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ePub Better to Best: How to Speak for Extraordinary Results... Every Time! download

by David J. Dempsey

ePub Better to Best: How to Speak for Extraordinary Results... Every Time! download
David J. Dempsey
Miranda Publishing, LLC; 1 edition (June 1, 2006)
Marketing & Sales
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Better to BEST is a great resource! This excellent book shows you how to speak in a way that will cause audience .

Better to BEST is a great resource! This excellent book shows you how to speak in a way that will cause audience members to sit up and listen. It demonstrates how to have a meaningful heartfelt, conversation that connects with your audience, how to standout in today’s cluttered, speaker-filled world. Every speaker would benefit tremendously from reading this book and applying its principles. John R. Alm Former CEO Coca-Cola Enterprises. David Dempsey’s book, Better to BEST, is packed with numerous personal tales from the trenches and great ideas that he has learned through his lifelong experience in the speaking arena.

Better to Best is a book that can help everyone. See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Every Time! by. David J. Dempsey. Better to Best is a book that can help everyone.

Every Time! by David J. Select Format: Hardcover.

And many of those who are comfortable with public speaking are nowhere near as good at it as they think. Yes, we're talking about yo.

David J. Dempsey, JD, is the President & CEO of Neon Zebra, LLC, an executive presentation skills coaching . Dempsey, JD, is the President & CEO of Neon Zebra, LLC, an executive presentation skills coaching and consulting company that works with senior leaders at global and Fortune 500 businesses. David is a veteran of the courtroom, a business executive, a university professor, an acclaimed author, an award-winning speaker, and a sought-after presentation skills consultant to C-Level executives worldwide. He has written two critically acclaimed executive presentation skills books, Better to BEST: How to Speak for Extraordinary Results.

com/20?book 0971516529 ) EASY STEPS TO DOWNLOAD The best book of the month Better to Best: How to Speak for Extraordinary Results.

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In addition, David’s second book: Better to BEST: How to Speak for Extraordinary Results. Every Time! is a book written exclusively for business executives to ensue they speak in a way that produces results.

The best example of this is the predominant myth that trading is easy. So many people to begin Marilyn McDonald : Fore. The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results. 2013·3 Systems Thinking, : Managing Chaos and Complexity: A Platform for Designing Business Architecture. 09 MB·115,041 Downloads·New! executive MBA students, and also with Russell Ackoff, one of the founding fathers of systems thinking.

“Even Lincoln would have been impressed!” That is how Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes Inc. described David J. Dempsey’s latest book, Better to BEST: How to Speak for Extraordinary Results . . . Every Time! Better to Best is an engaging new presentation skills book for business executives. Step-by-step, with his entertaining writing style and straightforward blend of expert advice, Dempsey shows busy professionals how to distinguish themselves from the thousands of speakers who indifferently deliver presentations loaded with jargon, clichés, and acronyms while relying on muddled multimedia visual aids. This unique presentation skills book provides the ultimate blueprint for speaking with confidence and conviction.
  • A great book with many ideal suggestions on how to be a more effective public speaker. I recommend it to everyone, it is very easy to read and to select specific topics.

  • I have been giving professional lectures for greater than 25 years and never received formal training regarding this communication skill. David Dempsey's book has had a dramatic beneficial effect on my abilility to "capture" an audience with my topic. The book reads like a novel and is interspersed with alot of humor and humorous,but appropriate quotes, from famous past and present well known people. This "how to" book will almost certainly improve the public speaking skills of anyone who reads it, from a teacher to a President. This is clearly one of the most valuable books that I ever bought and read. I find myself constantly going back to it and re-reading appropriate sections prior to my next lecture. This book is a MUST for anyone who must talk in front of a group.

  • I have seen David Dempsey speak several times and know him to be absolutely masterful, so I expected this book to be good. But even I was surprised at how remarkable it is. It is instructive enough to be a textbook (full of specific, immediately applicable tips), funny enough to be a humor book and compelling enough to be a novel. David isn't just a master teacher, he is an incredible storyteller, who peppers his advice with amusing anecdotes, often aimed directly at himself. My copy is dog-eared and highlighted to death. As a speaker and professional speech writer, I refer to it often and believe you'll do the same. You'll be hard pressed to think of a question about presenting that David hasn't covered in this fun book!

  • This is a great read. It's funny and actually enjoyable to read, not something you can say about many self- improvement or business books. This is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to improve their communication or presentation skills. Whether you want to shine in front of clients, your boss, or co-workers, the book teaches you everything you need to know to be able to deliver confident, interesting and impressive presentations or speeches. It's easy to read and follow the abundant tips, tactics and guidelines designed to improve your speaking skill. Whether you're a novice or seasoned speaker, there's a lot here for everyone. I've conducted hundreds of client and employee presentations and training sessions and thought the book contained absolutely everything needed in order to be comfortable delivering a dynamic presentation to any audience in any setting. I bought several copies for our company's corporate trainers.

  • Public speaking is a reality of my career. I work in a position that has afforded me ample experience in front of an audience, and yet despite the numerous presentations I give each month, I tend to categorize myself as a "good" (not great) speaker. In light of some strategic changes I'm pursuing in my profession, I decided it was time to push myself to the next level of public speaking. In doing so I ordered several books on the subject, all highly recommended by the CEO of my company. One of them was David Dempsey's Better to Best, which I simply could not finish fast enough. His insight on public speaking is absolutely superb. He analyzes all of the components that go into an effective speech and he teaches you how to capitalize on your subject matter and audience. I would recommend this for anyone on any level--personally, socially, and most importantly, professionally. Mr. Dempsey, on the off chance you're reading this review, thank you so much for all of your help!

  • Better to Best is a must read for everyone that speaks to anyone! It provides mission critical principles which can be applied across all spectrums of communication. Regardless if your engaging a crowd, a sales prospect, executive interfacing or simply speaking 1 on 1, this book details the elements for success and will greatly enhance your communication skills and confidence.

    I strongly recommend that everyone read and apply these principles. It has greatly enhanced my communication skills which has produced great results.

  • David Dempsey's book is a MUST get ... because it contains practical tips on improving one's speaking skills in any setting. In addition, the book can be helpful to every level of speaker.

    I found the book informative, actionable and an easy read. Even better, after going through the book initially, I could go back and use it as a reference manual when getting ready to speak because the tips and summaries are very well laid out.

    Follow the recommendations in this book and you WILL become a better speaker.

  • I am required to speak on a weekly basis to professionals that frankly don't want to hear what I have to say most of the time. "Better to Best" was instrumental in bringing my current presentation to a level of significant interest and entertainment to my audience! This book lays out the foundation to build an informative, influencing and entertaining presentation that any audience will respect and appreciate. This book is a MUST HAVE FOR SALESPEOPLE OF ALL INDUSTRIES!!