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by Drayton Bird

ePub Commonsense Direct Marketing download
Drayton Bird
Ntc Business Books; Subsequent edition (November 1, 1994)
Marketing & Sales
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Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing Paperback – November 2, 2012. Drayton also wrote a book on sales letters that's well worth having. In the course of dissecting that skill he points out a large number of other marketing mistakes everyone makes

Commonsense Direct & Digital Marketing Paperback – November 2, 2012. by. Drayton Bird (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. In the course of dissecting that skill he points out a large number of other marketing mistakes everyone makes. The mistakes are told in the context of stories from the campaign, making them entertaining and easy to digest.

Kogan Page) A practical and humorously written guide to the intricacies of direct marketing, for sales and marketing managers, advertising executives, and marketing students. Shows how to position products effectively, what to sell, how to choose an agency, and how to acquire and keep customers.

Direct Marketing International 'For sheer readability, it's still hard to beat Commonsense Direct Marketing. Drayton Bird has over 40 years' experience as a copywriter and creative director. Direct Response 'Probably the best book written on direct marketing in the UK and certainly the easiest to read. Direct Marketing Strategies. He was VP and Creative Director at Ogilvy and Mather and today runs his own marketing partnership.

Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world. Witty and practical, but never boring

Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world. David Ogilvy, founder of Ogilvy & Mather. Drayton Bird is a wise and wily direct marketer. People all over the world have been lucky enough to learn from him. – Sir Martin Sorrell, founder of WPP. Witty and practical, but never boring. A great book to read and re-read and one that I wish I had read earlier in my career. Copywriter, author, multi-millionaire pioneer of infomercials – at one time America’s largest single seller of electronic products.

Commonsense Direct Marketing book. Details (if other): Cancel.

Commonsense Direct Marketing is, without doubt, mandatory reading for all sales and marketing managers, advertising executives and students of marketing throughout the world. Drayton Bird has over 40 years' experience as copywriter, client, creative director and, latterly, as Vice Chairman and Creative Director of the world's largest direct marketing network, Ogilvy and Mather Direct. Today he runs The Drayton Bird Partnership, which handles and advises on direct marketing, and undertakes other marketing activities for clients large and small.

Despite the vast expenditure reserved for direct marketing nowadays, this popular marketing method is barely understood.

Commonsense direct marketing. Lincolnwood, Ill. : NTC Business Books. inlibrary; printdisabled;. Kahle/Austin Foundation.

Drayton Bird is a direct response legend. From the time he built up his own agency in London to the time that agency was bought by Ogilvy & Mather, and Bird became creative director, this man accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge you simply can’t do without. Here’s David Ogilvy on Drayton Bird: Now you’ll say that the 60s and 70s were something different, and that people have changed. Oh but you’re wrong: Times change, people don’t. And that is the reason why this book should be every marketer’s bible.

Kogan Page Publishers, 3 Haz 2007 - 448 sayfa. Drayton Bird's Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing needs no introduction to marketers and direct marketers. It is not only seen as the authority on direct marketing execution, but is also widely appreciated for its engaging, no-nonsense style. For anyone involved in direct marketing, from junior marketer to senior manager, this book provides not just the structure for success but also an energising insight into the techniques behind some of the world's most successful direct marketing campaigns. Bu kitaba önizleme yap . Kullanıcılar ne diyor? - Eleştiri yazın.

In an updated edition of this acclaimed volume, international direct marketing expert Drayton Bird shares the secrets of direct mail success and offers the insights that only three decades of experience can provide. Packed with examples and illustrations from dozens of companies around the world, the author shows how to:

- Get and keep customers

- Create sales packages and offers that sell

- Select the right products and services for a direct marketing campaign

- Track and evaluate results

In his readable and witty style, Drayton Bird offers a practical yet entertaining guide to the intricacies of direct marketing.

  • IF you know about Drayton Bird, then you know he's a bit of a legend. If you don't know about him, well then what are you doing in marketing/advertising?

    But seriously, this book is a goldmine of marketing ideas and advice that are designed to get results.

    If results matter to you, then get this book.

    If you want fancy marketing and branding theory, then this is not for you.

    It's a big book packed with tips on what to do and how to do it.

    All delivered in Bird's irascible and highly amusing style.

    As the name implies, it's about direct marketing. In other words the hard nosed approach towards getting the sale and the profit.

    It should be required reading for all marketers and advertisers, but sadly it isn't.

    That makes it a secret weapon for those of us in the know.

  • I own an earlier edition of this book, written before
    the internet stuff was added.

    Still, Drayton Bird is a fine writer and he explains
    things lucidly and he has hella' experience and knows
    of that which he writes.

    He has a good sense of humor. Sort of droll.

    No book can cover it all, but this one does a good job
    of touching on major points any direct marketer should
    really get a grasp of.

    It isn't until about half-way through that Bird gets into
    Copywriting but he covers a lot of ground quickly in this
    area. If you write copy you SHOULD read a lot of books
    and read a lot of copy - one book doesn't do it.

    It's not obvious to everyone but there are some "copywriters"
    out there that don't actually know marketing very well.
    They are best avoided if you are paying for copy, and this
    book will help you a lot if you are thinking of writing
    your own copy or thinking of hiring somebody to do it for you.

    Favorite quote (of many):

    "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys"

    Funny guy, that Bird.

  • The money invested in this book has been one of my wisest choices. Drayton Bird is a first rate author when it comes to Direct Marketing. He's a sincere, funny and knowledgeable man who's given us this excellent book to study a field in which he worked in for decades with some of the greatest ad men of our times.

  • What more can I say? David Olgivy said Drayton knows more about Direct Marketing than anyone else. I would certainly say NO one knows more than Drayton (although there is a possibility of his having 1-2 people who are close to his insight).

    The only disappointment in the book is that I don't have his autograph in my copy. I need to get to get to the UK to have that drink with Drayton and Madsen (and not forget to take the book to get signed).

  • I bought this knowing Drayton Bird's expertise and having seen some of his videos. I wanted a low-cost edition, and this one doesn't have the information about digital, internet marketing. No problem because principles of direct marketing stay the same. Packed with useful information.

  • It's overwhelming in its completeness. It's a challenge to those who think that people have changed due to the arrival of the Internet.
    Great book.

  • Drayton Bird is a master of the written word. What was good advice for marketers then is STILL good advice today. If you're marketing in the real world, this book is a must-have; and if you're efforts are more internet based, I recommend the revised version "Commonsense Digital and Direct Marketing"

  • This book has timeless and practical advice on good marketing, and, I dare say, all aspects of it.

    If every company or marketer had Drayton Bird's book and followed the advice within, all would surely do very well.

    With the exception of those companies who don't treat their customers well, of course.

    (Good marketing will bring you customers. Bad service will leave you many unhappy customers who'll leave a bad review.)

    This is one book I will surely leave as one of the most precious heirlooms for my children.