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ePub Her Perfect Match (Laurel Glen, Book 4) download

by Kate Welsh

ePub Her Perfect Match (Laurel Glen, Book 4) download
Kate Welsh
Steeple Hill (January 1, 2003)
Literature & Fiction
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Her Perfect Match book. Laurel Glen by. Kate Welsh (Goodreads Author).

Her Perfect Match book. After a traumatic experience, Elizabeth Boyer lived on her strong faith and her "spoiled heiress" reputation.

com's Kate Welsh Page and shop for all Kate Welsh books. Her Perfect Match (Laurel Glen, Book 4). Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Kate Welsh. Jan 1, 2003.

Jackson Alton’s broken whisper was nearly inaudible against the backdrop of the Colorado blizzard raging outside the cabin windows. Such a simple question, he thought. Such a simple question, he thought uld know the answer. Minutes ago he’d thought he did. But that was before. Jackson stared at the adoption papers in his hand, a hard knot having formed in his chest.

This book met my expectations. Answered all my questions and helped Change my life in a tremendous way. Great lessons for every lady. Her Perfect Match (Laurel Glen, Book 4) by Kate Welsh. A and D Bookstore Educational Supply.

Kate Welsh is an American author of contemporary romance novels. Welsh suffers from eye muscle problems that gave her difficulties in reading. Although she had never read a book for pleasure, her husband encouraged her to try to write a book. In reading over what she had written, Welsh exercised her eye muscles, helping them to become strong and resolving many of her reading issues.

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Book in the Laurel Glen Series).

After a traumatic experience, Elizabeth Boyer lived on her strong faith and her spoiled heiress reputation. Book in the Laurel Glen Series).


After a traumatic experience, Elizabeth Boyer lived on her strong faith and her "spoiled heiress" reputation. She didn't want anyone to see just how vulnerable she really was. Then she met Jackson Alton, who saw through her games and insisted that she drop the mask and step out into the light.

Jackson didn't want to like the stubborn beauty . . . but he did. He liked Elizabeth so much that he sought her out, wanted her to feel safe with him. While she revealed who she was, Jackson had to find his own identity. But once she discovered the truth about where he came from, would they lose the closeness they'd worked so hard to build?

  • This book darted off by grabbing my interest and kept me interested. The story had twists and turns that kept me anticipating what was going to happen next to the very end.

  • I loaned this book out a long time ago. Now I have it back. Jack - a strong, compassionate man of God, I'm so glad to meet you again.

  • This is the fourth book in the series, and so far they have all been absolutely excellent! I cannot believe how wonderful this book was...

    This book focuses on Elizabeth Boyer. She was first Jeff's date, then Cole's. Now she found a new man. Everyone assumes she likes to play the field and is a spoiled rich girl, but they could be wrong!

    Then there's Jackson, who just found out that he was adopted. He comes to PA to meet the family he never knew he had.

    Elizabeth has a dark secret that was so painful, she allowed it to define her whole life. Only one person can help her through it...

    This book was unique in that the first half (or a little less) occured during Mountain Laurel. We hear some of the same conversations, only from a differnt point of view. It's really really good how the author put all this together!

    Elizabeth's story was so heart-wrenching and great. I loved how the author allowed us to watch the initial healing process, and it focused on finding Jesus...I loved Jack. He was such a sweetheart!

  • Although I thought THEIR FOREVER LOVE was better, HER PERFECT MATCH was still a good book. I did find some abrupt point of view changes with nothing to note them, and the ending seemed rushed. It was almost as if the author was getting to her maximum word count, so she had to wrap up things quickly. I also couldn't believe Jack was worried Beth wouldn't trust him, since he he'd kept a secret, and she'd run off after discovering it. He catches up with her, she starts yelling at him, calling him a liar, and spouting all sorts of other names, but he just starts laughing at her. Given he was so concerned with having her trust him and wanting her to marry him, this seemed out of character and didn't make sense.

    I did enjoy the book, despite the minor problems. I find Kate Welsh writes books with depth and feeling, and I 've liked all I've read of hers.

  • A lot of the Love Inspired books that I've read, felt cliched and out of touch with reality. It's a small book, dished out by Harlequin Publishing. Some of the books in their Love Inspired line (its specifically written for Christians) were a little too hokey. I'm sorry but not all Christians fit the "stereotype" that the world has of them. This book is contemporary, and the characters have to deal with real problems and issues. My only warning is that later on in the book, its revealed that the main character was raped as a teenager, but take heart since it later shows her getting help and going to counseling. The author makes the storyline work.
    The book is about an heiress, who meets a young man at a friend's ranch who is looking for his past. The two don't get along at first (which is natural for most romantic books), but eventually fall in love. Family, love, life issues, friendship, this book is very good, and its well written. Its not another "fluff" romantic book.

  • I love all of Mrs. Welshs books, this one was very intersting and real to me. It is about a young woman who must deal with the issues of her past. She meets a man with a few secrets of his own. I really enjoyed reading this story. It had a good plot and a wonderful ending.

  • I was very entertained by this intriguing story! A relashionship that started out hateful, turned out to be a lovely story of two people trying to find out what they really needed in life to solve their issues.
    Jack Alton finds his birthmother, while Elizabeth Boyer seeks her self-respect, and tries to lose terrible memories from the past. Together, they find what they are searching for, while all along they also find love within eachother.
    The story really pulls you in, and it is a hard book to put down. It may bring you to tears, but for the most part you will have a smile on your face!