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ePub Sacrament time, (A Book for LDS children) download

by Kathleen H Barnes

ePub Sacrament time, (A Book for LDS children) download
Kathleen H Barnes
Deseret Book Co (1973)
Christian Denominations & Sects
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A great book to take to church, use for FHE, or just enjoy at story time.

This is a beautiful book to teach young children about the Savior with. A great book to take to church, use for FHE, or just enjoy at story time.

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Sacrament Time by. Kathleen H. Barnes, Virginia H. Pearce.

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Brief text, photographs, and Bible verses help convey the significance of the sacrament in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Great book, we read this with our kids every Sunday night. It does not fix our reverence problem at church but I can see that it helps.

  • Beautiful book about the Sacrament.

  • Satisfied

  • Great

  • Sacrament Time is simple read with only a marginal story of a little girl in a pink dress with wiggly feet. But when you see the horridly clunky black clodhoppers she is obviously being forced to wear as Sunday shoes, you start to sympathize with her plight and think that maybe she could think more about Jesus if only those shoes weren't on her feet; but alas, since it is not reverent to have shoes off in the chapel she is going to have to wear them until she gets home. It has brightly colored, realistic illustrations suggesting things for children to think about when the sacrament is being passed. Children can think about obeying the laws of his or her country, helping someone in trouble, about the hungry, about praying to God, etc. Each suggestion is mirrored with events from the Bible with a scripture passage from the Gospels (curiously nothing from the Book of Mormon.)

    This book was first published in 1973 and some of the illustrations are a little dated with the exception of two pages. When the little girl with the black shoes and pink dress is shown there is a green hymnal next to her. That is a total anachronism. Back in '73 the blue hymnal was the only book of hymns that was authorized to be sung in church, the green hymnal still had twelve years to go before its debut. The old blue was to be pasteurized, homogenized, en-blandefied. Elder Packer wanted musicians to choose music for worship that "doesn't call attention to itself." Mission accomplished. So, back to the point, somebody airbrushed the hymnal for some unknown reason, correlation perhaps? That is just one of many quibbles I have with the book.

    On the positive side, the book is solidly built, sturdy and with some heft, not unlike the little girl's shoes in the story. The book, when hit on the head of another child, makes quite a resounding sound - clunk! The thick pages are able to withstand several children's worth of chewing and still be able to be read. Useful for a few moments piece and quiet during sacrament but there are much better books out there.

  • My son gets to choose a book each night for me to read to him. He chooses this book every time and loves it. For family night he is able to relate the scripture stories he has learned from this book and I love that he knows them. This is a wonderful tool to help him stay quiet in sacrament meeting as I can remind him of the stories and he remembers and tries to be more reverent. We love this book!

  • I love these board books, and have several of them. However, we won't be keeping Sacrament Time. With so few scriptural stories represented, I was disappointed that the two scripture stories of women selected for this book are women in trouble. There are so many strong and good women in the scriptures. And there are also men in need of help and repentance. The stories and images children are exposed to help form their ideas about their own roles and relationship with God and religion. Let's not forget that "all are alike unto God" including "male and female."