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by Carol Lynn Pearson

ePub Goodbye, I Love You download
Carol Lynn Pearson
Random House; 1st edition (August 12, 1986)
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Carol Lynn Pearson has been a professional writer, speaker, and performer for many years.

Carol Lynn Pearson has been a professional writer, speaker, and performer for many years

A Stranger for Christmas by. Carol Lynn Pearson.

This book took me on a national tour with appearances on Oprah, Good Morning America, and many other major talk shows, as well as a feature in People Magazine. For numerous people, this book opened up the conversation on homosexuality. Back to Top. Shipping.

Good-Bye, I Love You. by Carol Lynn Pearson. Carol Lynn Pearson is a remarkable woman. She writes this book with such transparency of her emotions.

Carol Lynn Wright Pearson (born December 1, 1939) is an American poet, author, screenwriter, and playwright. A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), Pearson is best known for her book Goodbye, I Love You, a memoir of her marriage to a gay man who died of AIDS in 1984. She frequently addresses the topics of LGBT acceptance and the role of Mormon women.

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Good-bye, I love you. by. Pearson, Carol Lynn. AIDS (Disease) Patients United States Biography, Authors, American 20th century Biography, Gay men United States Biography, Pearson, Carol Lynn Marriage, Pearson, Gerald. New York : Random House. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana.

By (author) Carol Lynn Pearson. Carol Lynn courageously stood by her former husband's side. Even when he contracted AIDS - and came home to die. show more. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

Author:Pearson, Carol Lynn. Goodbye I Love You. Each month we recycle over . million books, saving over 12,500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. All of our paper waste is recycled and turned into corrugated cardboard. Sold alia (381592)99. 3% positive FeedbackContact seller. Goodbye I Love You by Carol Lynn Pearson (Paperback, 1988).

In a candid account of her life and marriage, Pearson recounts her struggle to cope with her husband's homosexuality and her decision, after their divorce, to nurse him as he died from AIDS
  • A well-known memoir that came out about the height of the AIDS crisis, Ms. Pearson is one of the most famous Mormon authors although her works are much more well-known within the LDS community than outside of it. In this memoir, she details her marriage to Gerald Pearson who reveals to her his homosexual feelings before they get married. Naively perhaps they get married anyway, start a family only for Gerald to determine that he is undoubtedly gay. The family moves from conservative Utah to the liberal San Francisco Bay area and Gerald enthusiastically throws himself into the gay community there, ultimately contracting AIDS and returning home where Carol nurses him in the final days of his life.

    It's a well-written, poignant story. A number of years later their daughter Emily Pearson wrote her own memoir, "Dancing With Crazy" which gives a very different, uglier account of what happened with their family than that portrayed by her mother.

  • There is amazing love and compassion in this true story written by Carol Lynn Pearson. She and her husband, Gerald, are close high school and college friends, both raised in the Mormon faith during the 60's and 70's. They pursue their higher education and careers and then it comes time for them to consider marriage. They openly discuss Gerald's homosexuality, which Gerald works hard to stay strong against and to live in accordance with his Mormon doctrine. Yet, after a few years, and having three children, Carol Lynn discovers that Gerald has been seen in a gay night club. The emotional upheaval wracks her brain. There are decision to be made. This real life story reminds me of the movie "Normal" staring Jessica Lange and Tom Wilkinson, who as her husband, Roy, seeks a sexual change after being devoted and married to each other for 25 years. When Roy faces his feminine side, for him, it is normal. Likewise, for Gerald, he cannot live a false life. In the end of this book, the reader discovers that once one loves another, love cannot be denied; that love in all forms is normal. This is one of the most marvelous stories of faith, devotion, and forever love that I have ever read. I'm so glad I chose this book to read.

  • A beautifully-written, poignant story. While writing my own memoir I heard about Mrs. Pearson's book and felt compelled to read. Growing up Nazarene my story is reversed and I'm the gay man giving voice to my wife. Mrs. Pearson's ability for love and forgiveness was so incredibly beautiful. I loved this book.

  • Because this is a non-fiction story, it hurt me more than anything I've ever read before.

    Having the same struggle as Gerald, I can't help but understand and hate his actions at the same time. I admire how Carol Lynn loved him with all her heart despite his unquenchable thirst for something that Gerald, himself, knew would cost him a lot of things. This book made me realize what I really want in this life and what are the most important things for me. After reading this, I cried for a few minutes and called my dad. I just can't believe how such a wonderful person—a worthy member of the LDS Church—could do things that would make his life and his family's life suffer. But of course, I could never really hate Gerald as much as I would like to. He was lost. He needed to do those things to learn his lessons. In fact, I am like him in a lot of ways.

    Carol Lynn wrote her family's story well. I hope everybody who is struggling with same-sex attraction and their families and friends would read this book. The story could definitely give more understanding to all those who need it.

  • The author provides a brutally frank view into her life for several years. What I take away is that the cold theology we are taught is often inadequate training when we come face to face with homosexuality in our own family. Her struggles between her theology and her love for her husband are very real human reactions -- trying to reconcile what she knows is true about him and what her theology says she must do. If you can read this book without stopping and weeping, you need a softened heart.

  • Goodbye, I Love You I was 21 years old, in 1978, when I saw Carol Lynn Pearson's play 'My Turn on Earth'. I saw the play in Connecticut and it was so much fun to watch and later learn all the songs with my children. I was surprised Carol Lynn made only a one sentence reference to the play that Carol Lynn wrote. The simplicity of Carol Lynn's words are really inspiring. Goodbye I love you was written long after the play and poems that I remember Carol Lynn for. Goodbye I love you tells a complicated story in Sister Pearson's simple and direct way. Perhaps when Goodbye I love you was written, My Turn on Earth was a distant memory. It is hard for me to picture the woman who wrote the inspiring words in the 60's and 70's was the same woman who wanted to be on one side of her dying gay husband's one hand and his other hand holding his gay lover's hand. Our lives don't always take the turns we expect.

  • Great book!!

  • An incredible, life-changing book. I have not been close to anyone in the LGBTQ community, and this perspective was so needed as I fight to understand the needs of this group.