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by Terry Burrows

ePub Total guitar download
Terry Burrows
Barnes & Noble Books; 1st edition (2000)
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Terry Burrows is a well recognized music educator in Europe and Great Britain. I have not purchased total keyboard by Terry Burrows but plan to do it soon. I'm positive it is as good as this one for guitar! Daniel Miranda.

Terry Burrows is a well recognized music educator in Europe and Great Britain. This book is one of the best introductory books for learning to play the guitar and enjoy the guitar. 2 people found this helpful.

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Burrows knows his stuff and communicates with enthusiasm. This was the first book I bought when I decided to learn Guitar. That, was nine years ago, and to this day it's still my favourite among the bunches. The book not only covers the basics, but also gives a wealth of knowledge on music history, particularly Rock and Blues.

Terence Ashley Burrows is an English author, multi-instrumental musician, and producer based in London. Best known as a cult performer under the alias Yukio Yung, Burrows is also a prolific author of books relating to music history, theory, and tuition, technology, business, popular psychology and modern history.

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Book is very good and Ready for your use and enjoyment. See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Total guitar: complete guide to playing, recording and performing every guitar style with over 1000 chords.

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Total Guitar: Play Better Now. Every month we feature tutorials, song lessons and interviews with th. .

Total Electric Guitar Tutor. Terry Burrows (author). An indispensable guide for the aspiring rock guitarist, "Total Electric Guitar Tutor" includes ed photographs and diagrams, plus clear instructive text, so whether you are a complete beginner or you know the basics of guitar-playing, you can learn to play rock guitar. The accompanying CD mirrors the contents of the book: for each of the 10 chapters covering a different style of rock, there is a dedicated backing track over which all of the topics of that chapter can be played.

256 pages : 29 cm +. "CD produced by The Orgone Company. This is a Carlton book. Donor Challenge: Help us reach our goal! To the Internet Archive Community, Time is running out: please help the Internet Archive today.

Add one guitar and this ultimate course to become an accomplished musician in no time at all! Whether you're dreaming of being a professional, or just want to have fun singing and strumming, you can trade air guitar for a real one with this guide full of instruction and inspiration. The heart of the book: a playing section, divided into 20 self-contained lessons, each introducing new ideas and techniques. And, they cover a range of styles: rock, folk, country, jazz, blues, and classical. You'll start right at the beginning, with how to stand and sit properly while holding the instrument, and find out how to tune it, do fingerpicking, master timing and rhythm, and improvise. An extensive chord dictionary contains over 1,000 chord fingerings. Bonus: biographical portraits of the pioneer greats, like Les Paul, Jimi Hendrix, and Keith Richards, with details of their equipment and a discography of their key recordings.
  • I originally bought this book many years ago, but lost track of it. While moving, it was discovered hidden among boxes of other books. I was so relieved to have found it, that I immediately looked it up on Amazon to have a back-up copy. I'm not much of a guitarist myself, per se, but have studied enough music to see the value in this book for musicians in general and guitarists in particular. No student of music trying to use the guitar as their medium should be without this book.

  • This book contains all I'll ever want to know about playing a guitar and much much more. For a beginning guitar student it's a bit overwhelming, but for the serious experienced guitar player who's ready to move on to a new level of playing, it's like acquiring a set of "guitar encyclopedias". Well worth the money.

  • as expected.

  • Exactly what I expected. Great book.

  • I borrowed this book from a friend and was really glad I didn't buy it. The book aims to be the total book on guitar but unfortunately it doesn't cover anything well. For a beginner it's very weak. It doesn't describe how to position the fingers very well, it devotes two pages to how to play chords, that's it! It tries to cover things like improvising and recording but it just skims the surface. I think a beginner would be much better off with a good beginner book, such as Guitar for Dummies. Then if you need to record, improvise, etc. search out books specific on the topic you want. These "all-in-one" books rarely work and this book is no exception.

    PS: The fret diagrams are extremely confusing as another reader pointed out. They use 8 lines and I constantly look and think I'm looking at the 6th string when in fact I'm looking at one of the extra lines. The fact that the author did this tells me just how clueless he is! Any beginner that proof'd this book would have caught this as it is so confusing!!

  • This is a an excellent "one-stop-shop" for a guitarists of all levels, the book is so comprehensive information about music, musicians and gear. It's full of colourful diagrams, photographs and illustrations. I've owned a lot of music books and this is best generalist book I've seen by a mile.

    Well worth FIVE STARS.

  • I was given this book as a gift near the time I started playing 8 years ago. It is not as useful as it wants to be for beginners, and more advanced players will likely scoff at it. It is littered with typos and even errors, such as in some of the chord examples. The instruction it provides tends to be brief and not descriptive enough for a beginner. For example, it describes how to execute a "pull-off" in a single short four-bullet example, but says nothing about pulling off your finger in such a way as to effectively pick the string with your fretboard hand. When I was a beginner I recall being confused about why my pull-off executed in this way was so quiet until I read alternative articles on this technique.
    For a beginner, this book is also not structured well and serves to be confusing.
    I recommend other sources for beginning guitar, particularly those that are organized more as a course. As a guitar encyclopedia, it is okay: if you use the chord diagrams make sure you know how to verify their correctness; articles tend to be too vague though, and I would recommend the internet even over this book.

  • I'm not really a beginner guitarist, but i wanted to learn more on guitar theory which is why i got this book. I already knew a pretty decent amount though but i wanted to learn theory relating to the guitar. This book can be VERY confusing and there are even typos, for eg. they have the A harmonic minor with an A# on the octave in the scale finder. Or they tell you that the difference between the Harmonic Minor and the Natural minor is that you raise the 6th note in a Harmonic Minor a half step when you're really raising the 7th. This can cause people to get reallllly frustrated and confused and have to seek different sources for an explanation on these contradictions. Also, the way they explain a lot of stuff is so rediculously difficult i almost think theyre TRYING to confuse me. But otherwise if you can figure these things out yourself it's a great book because it covers so much.