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ePub I'm Not Crazy, I'm Vocalizing download

by Karen Oleson

ePub I'm Not Crazy, I'm Vocalizing download
Karen Oleson
Voicetech; Com/Bklt edition (December 1, 1991)
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I'm Not Crazy, I'm Vocalizing Audio CD – December 1, 1991. It comes with a bumper sticker that say's "I'm not crazy, I'm vocalizing. Good, fun purchase with great accompaniment and variety of singing styles.

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I'm Not Crazy, I'm Vocalizing Audio, Cassette – Audiobook, December 1, 1991.

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Karen Oleson - I'm Not Crazy, I'm Vocalizing. 1 CD's Read By Karen Oleson Book Description This fun warm-up CD kit is definitely a departure from the others we've seen. It includes a CD, with very succinct (as in less than a minute each) "lessons" fol lowed by accompanied exercises that let you practice the concepts learned. The C D plays them through twice - once with a vocalist singing them with the accompan iment (20 minutes), and then again with accompaniment ONLY (20 minutes).

Karen Oleson Vocalizing!: Eight Vocal Lessons and Fully Orchestrated Exercises to Do in or Out of Your Car [With Instruction BookletWith Bumpe. You Can Teach Yourself to Sing.

Piano/Vocal Sheet Music. I'm Not Crazy I'm Vocalizing. Karen Oleson - Voice Tech. Now anyone can improve his or her singing ability, and have a lot of fun doing it, with this useful CD, which can be used in the car or anywhere. It is so easy to sing along with the solo voice on the recording, accompanied by a hip instrumental track.

  • Yes, you can find much more extensive and detailed programs for voice training, but considering that this is only one CD - it is very good and enjoyable to work with. It will liberate your voice and you'll have fun singing along.

    The CD consists of 8 songs for training different aspects of your voice. They are recorded once with singers and then the same songs are provided as instrumentals.

  • Not a lot of talk & great exercises. The gentleman at Hollywood Sheet Music recommended this and I've since purchased for singing friends. It comes with a bumper sticker that say's "I'm not crazy, I'm vocalizing." Good, fun purchase with great accompaniment and variety of singing styles.

  • As a high school teacher, I use this CD with my students. It gives them something different and fun to do while improving their vocal techniques. This system is recommended by the Sweet Adeline Society.

  • The CD arrived in short order and was exactly what I anticipated. For the avid singer or vocalist, amateur or pro, this is a neat recording which will add variety to your warm ups.
    Good product.
    Seller filled expectations.

  • A fun, intelligent and instructive program. The vocalist/author loves her craft and shares her inspiration. Excellent orchestration to voclize with, solo and with the singer. Highly recommended by an experienced voice coach.

  • This is my first year in the church choir and this helps me to warm up at home before leaving for church.

  • Not impressed, used it only a couple times. It works but it is a little silly to me. I had started vocal lessons, so I just use those recordings now for warm-ups and exercises.

  • I got this product from another company thinking didn't have it. I shoulda known better. This is the best vocal training you can ever give yourself while you're on the road or just getting over a cold which makes you lose your voice. You should do these exercises once the speaking voice comes back. It not only improves your voice but the focus on doing each exercise correctly takes away the stress of what you're supposta do. There is no parameter for this exercise. You can do what's being played or a different part altogether. This is what the exercises are past the lesson description.






    5 VIVACE


    7 VERDI [This is LEGATO, This is STA CAT TO]


    You can even do the whole thing with a Guide Horn after mastering the Vocals Only. It's the best thing I've ever slipped into my car. I may have had the cassette tape back when it first came out in 1991 and I may have looked for this CD for the last 16 years, but I've found it and the wait was worth it. It's helped me get my voice back and strengthen it. This is the best $19.95 you'll ever spend. Good luck.