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ePub C# for Windows Programming download

by William H. Murray,Chris H. Pappas

ePub C# for Windows Programming download
William H. Murray,Chris H. Pappas
Pearson Education; 1st edition (December 15, 2001)
Operating Systems
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In C for Windows Programming, experienced authors Chris H. Pappas and William H. Murray introduce C from the perspective of the working VB or Visual C++ developer

In C for Windows Programming, experienced authors Chris H. Murray introduce C from the perspective of the working VB or Visual C++ developer. Pappas and Murray begin by introducing the radical approach Microsoft is following with C - including both new programming concepts and a look at the new Visual Studio.

Whether you are programming for Windows, Windows NT, or Win32, you'll refer to this book again and again. These are the functions that every Windows programmer uses on a daily basis.

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Berkeley, CA : Osborne McGraw-Hill.

Introduction to Windows '98 Programming. by William H. Murray, Chris H. Pappas. Coauthors & Alternates

Introduction to Windows '98 Programming. ISBN 9780130122025 (978-0-13-012202-5) Softcover, Prentice Hall Ptr, 1999. Find signed collectible books: 'Introduction to Windows '98 Programming'. Coauthors & Alternates. Learn More at LibraryThing. Chris H. Pappas at LibraryThing.

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Using their classroom-proven techniques, pioneering C instructors Chris H. Murray teach the fundamentals of C and Visual Studio. NET, then focus on its Web application development features

Using their classroom-proven techniques, pioneering C instructors Chris H. NET, then focus on its Web application development features. Complete working code examples demonstrate the key features of C and demonstrate a variety of programming strategies. C for Web Programming concentrates on the Web aspects of C offering readers the quickest and easiest way to learn to build professional applications for the Web. C Web essentials taught using Pappas and Murray's classroom-proven techniques.

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In C for Windows Programming, experienced authors Chris H. Murray introduce C fromĀ . This book will highlight the radical departure of C Windows application development from traditional Windows application development. Programmers retain C/C++ elements with C but use an easier drag and drop design. This single revision may revolutionize Windows application design.

Introduces the C# programming language in the context of Windows application development, and compares features of the new language with C and C++. The authors cover user interface design, manipulating control properties, event handlers, data input and output methods, graphics programming elements, and numeric conversions. Some simple financial applications and charts round out the book. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
  • I started a new project where I wanted to use C# (I have many years experience programming C, C++ and Delphi on Windows), so I recently bought several books looking for help to get up to speed with Visual C# for Windows. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this book. There are many other books I would recommend (Petzold's book, Professional C# Programming, etc..., just about anything) over this one. I would have given my rating at 1 star, to try and compensate for the 5 stars already provided, but I believe this one deserves some credit, so I gave 2 stars.
    My complaints (superficial, wasted space, mundane examples, lack of content); Examples of my concerns follow, several pages and graphics are devoted to how to insert common dialog controls (font picker, date/time picker, color dialog) in a project ... these are pretty simplistic controls, they give hardly any explanation about how to use the return values or methods but waste several pages showing what the form looks like with an inserted control (not real advanced stuff!). I also hold the editor at fault; for almost every code example they include the ENTIRE SOURCE CODE (including usings, Form designer generated code, etc...) and they show the relevant stuff for that topic in bold text. Give me a break, they could have saved hundreds of pages by providing a CD with the code on it and taking this mundane stuff out of the text (who the heck is going to type in all that stuff from the book ... huh??). They again waste space on providing all of the overloaded declarations for methods (especially graphics stuff), Visual Studio provides ample coverage of methods, show us HOW TO USE the methods, not just what they are. And finally, the sample applications are so boring. They include applications that print trigonometric tables, calculate loan amortization, and draw bar and pie charts. Who really would write a C# program to do these items when you would typically fire-up Excel to do this simple stuff. This book was a real let-down for me, especially considering what [$$] can get you from better C# offerings on this site.

  • Although I agree with the reviewer who gave one star on the repeated code and terrible naming I still recommend this to any new Windows programmer. This book pretty much changed the way I looked at MS programming. A cool language with a great visual tool.(I never got into VB) The book is great at explaining form creation and events. I read almost the whole book in one day it was so interesting. One other downfall though is the full programs at the end of the book. I didn't find them useful.
    The book isn't perfect but it is worth getting.

  • I wrote a review of pappas and murry's book C# for the WEB. Yesterday, I went to the bookstore and found this C# for Windows book.
    So, this review is based on about 12 hours of work with the C# for Windows book. All I can say is if you want to write Windows program without the hassel of C++, this is the book for you.
    They cover all of the major controls, properties and methods. But the best thing is that they give example code for each one. I have now written about 7 short programs using C#. I cloned some of their code (from the Financial App chapter) and am running a loan calculator and mortgage program on my computer right now. C# is really cool - and this is a good book for helping you get started.
    I am also doing WEB development with C#, but that stuff is in their other book.

  • I have used this book for 3 weeks. it really helped me understand Windows programming. It is fun to make complete Windows programs.

  • Good first book. You'll want a language reference too, but this is a good intro to working in .NET and C#.