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by V. Kumar,David A. Aaker

ePub Marketing Research download
V. Kumar,David A. Aaker
Wiley; 7 edition (August 3, 2000)
Marketing & Sales
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David Aaker is professor of Marketing, Emeritus at the Haas School of Business, University of. .

David Aaker is professor of Marketing, Emeritus at the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley. He is a leading expert on brand strategy and strategic marketing. He is the author of over seven books for both the practioner and the student of marketing.

David A. Aaker is the Vice-Chairman of Prophet, Professor Emeritus of Marketing Strategy at the Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley, Advisor to Dentsu, In. and a recognized authority on brands and brand management. and a recognized authority on brands and brand management

David A. Aaker, V. Kumar, Robert P. Leone.

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Aaker, David A. Subjects.

Macro-micro-macro" in design, and fitting for students in the intermediate or advanced courses, this highl. David A. Kumar, George S. Day, Robert Leone. ISBN: 978-0-470-31725-9; Издательство: Wiley.

Transform a world of marketing data into strategic advantage In a world exploding with marketing data, there's one text that keeps pace with the latest tools, applications, and developments in marketing research. Now in its Seventh Edition, Aaker, Kumar, and Day's Marketing Research shows future managers and researchers when marketing research can and should be used, what research alternatives exist, how to recognize effective and ineffective research, and how to interpret and apply the results. The authors take readers step by step through the entire marketing research process, describing the most advanced and current methodologies. Reflecting emerging trends and changes in the marketplace, this new edition has been completely revised, updated, and enhanced. New features include: * Relevant and recent examples and citations * Expanded coverage of e-commerce and database marketing * New cases and problems, covering a wide range of products and organizations * Marketing Research in Business sections in each chapter that focus on the real-world applications of marketing research * Firm-specific and data-specific URLs connecting to the most recent information * New coverage of the use of SPSS(r) in illustrating the data analysis Now available with SPSS(r) software. This Seventh Edition can be packaged with SPSS(r) Student Version 9.0 (Set ISBN: 0-471-39564-1).
  • This is the required text for a marketing research course in my MBA program. I'm an experienced marketing professional, and I was hoping this class and accompanying text would add some new tools to my toolbox so to speak. However...

    I'm only 2 chapters (50 pages) into it, and I must echo another reviewer's comments about poor editing and the pain of parsing ungrammatical sentences - this book really is a chore to read. Beyond the poor editing, many of the paragraphs and side-box examples simply don't make sense. And I don't mean they're over my head, I mean they're illogical and/or nonsensical. I've found multiple instances where a paragraph seems to magically switch context half-way through and then wrap-up with a sentence that's almost a non-sequitor to everything prior.

    I'll also echo another common critique - the material seems dated. Even though it was clearly updated recently (example - a review of figures up to 2008 includes a comment about the current economic downturn), and it covers some Internet-based methods, the authors must simply be dated in their knowledge of current technologies and practices related to marketing research. The discussion of "information systems" and "decision support systems" is laughably awkward. Those terms are treated in the way I'd expect from someone back in the early 90's.

    As it is, this book is frustrating text on a subject that deserves much better treatment. I give it two stars instead of one in that at least there is some useful material interspersed between the annoying parts. And I'm definitely advising my prof to choose a different book for future use.

  • If it weren't required for a class, I would have looked for a different book that covers the same material. This book seems a bit out of date because it overemphasises telephone and mail surveys and should have covered more on internet surveys. Also, should be more mention on using statistical software specifically for market research and would be more helpful if the authors covered chapters on marketing research for types of businesses.

  • Good product

  • Good information. A little dry to read. I got the Kindle version on my iPad mini it was hard to navigate back and forth. A little easier on my desktop screen.

  • Bought because I had to for class, almost finished with the semester and I have to decide if I should sell it to someone else. Found pretty good info, I think I'll keep it in my library.

  • I bought this book since it was required for my marketing research MBA class. Reading this book was painful as it had all the grammar issues other readers pointed out, and even if you make your way through you realize that it is simply describing stuff you already know a long time ago in an over-complicating way, as if the sole purpose is just to make matters hard to understand. I already decided I would not continue to read this book even if the professor said it would be covered in the exam in details because it is truly a waste of my time.

  • Book is in good condition

  • This text was required material for my Marketing Research class. Each and every chapter had grammatical errors that made reading the material painful. Much of the information is also dated; there is little in the way of internet survey methods covered in the book, it was still concentrating on phone surveys. In many areas, the book was overly simplistic; not a graduate level text.