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ePub Coyote on a Fence - Acting Edition download

by Bruce Graham

ePub Coyote on a Fence - Acting Edition download
Bruce Graham
Dramatists Play Service, Inc. (January 1, 2000)
Performing Arts
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cast: 3M, 1W. Illiterate but likable, Bobby Reyburn is a funny young guy who loves to do impressions. He's also a member of the Aryan nation, a racist predator convicted of a horrific crime. John Brennan is educated and arrogant, a serious writer who may only be guilty of doing society a favor. As each awaits his fate, one evokes sympathy, the other derision. In vivid scenes, COYOTE ON A FENCE explores the disturbing question: Can one be innocent though proven guilty? This penetrating new drama offers no clear verdict, just utterly compelling theatre.
  • This is a compelling play about the death penalty that avoids coming down on one side or the other. The characters are multdimensional and interesting. The ending is a jolt. A day after reading it, I'm still pondering the characters.

  • Very well written, keeps you drawn in. Reading the play made me want to see a production. I enjoyed it.

  • The play kept me reading, wanting to know the plight of its characters and their motivations for the crimes that put them on death row...however, the play left me with more questions than answers and truly questioning my acceptance of capital punishment. The play made me want to research early childhood enviornments and their impact on convicted felons. A wonderful interaction of characters who face the ultimate punishment for their terrible crimes.

  • This play is just okay. It has a lot of problems, including some speechmaking, and the most obvious flaw: the play is about rethinking the death penalty. Opponents will tell you that the death penalty is unfair because it is disproportionatly leveled against minorities, but both main characters are white men. Overall, the dialogue is stiff, the characters are predictable and the ending is melodramatic. Still, it is a decent short read.