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ePub Real World Linux Security (2nd Edition) download

by Bob Toxen

ePub Real World Linux Security (2nd Edition) download
Bob Toxen
Prentice Hall; 2 edition (November 23, 2002)
Operating Systems
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Top Linux security consultant Bob Toxen has thoroughly revamped this definitive guide to reflect today's most vicious Internet attacks-and arm you with breakthrough resources for protecting yourself!

Bob Toxen's Real World Linux Security is a hefty tome, wherein he describes in great .

Bob Toxen's Real World Linux Security is a hefty tome, wherein he describes in great detail how to secure a Linux system. His experience is evident throughout the book, which consists of 21 chapters that cover the gamut of security risks, how to detect and fix them, and what one should do in the event that your system is compromised.

Security guru Bob Toxen uses real-world case studies from his own consulting career to show exactly how network and Internet security breaches can happen, what they look like when they do happen, and what you must do now to prevent them. The book is organized into four sections: securing your system, preparing for an intrusion, detecting an intrusion, and recovering from an intrusion.

Real World Linux Security book. 0130464562 (ISBN13: 9780130464569). Your Linux system will be attacked  . Details (if other): Cancel.

ISBN-10: 0-13-046456-2. ISBN-13: 978-0-13-046456-9. New techniques and software for detecting and blocking ARP and Switch attacks. Problems that people did not worry about two years ago are now big concerns and have been addressed here.

It's not a question of "if" but "when. Will you be ready to protect your system when a cracker comes? Real World Linux Security goes beyond the books that merely detail system vulnerabilities by offering system administrators practical solutions for safeguarding Linux systems and actively responding to break-in attempts. Veteran Bob Toxen shows you how to know your enemies and stop them at the front gate, before they can damage your system

Linux - Security This forum is for all security related questions.

Linux - Security This forum is for all security related questions. Questions, tips, system compromises, firewalls, etc. are all included here. I have tried all the possible way to download from Torrent. Have some one read the book of these author.

Top Linux security consultant Bob Toxen has thoroughly revamped this definitive guide to reflect today's most vicious Internet attacks—and arm you with breakthrough resources for protecting yourself!

Table . Danger Levels.

Book: Real World Linux® Security: Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Recovery. List of Figures Figure . You are in a maze of twisty little passages. Figure . Attack paths to root. Table . Book: Real World Linux® Security: Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Recovery. Bob Toxen counts his recognition as one of the 168 developers of Berkeley UNIX among his accomplishments during six years of Linux experience and 26 years of UNIX experience.

Your Linux system will be attacked. Be ready! Real World Linux Security, Second Edition brings together state-of-the-art solutions and exclusive software for protecting yourself against today's most vicious Internet attacks. Highlights include surprising new research on IP Tables effectiveness; new ways to block ARP attacks; advances in adaptive firewalls; quick recovery from intrusions; securing wireless systems, instant messaging, VPNs, Samba, and Linux 2.4 kernels; and much more. Includes CD-ROM with the author's exclusive security software tools!
  • As a satisfied customer, reviewer of this book, and friend of Bob, I can recommend this book wholeheartedly. I was an overworked sysadmin and biochemist researcher at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia in November 2000, when the 27 SGI systems I was in charge of were hacked into. We were set up as a node waiting to implement a denial of service or remote attack on some other poor sobs. I hadn't been able to keep up with patches due to a heavy workload so the attackers got in easily thru a hole in telnetd. I yelled for help on the [...] listserv and Bob, a local member, responded. We've been locked down ever since then by Bob with hardened Linux firewalls running a VPN. Thanks to his expertise we haven't had any successful attacks since. In fact, no one can find us unless we let them. I simply don't have to deal with security problems anymore on those systems. It was my pleasure to help Bob with reviewing the manuscript for ease of understanding, readability, and double checking for typo's. I can't say enough about Bob as a person. I can trust him completely and do everyday with the security of my systems. I use his book as a reference tool constantly on security topics. It is much better than any other book in this genre for what it provides. In my opinion, for what that is worth ;-) it is the only security book for Linux that really touches on everything. Talking with Bob about the book is always alot of fun since I usually learn something new every time. If you already have the 1st edition, give it to someone else as a gift and get this one. Don't expect everything to be new as most security info hasn't changed all that much. For the new info, such as iptables, this book will be what you need, but will still contain the reference info you will always go back to check. I highly recommend this book, but even more so, I recommend you let Fly-by-Day Consulting work with you on securing your network. I certainly am glad I did.

  • I don't mean this is not a good book. When I bought it about three weeks ago, there was no CD along with it. I called the customer service of Amazon to ask for CD. They told me to return the previous book, and they would send me a new copy. However, I still didn't find CD with the new copy of book. They just give me another book without the CD. It's quite disappointing.

    I confirmed this with the author. It turned out that the publisher, without informing the author, chose in later printings of the book to save money by not including a CD. But the publisher didn't update the cover about promising the CD.

  • This book has been updated well. Not just some cut and paste from a previous edition. The first edition was excellent. This edition is even better. The writing is some the best I've ever read in a technical book. Secrets & Lies is the concept book and this is the application of those concepts. This should between your Bruce Schneier books and your O'reilly Systems books.
    If you are a Security Professional, Systems Administrator or a wannabe this book belongs on your bookshelf. The topics are broad and yet fairly in depth. Even if you think you know security get this book. The information is organized that well.
    You can use this book to harden just about *nix flavor machine based on his examples. The attack processes illustrated will reinforce your existing knowledge or teach how you need to start thinking about security.
    Bottom line is security has many layers or rings. If one ring fails hopefully you have several other rings of protection. Don't rely on a firewall to protect you. Firewalls only scratch the surface in building a secure enviroment.

  • When my system got hacked, a friend loaned me the first edition of Bob Toxen's book. I'm glad to see the second edition out, and I just ordered it. This book is really handy, and packed with great tips about securing your system. It also contains a lot of good anecdotes, so it's much more than a dry how-to book. I highly recommend it.

  • I found this text to be excellent!

  • CDROM was missing from the Book as it was supposed to have one in there. Very disappointing. That is all.

  • I feel very fortunate to have served as one of the technical reviewers for this book (so I'm a bit biased ;-)). I'm typically too busy to read even a third of the books that don my shelves, but reviewing Bob's book forced me to read it practically cover-to-cover.
    The book is perfect for almost anyone wishing to gain insight into how to make their network or home machine more secure. It will bring you up to speed quickly on what you need to know *now* to prevent crackers from compromising your system. Bob also provides a cd full of software including his Cracker Trap and Adaptive Firewall.
    That alone is worth the cost of the book.
    However, Bob goes far beyond a simple how-to, teaching best security practices and his "Rings of Security" approach to keeping your information safe. The depth of knowledge contained within will appeal to security administrators across the enterprise.
    The book is by far the most useful security book on my shelf, and I continue to go back to it for reference.
    In addition, his software (included on the cd) powers my home firewall and has done an admirable job.
    I highly recommend it.

  • Real World Linux Security, Second Edition, is an excellent security reference. This book has a very broad scope of security, covering more than just hacks and quick fixes. For example it has a section that discusses creating security policies and procedures. These topics sometimes feel like they are not quite on the topic of Linux security, since they fall into more general computer security category. I am of two minds about this. It is nice to have these ideas brought up here because you do not need to purchase a separate book to get some ideas. However you cannot get the same level of detail when you want to cover too many aspects of security in one book.
    Overall, I found this to be a very good reference. There are certainly other books I'd recommend as supplimental material, but
    in general this book holds it's own.