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ePub Anchor Bible Dictionary download
Logos Research Systems Inc
Logos Research Systems; 1 edition (January 1, 1994)
Bible Study & Reference
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If you are looking for that kind of interlocution, great.

ISBN-13: 978-1577990949. If you are looking for that kind of interlocution, great. If not, it's just more keystrokes to get to the Dictionary.

Anchor Bible Dictionary, ed. David Noel Freedman, 6 woolen blanket, one Psalms scroll Scribal Cul. The Anchor Bible Dictionary: D-G,, 1992, David Noel. 27 Pages·2011·115 KB·78 Downloads.

It features more than 6,000 entries from 800 leading international scholars. Covering countless Biblical subjects, the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary is a tremendous help for in-depth exploration of the Bible. Since its publication date, The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary (AYBD) has been acclaimed as a landmark in biblical scholarship-the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and authoritative reference work in the field.

The Anchor Bible Dictionary. 4. New York, New York: Doubleday. p. 545. ISBN 0-385-19362-9.

Logos Bible Software) was founded in 1992 by two Microsoft employees, Bob Pritchett and Kiernon Reiniger, along with Bob’s father, Dale Pritchett. In 1995, Logos released version . of the software, which became one of the first commercial applications to use Unicode technology. Factdate February 2007 In 2001, Logos Bible Software Series X product line was introduced, based on a more extensible architecture dubbed the Libronix Digital Library System (Libronix DLS).

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Anchor Bible Dictionary vols 1-6. Identifier.

Anchor Bible Dictionary Vol 1 1992. Anchor Bible Dictionary vols 1-6.

State of the art dictionary on CD contains everything from the complete unabridged 6 volume print edition with illustrations and features more than 6000 entries from 800 leading international scholars. Includes the Logos Research Systems FREE viewer/search engine tool.
  • First, the Anchor Bible Dictionary (in print form) is an excellent resource for serious scholarship.

    By purchasing this product, you are accessing the "Dictionary" via proprietary software from Logos (and I assume Libronix is somewhere in the mix).

    If you are looking for that kind of interlocution, great. If not, it's just more keystrokes to get to the Dictionary.

    Logos is clearly catering to the evangelical Christian movement, and it's going to feed you lots of pop-ups and emails that are straight-up marketing for additional Logos products. For some reason, that's a big put-off for me. I just want to access the Dictionary. I don't need "passage of the day," or an offering to nominate my "favorite pastor."

    There is an advantage--the complementary NRSV that comes with it. Yes, I love the KJB, but it is not contemporary scholarship (unless you want to ignore the codices discovered since the 17th Century) and it's quant to read, but just takes up memory space.

    So, bottom line, if you like the advantages of a relational database, and are willing to put up with the "other stuff," I think this is a good buy. I have certainly not deleted it from my computer.

  • First this is in reality more like an Encyclopedia than a Dictionary. While it is more "Liberal" in its perspective you also have conservative author's as well. Like anytype of of book you need to think for yourself. Where it is helpful is in giving a lot of archeological data and excellent bibliographies. I am currently a seminary student working on an MDiv degree. Having it on computer is a life saver. My school's library only has one set for a lot of students (our seminary has over 400 students and that doesn't include the undergrad students). In a class I took on the book of Acts and the General/Catholic epistles we had two sections of the class with 45 students all needing the same volumes of ABD. However having it on computer solves that problem. Also it makes doing research and adding quotes to my research/exegesis papers a synch. This is a really great resource. It should not be your only resource. There are a lot of good Bible dictionaries out there, so don't just depend upon one. God calls upon us to think for ourselves, Paul said to his young friend Timothy "To study". Logos/Libronix has some great titles available, check them out.

  • I bought this at the recommendation of one of my professors and I'm so happy that I got this as my first Bible reference software. Not only is the content absolutely fantastic, but the Logos system works great, even though I consider myself a beginner user so far. I keep my notebook with me in class and can very quickly find supplementary information that is related to topics being discussed. It is also great to have at my fingertips while doing homework when I run into a new idea in my reading and want to get another explanation for it. I also love the links to the Unabridged Theological Dictionary of the NT. I currently use the books in my seminary library, but am looking forward to getting that on CD-ROM as well.

  • There's not much that needs to be said about the quality of the scholarship in the Anchor Bible series as a whole and the Anchor Bible Dictionary in particular - world class. This review is simply to recommend the digital version of the dictionary. I live in the UK and its pretty hard to get the disc version so I bought from Amazon in the US and paid the import duty (17.5% - outrageous!) The shipping costs on the hardback were prohibitive
    The product loaded easily and immediately interfaced with other digital versions of book I have on my machine which uses the 'logos' system. The system allows a range of 'bookmarking' across the 'logos' library which really helps with research. The disc does not just reproduce the pages of the hardback work but provides links to other parts of the book which are relevant to the article you're reading. It also enables you to read bible references mentioned in the text by hovering your mouse over the reference.
    The ability to seach against individual words or strings of words is magnificent. Also 'copy and paste' facility means it's really easy to export text to other documents.
    In short, unless you really love the feel of books, (and who doesn't) and value that above convenience (and this is a reference/research resource not 'furniture' after all) then there's no contest - buy the disc not the book. That said the physical books are lovely to have ....No! I made the right choice!