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ePub Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development download

by Steve Fox

ePub Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development download
Steve Fox
Wrox; 1 edition (June 8, 2010)
Business Technology
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With regard to your general development background, the two assumptions in this book are that you have some familiarity with Web development, and you have an understanding o. ET programming.

by Steve Fox (Author)

by Steve Fox (Author). ISBN-13: 978-0470584637.

With this comprehensive guide, you will findthat there are a ton of features built into the platform for you toleverage in your solution development.

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Описание: The contents of the book will include the printed material and source code that will accompany each of the chapters.

Note: I’ll make sure to call out/amend any errata or follow-code on this blog to supplement the book.

Steve Fox, Bill Sheldon.

Discover how to take advantage of the many new features in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 is a significant leap forward from the 2007 release, and 'you will find that there are a ton of features built into the platform for you to leverage in your solution development. Because SharePoint is a broad platform that covers a lot, this book also covers quite a bit of ground. As a Wrox Beginning book, the goal of Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development is to get you started with many of the fundamentals so that you can continue on to advanced programming beyond this book.

The book's goal is to quickly take you from the basics of SharePoint, to installing and configuring a development environment, and then into how you can develop for SharePoint. The book is heavy on coding exercises, but tries to stick to a common set of .NET patterns to ensure you walk away with understanding the different ways in which you can code for SharePoint. Moving from beginning to advanced means that you can expect the walkthroughs and chapters to become increasingly more complex within each chapter and throughout the book. The walkthroughs have been created to be concise and to guide you through all of the steps you must accomplish to complete a coding task.

Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development is aimed at the developer who is new to SharePoint. The book assumes you have some programming experience and a passion to learn how to develop for SharePoint. But this book does not assume that you've programmed against SharePoint before. With regard to your general development background, the two assumptions in this book are that you have some familiarity with Web development, and you have an understanding of .NET programming. With regard to Web development, this book assumes that you understand HTML, and may have an understanding of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Extensible Markup Language/Extensible Stylesheet Language (XML/XSL), and dynamic languages such as JavaScript. You may have a light understanding of ASP.NET and are looking to apply this knowledge to the SharePoint space. In any case, you have some understanding of the fundamentals of Web and .NET development, and are looking to apply those to the SharePoint space.

  • I couldn't say more. This book is perfect for a developer. It teaches you the basics for SharePoint development. Not everything, but enough to get you started on your own. This book took me very far. I've written very complex business applications that integrate deep into SharePoint. This book doesn't teach how to write complex business applications, but it teaches you enough that someday you could write your own with your own experience.

  • I will never buy another Wrox published book again. This book is disastrous. The author half acknowledges mistakes and then adds lame excuses as to why the errors occurred. Next, he says that he is going the blog about fixes to the errors in the book instead of issuing an Errata on the "Wrox" website specifically established communicating information about the book. I searched through his blogs which offer little help for the numerous errors in the book. I am only at for Chapter 5 and I give up. I'm even sorry that I have to waste more time writing this review except that I hope someone will read this post and stay away from Wrox publishing titles and especially Steve Fox.

  • I have read several technical books on different technologies and this book is by far the worst. The author does not explain any of the concepts well enough to really understand them and I had to troubleshoot the majority of the exercises just to get them to work. I spent more time debugging his poorly written examples than actually reading the book. In chapter five there is an example of an Excel add-in that pulls in a SharePoint list. In the 3rd step of the exercise he states that we must build the project using .Net 3.5 framework but his code example shows we need to have a "using System.Xaml" directive which is only available in the .Net 4.0 framework. In that same chapter he briefly walks through how to build a custom WCF web service to interact with a SharePoint list but doesn't explain how to deploy it or get it to work. Reading this book has been one of the most frustrating experiences and I can never get the time I spent on it back.

  • Great results!

  • Better than multitudes of SharePoint books promising the beginner a foothold, only to quickly drown them in technical details! As a power-novice, I found this book to be interesting, well-written, and full of skill and knowledge building potential that a beginner could understand... and as one who was a beginner 18 months ago... I know of what I speak.

  • This is by far the most error filled book I have used. Many steps are missing, contain typos or are just plain wrong.

  • Great reference book.

  • Great book that describe nutshell of share Point. Highly recommended book for beginners. Great work by author and good price.