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by Scott N MacLellan

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Scott N MacLellan
Health Awareness Communications inc (October 23, 1998)
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When Scott MacLellan first starting writing Amanda's Gift, it was as a journal for his family to document their tragic experience. You'll be touched by Scott's passionate expressions of grief, joy and pain

When Scott MacLellan first starting writing Amanda's Gift, it was as a journal for his family to document their tragic experience. You'll be touched by Scott's passionate expressions of grief, joy and pain. The author has a way of providing a graphic sense of the pain of a child, while also offering hope of things to come. This story clearly reflects all the day-to-day logistical struggles of caring for a seriously ill child, but it also addresses topics such as the impact the illness has on love, faith and marriage. Scott MacLellan writes with a depth of compassion we have not recently seen, but he also offers excellent practical advice for families dealing with the medical system.

A guide for parents with seriously ill children. Details (if other): Cancel.

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Scott McClellan (born February 14, 1968) was the twenty-second White House Press Secretary (2003–06) for President George W. Bush, and author of a controversial No. 1 New York Times bestseller about the Bush Administration titled What Happened

Scott McClellan (born February 14, 1968) was the twenty-second White House Press Secretary (2003–06) for President George W. 1 New York Times bestseller about the Bush Administration titled What Happened. He replaced Ari Fleischer as press secretary in July 2003 and served until May 10, 2006. McClellan was the longest serving press secretary under George W. Bush. He is now the Vice President for Communications at Seattle University.

Claps from Scott James MacLellan. Jan 23 · 10 min read.

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Brian McClellan (born January 25, 1986) is an American author of epic fantasy. He is best known for writing the trilogies The Powder Mage and Gods of Blood and Powder. Not to confuse with Brian MacLellan. He began working on short stories and novellas in his late teens, when he was encouraged toward writing by his parents.

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A guide for parents with seriously ill children. A review of the emotional and financial impact of a child's seven year fight with cancer and other illness, including a liver transplant. A detailed summary of the health care system will help enlighten many parents who are unfamiliar with the complexities of insurance companies and large hospital networks. Amanda's Gift touches on all areas of life as a caregiver, including the impact on faith and marriage.
  • Just I finished this book. Its fantastic to know that you don't need to be a poet to write about the true love. Scott not only tell his own history about how's he felt but also teach us (parents with special childrem) the God gives special kids to special parents. Reding this book I found a lot of answers to many questions that I have for long time. Amanda's life isn't a gift just for Scott and his family, but for all those who read this book years later. Amanda's gift belong to many people (me, my wife) and will be yours if you read this book.
    Scott descrive in a simple way how our health system works and how we can take a good use of it. Also, provide a lot of tips of how deal with our family and friends during tought times, of any type no just a sick child. Lastly, help the reader to understand how God helped him and may how God can help us and how important He is in our lives..."Cling not to this world.... there is nothing here more important than God, Christ and he Holy Spirit, not your house, not your job, not your friends, not your family....It will always be the most important" (Amanda's Gift, P128)
    Thank you Scott for share your gift with us.

    Yashin Martinez

  • Scott MacLellan's book, born out of his own family's experience dealing with a child with a life-threatening illness, is right on target. Their journey through the bewildering maze of the healthcare system so closely mirrors our own journey and that of countless other families, and he offers helpful suggestions of how to survive that life-altering journey as well. A most helpful book, whether this journey is new to you or not. It really hits home and offers hope at the same time.

  • This is an amazing book written by a very special person. When our daughter was diagnosed, Amanda's gift helped us. This book tells it like it is and helped me as a parent to not forget to ask questions or to ask for help. As I write this tonight, my daughter is healthy and sitting beside me. We went to Children's hospital tonight to visit another girl with similar issues. I mentioned Amanda's gift and will be giving them a copy of their own to read. Thank you to Scott for sharing and to Amanda for being such a fighter.

  • wonderful resource for all caretakers & loved ones of the hospitalized chronically ill patients . amazing witness of faith

  • Great advice. The openness of the story was incredible and helped me relate to my own experiences. Thanks for sharing.

  • I have not gone through the incredibly difficult journey of having a seriously sick child, and therefore had never considered many of the stresses that are added to an already overloaded physical and emotional burden. That is financial stress, relationship stress, job stress sibling concerns and so much more. After reading this book I am much wiser and informed, so if a time comes where support is needed I will hopefully be able to make a difference and help ease the load of families who must travel the arduous journey of a child's sickness. The book offers much hope and I pray Amanda, Sarah and Mom and Dad will continue to thrive and enjoy good health, Appreciated the book. Lisa B

  • This book, to be quite honest, at times is hard to read. Not because it doesn't flow or make sense, but because it is so easy to relate to what Scott has written. There were many times when I found myself thinking how I have expressed many of the same emotions and frustrations that Scott wrote about. It brought tears on more than one occassion. However, I am very glad I read the book. It is very helpful. Both with practical advice and in dealing with your emotions as you battle serious childhood illness. Thank you Scott, your book has been a gift to countless families.

  • I found this book very helpful after our 3 year old was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, PH+ALL. We were able to identify with many of the same experiences as Amanda's family, from middle of the night fevers, failed IV attempts, neglected siblings, friends and coworkers offers of help, and many bills. This book taught us to never turn down help when it is offered. Family, friends, and coworkers want to help and need to. We know that we would feel the same. "Amanda's Gift" reminded us to take care of our marriage and our other children. So we kept date night, and made time to relax, or go out for ice cream with our other children.
    The author talks about his personal relationship with God, how he was able to put his trust for his daughters future in God's hands.