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ePub Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition, Volume 1 download

by Kenichi Sonoda

ePub Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition, Volume 1 download
Kenichi Sonoda
Dark Horse; Revised edition (April 3, 2007)
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Rally Vincent and Minnie May Hopkins are experts in their respective fields of marksmanship and explosives, but they're so cute you'd never know. Neither would the perps unlucky enough to be their hunted. Presented for the first time in the authentic Japanese format, these giant-sized volumes are action-packed, unretouched, and sure to please the gun-nuts, auto buffs, and manga maniacs!
  • The art style is a bit busy, but very detailed. Also leans a bit heavily on the rule of cool. (I don't think it's possible to slice an autopistol in two with any garrote wire known to exist. Especially one that is supposed to be made of abnormally hard steel.) But an all around fun book. Definetly not for younger audiences.

  • This manga by the character designer Kenichi Sonada is amazing. The anime, an OVA, is also titled "Gunsmith Cats" and it is equally amazing.

    The artist is also the character designer for one of my all time favorite anime the "Bubblegum Crisis" OVA.

    This series consists of 4 omnibus volumes (Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition), and there is a continuation consisting of 5 volumes (Gunsmith Cats Burst) that concludes the series.

    In my opinion this is a wonderfull manga and the OVA is also one of the best anime, though the OVA is currently hard to find.

    I have not read or watched the series "Ridding Bean", but I believe it was written prior to "Gunsmith Cats."

  • This is a real steal. They put about three of the normal manga volumes into one huge one. Returning to the pre-flip, right to left Japanese style of reading, and costing only slightly more than ONE of the older, smaller, volumes this is a real deal. If you want gun fights, explosions, car chases, cute girls and adult humor THIS is the megavolume to start with. But you have to 18+ or older. Some sex scenes and one scene that suggested a rape that happened but was not shown.
    The Gunsmith Cats were one of the first manga I picked up and really showed me how different yet enjoyable Japanese manga could be.
    Don't forget there is also a anime DVD out there, with three episodes of action and a 30 minute bonus feature on the making of the anime.

  • A smart young woman owns a gunstore, trains people to shoot, and, when the business lags a little, works as a bounty hunter in Chicago to make ends meet. What's not to like? Well-written and well-drawn, an appealing and intersting cast of characters keeps you entertained for hours. If you like shows like "The Sopranos" and movies like "The Transporter", you won't be disappointed as this series has elements of those in it. And if you like fast cars, there's lots of those in here, too.

  • Full of plot twists and unexpected stuff this book got me hooked from the first burst sires to the revised editions.

  • Everything I expected

  • Awesome!

  • Awesome compilation, faithful to the original manga format, Kenichi Sonoda's artwork is really detailed and the story arcs are amazing it's a great mix between japanese manga and western action comics, if you like hot girls, guns and classic american muscle cars buy this!!