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by James Herriot

ePub All Creatures Great and Small download
James Herriot
Bantam Books; 1st edition (March 1, 1985)
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Home James Herriot All Creatures Great and Small. I lay face down on the cobbled floor in a pool of nameless muck, my arm deep inside the straining cow, my feet scrabbling for a toe hold between the stones. I was stripped to the waist and the snow mingled with the dirt and the dried blood on my body. I could see nothing outside the circle of flickering light thrown by the smoky oil lamp which the farmer held over me.

The All Creatures Great and Small franchise consists of a series of books written by James Wight under the pen name James Herriot based on his experiences as a veterinary surgeon. The books have been adapted for film and television, including a 1975 film titled All Creatures Great and Small, followed by the 1976 It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet sequel, as well as on television a long-running BBC television programme of the same title, and a prequel series in 2011, Young James Herriot.

All Creatures Great and Small is a British television series based on the books of the British veterinary surgeon Alf Wight, who wrote under the pseudonym James Herriot. In early 1977, the BBC tasked producer Bill Sellars with the creation of a television series from Herriot's first two novels, If Only They Could Talk and It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet, using the title of the 1975 film adaptation. It is part of a series of movies and television series based on Herriot's novels.

Book 1 of 5 in the All Creatures Great & Small Series. James Herriot (1916-1995) was the bestselling author of memoirs including All Things Bright and Beautiful, All Things Wise and Wonderful, The Lord God Made Them All, and Every Living Thing. At age 23, Herriot qualified for veterinary practice with the Glasgow Veterinary College, and moved to the town of Thirsk in Yorkshire to work in a rural practice.

James Herriot's memoirs have sold 80 million copies worldwide, and continue to delight and entertain readers of all .

James Herriot's memoirs have sold 80 million copies worldwide, and continue to delight and entertain readers of all ages. Though essentially a collection of short stories, All Creatures Great and Small does a great job of providing an intro into the world and character of Herriot, it delivers highly readable pastoral tales, and then it gives you a sense of closure without closing out the option for more stories to come.

James Herriot - 1972 - All Creatures Great and Small. James Herriot - 1974 - All Things Bright and Beautiful. James Herriot - 1977 - All Things Wise and Wonderful. James Herriot - 1981 - The Lord God Made Them Al. p3 download. James Herriot - 1992 - Every Living Thing. download 98 Files download 12 Original.

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Then I drew on a pair of holed woollen gloves. Siegfried bent over the day book. Now let’s see what we’ve got. Barnett, Gill, Sunter, Dent, Cartwrigh. e began to scribble on a pad. Oh, and I’d better see Scruton’s calf-you’ve been attending it, I know, but I’m going right past the door. Can you tell me about it?

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  • I had read Herriot's series on his veterinary experiences many years ago but was prompted to revisit it again after reading the latest book by Jan Karon where I became reacquainted with Father Tim and the small town of Mitford, NC. Not yet ready to leave so charming an atmosphere, I happened upon a kindred reader in the waiting room of a medical office who was in the process of reading Herriot's little gem and I recognized it at once as "just what the doctor ordered."
    Herriot's books, of course, are set in the northern English countryside, complete with all the "delicious" dialects that are characteristic of the region. He captures the local atmosphere brilliantly -- in recalling all the colorful characters (both animal and human) he meets while conducting his rounds and they are "delicious." As in the Mitford Series, there are squabbles and courtships, trials and triumphs and an endless number of humorous anecdotes to enjoy and you will come away feeling you've had a lovely vacation in the North Country amid some of the friendliest folk around.

  • I have not seen the BBC series - one of the most popular of all time, so this was all new to me. What a delight. Just one great story after another, as James Herriot, aka James Wight, learns the ropes of the veterinary business. I don't know how I made it to age 63 without read this book. James Wight is a fun and funny writer. The stories feel so real, but apparently are loosely based on real events and stories, not necessarily commensurate with the time period in which they are portrayed, all wrapped in the guise of an autobiography. But it really doesn't matter. This a truly a 5 star masterpiece. It's no wonder it has withstood the test of time.

  • What is not to like...I have read this at least twice before as a book, now it is on my good old Kindle, it is like visiting an old friend..
    This is James first book, where he tells about meeting his employer, the area, the people and of course the animals he deals with.
    After all the trash we run across daily what a breath of fresh air.
    Herriot is a good writer and keeps things moving along..
    A word to the wise, do not loan out your James Herriot books they don't find their way back, people like and keep them because they
    are so good to read....
    I recommend them for all ages, read to those too young to read, those who like animals and someone who needs a lift at the
    end of the day...
    One also learns of the language of England and the mountain folks...Those of us who have worked around animals most of
    our lives really enjoy what James needs to deal with daily..
    You have not lived until you have run across a muddy pen wearing big overshoes in 30 degree below zero with a mad cow
    blowing snot in your back pocket, nope ..


  • Inspired by my father's love of the Herriot books, I watched the TV series on the Beeb from its first broadcast and enjoyed the adaptations. I thought that 2018 would not be too late to introduce my Tennessean wife to the books, and she's devouring this, the first in the sequence.
    I'm not unfamiliar with the life and characters as portrayed in the books, but she's finding it a new experience that perhaps goes part way to explain some of the little idiosyncrasies that she's come to expect. I never could read the stories without hearing the accents (and dialects) in my head; although I'm not from Yorkshire and was born after the events described in them, but they still manage to create a wistful remembrance of things past (that are probably less common in the 21st century) and with a little experience having seen a vitnery at work on a farm, doubly so.
    I suppose that somebody with a little experience of farm animals or even pets would feel an empathy with one or more of the situations described in the books; that's the way it is for me, but what stands out more than that are the characters. If you've been around long enough, no matter where it has been, you probably recognize the characters of Siegfried and Tristan, and the way that Herriot has to deal with them in the midst of four-legged characters who can be even more cranky or wanton.
    I know somebody who's read the book and feels that all he needs then is a good Yorkshire pint or three, a view of the dales and drinking partners with dry wistful humour to make it through the day. Sometimes, I agree.

  • I bought this for my adult son because it was one of my all time favorite books when I was much younger. He is usually into mysteries or thrillers so I wasn't sure he would like this. He ended up reading the whole book in just two days. He loved it. His comment was "I tried to make it last, but I just wanted to keep reading." He is anxious to read some of Herriot's other books. This book is filled with wonderful accounts of many of the situations country vet Herriot (pen name), gets involved in while building his practice. Herriot had both large and small animal patients (hence the title) and the animals were often easier to deal with than their owners. He writes with a great sense of humor and with his attention to detail and great descriptions, the reader feels like they are there in the chilly barn watching him work on a cow or in his examining room working on a sick dog or cat.