hand. GOD BLESS 'EM!

    While some of the comments are enlightening, former LZ bodyguard Michael Francis is particularly candid, some, however are banal. I'll leave that for you to deicide. Jerry Ewing, Steve Rosen, Hugh Fielder, Jonathan Wingate, Rob Corich, John McKenzie, Enrico Morena, Pip Williams, & Krusher, complete the commentary

    I appreciated the inclusion of guitarist Keith Jenkins, from tribute band Fred Zeppelin and his demonstrations of "Whole Lotta Love, "Black Dog" & "Rock And Roll."
    Perhaps mosts interesting is DVD 3 and the discussion of "Stairway To Heaven" (..."separates the purists from the tourists"..... states J. Wingate disc 3 @ 19:36)

    Author/pianist, Bob Carruthers musical explanation of "Stairway To Heaven's" classical, romantic school of composition and the similarities between JS Bach's Prelude (& Fugues), with both composed in C major, 4/4 time and their use of the sharpened F...F#, along with similar devices used by Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Procol Harum & Ritchie Blackmore/Rainbow, was insightful & educational.

    However, upon further review it appears that musical transcriptions refer to "Stairway" in the key of "a" minor, which is relative to C major, (all white keys on piano), but not C major.

    The text of "In The Light" (page 52) also notes the connection of "Stairway" to the 1967 song "Taurus" by the band Spirit Randy California, guitarist), who toured with Zeppelin in the US. Listening to the two songs, I have to agree there is a striking similarity. Also interesting is the speculation regarding the riff in "Dazed And Confused" being lifted for "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath. All in all, this was entertaining, but I doubt casual Zeppelin fans would view repeatedly. But then again, how many casual Led Zeppelin fans are there?

    review by: James J. Parsons Sept 25th, 2013, the 33rd anniversary of John Bonham's passing. " be a ROCK and not to roll..."

  • The music in this is generally someone playing a version of Zep music that has been altered anough to avoid copyright laws. The photos are good, might look good in the bookcase - else this is a waste of money

  • This was more or less commentary on the band with the same slides of the band used over and over.
    No really decent unreleased video footage of the band which I expected. If I knew this I would not have
    purchased this.

  • Same ole same ole dvds suck dont buy it

  • I went to the concert live and in the theater. Now I have it on DVD. Very impressive, great book and DVD. Sound and quality is great.

  • It was not really what i was expecting it to be but did have alot of interesting information about the band

  • if you are a fan of LED ZEPPELIN than you cant miss on this one. got this for xmas and couldnt be happier.

  • I cannot rate the cds because I can't get a set that plays in any of my devices (2 sets). I am keeping for the book. Not much new information, but I am a completeist and this fits nicely in my collection.