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by Ashley Wood

ePub World War Robot download
Ashley Wood
IDW Publishing; First Edition edition (August 5, 2008)
Graphic Novels
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What others are saying.

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Ashley Wood (born 1971) is Australian comic book artist and award-winning illustrator known for his cover art, concept design and his work as an art director. Wood initially worked in both the UK and international comic book industries, working on characters such as the British character Judge Dredd, before breaking into the US market, where he worked for such companies as Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

Award-winning designer/artist Ashley Wood (Popbot, Zombies vs. Robots) continues the World War between a dwindling band of humans and robots that spans planets in this .

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World War Robot Ashley Wood Illustration Art Book.

Shipping to Russian Federation. World War Robot Ashley Wood Illustration Art Book. JAPAN Ashley Wood Art Book: World War Robot.

Award-winning designer/artist Ashley Wood (Popbot, Zombies Vs. Robots) has handled his share of robots over the years. And now, he presents total robot war! In World War Robot, a dwindling band of humans and robots face off in a battle that will likely end humanity as we know it — on Earth, on the Moon, and on Mars, too! Badass battles, really intense human/robot drama, and even a little black humor and political intrigue are the order of the day in this oversize, standalone epic courtesy of Wood.
  • I barely remember how I heard about this work - maybe a news piece on how it's going to be made into a film or something.
    I've been reading graphic novels since I was a kid - started with Calvin, worked my way into the darker stuff when I was a teenager, and was lucky enough to go to a small college with a very well-curated comic book library.

    World War Robot is different from what I've come to expect of "graphic novels." Huge oil battlescapes and portraits of men and fighting machines dominate the pages, sprinkled with excerpted diary entries and memoirs from those who inhabit Wood's world.

    It's not exactly as simple as a picture book, but it's also definitely not paneled and linear in the way one would expect. Nevertheless, anyone with half an imagination and a love of dystopian hellscapes will find plenty to like here.

    Not to mention: giant robots wielding giant revolvers. So cool.

  • It is an alternative way to tell a story through art and small paragraphs of text. You are essentially looking through the art and then occasionally reading a letter written by a soldier to a friend back home, or a excerpt from a platoons report. I was amazed by how much this format was able to create a world around all the art. I also really liked the size and the picture quality. If you love WWR and Ashley Wood, then you really can't go wrong with this book.

  • A reviewer called this book "oversized". It is small. You'd do better buying Complete World War Robot if you're looking for something more substantial; the Complete WWR hardback is almost half the price and much larger.

    Also, I didn't realize this bore the same content as the Complete WWR. I wasn't paying attention. This is literally just a smaller edition.

  • This book is BEYOND Epic!!!!!!

    If you are a fan of amazing works of art, especially impressionism, you will absolutely love this book. The art work is strikeing, shocking and epic. This series of paintings tell an amazing story in themselves and are very expressive.

    If you are at all a fan of world war 1 and 2, robots, martians, art, epic battles or all of the above, this book is for you! And the best part that absolutely tops this book off, is the fictional short paragraphs written as letters and momentos during this war. It just adds to your imagination of the story your creating in your head by viewing these works of art. The paragraphs are a perfect compliment to these paintings.

    Every artist needs to buy this book!

  • Great art, great artwork. Awesome artwork! Did I mention the art? Ashley Wood's painterly robots and humans duking it out in the near future in swirly billowy clouds of mist and smoke through bombed out landscapes reminiscent of the Great War. Soldiers trudging through mud and snow into campaigns where most will surely perish. Thick and smeary paint strokes capture the forms of the huge mechanical warriors and the rugged soldiers that battle for humanity. Not much in words, but huge in imagery. Painterly moody fun. Good stuff.

  • WW5 storyline? Not sure dude. But what makes me so interested in this book, the artworks is fantastic! AW dirty brushstroke style;undefine shape or line just portrait a beautiful WWR. It's even express the war zone environment with it style of painting. If u are AW's fans check it out his vinyl toys/figure. Is supers unbelievable detail oil paint work. Produced by 3A

  • The Complete WWR stands as one of Ashley Wood's greatest collections if you're a fan of his work. The contents range from robots, to girls, and amazing backdrops for it all. His unique style really shines with his original ongoing series which his toyline produced from 3A is based from. As either a coffee table book or something to add to your collection, this book remains a stupendous collection of art.

  • Plus point: Many works of Ashley Wood, beautiful works.
    Negative: The book's format is small.

    I did not vote in 5 star only by the size of the book. Because I believe that the book should be larger. Would be better to appreciate art.

    In general ... it's a great book.