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by Suzy Johnston

ePub The Naked Bird Watcher download
Suzy Johnston
Chipmunkapublishing; First Edition edition (March 1, 2003)
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From the Author: We all have mental health, and for one in four of us medical intervention will be required to deal with some form of mental distress - be it mild or severe.

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The Naked Bird Watcher by Suzy Johnston (English) Paperback Book Free Shipping! . How to Be a Bad Birdwatcher: To the Greater Glory of Life New Paperback Book Sim.

Topic: Natural History.

The Naked Bird Watcher Suzy Johnston. This is a personal, poignant and poetic story of Recovery. Suzy teaches us about determination, patience and perseverance. She inspires people to continue living their lives while learning to manage a mental illness.

Suzy Johnston has written a lucid, brave and moving account of her trauma of living with manic depression. It is a relief to read about someone coming to terms with their condition in such a positive way throughout. Suzy's memoir has given me hope. There are tears and terror but like any accomplished writer Suzy takes the reader with her through a roller coaster of emotions.
  • Suzy's book, "The Naked Bird Watcher", is an autobiographical account of her struggle with bipolar disorder. It is very well-written and speaks to bipolar and non-bipolar folk alike. What I liked best about the book is that Suzy documents what worked for her and what didn't, something that is important for all mentally ill folks to pay attention to and to work on in our own lives. Suzy's positive approach and hopeful message make this book a must-read.

    The new 2004 Cairn edition is revised and contains a great deal of new information about Suzy's recent work in the Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy fields.

  • Suzy's autobiography is well-written, engaging, and very readable. She records her struggle with depression and its treatment as a young person. I found it easy to identify with her experience of depression. I recommend this book for anyone currently engaged in the struggle -- it will offer insight, give assurance that they are not alone, and encourage the hope that if Suzy got through so can they.

  • One of the many devastating weapons that depression wields against its victims is a soul-scouring paralysis that renders them unable to take action of any kind at all. Imagine then the bravery of manic-depressive Suzy Johnston to not only find the spirit to analyse and confront the illness that debilitated her youth, but also to conjure up sufficient energy to commit those experiences to print.
    The Naked Bird Watcher is a forthright and honest account of the origins of Suzy's depression and how it blighted an otherwise happy and high-achieving school and university life. The fascinating but horrifying details explained to the lay person who has never had to travel such a dark road include the reactions of Suzy's contemporaries, her friends' inability to differentiate self isolation from haughty exclusion, and in one truly awful account, a tutor failing so spectacularly to understand her student's profound illness that it cost Suzy a possible career in teaching.
    In another chilling revelation the author also explains the desire for self-harm in such a clear and direct way that such madness seems to make perfect sense. Cutting herself made Suzy feel something, filling the void that depression had created where sensation of any kind, physical or emotional had all but been extinguished. As she put it, her idea of depression before becoming a sufferer was that she would be sad all the time. The reality of feeling nothing was far greater a torture.

    Suzy is not a writer by profession and she has to be hugely congratulated for this first bold foray into writing. The book's true value is in the very fact it was written at all, although perhaps after having read that Suzy managed to graduate despite her illness we shouldn't be that surprised at the astonishing achievement of conceiving, writing and completing a book. If we needed an indication of just what a winner she really is then that surely provides it. Since Ms Johnston's primary goal was to help others gain an insight into the illness and combat stigma, and at the same time help those who might have felt alone and unique in their distress, for that very good reason alone the book is worth its weight in gold. "
    Muriel Gray
    BBC Broadcaster and writer

  • Two Women - One Journey of Recovery - Two Perspectives.

    From both the patient and her carer there is now rare and unusual insight into mental illness - with both books documenting the journey of recovery. Emotive, yet practical, these books should be read by all affected by mental illness and working within its profession.
    Professor Angus Mackay, Scotland.
    Claire Letham, Psychiatric Nurse, Scotland

    The Naked Bird Watcher by Suzy Johnston, ISBN 0954809203
    To Walk on Eggshells by Jean Johnston, ISBN 0954809211