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ePub ASP.NET Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution VB.NET Edition download

by Demian Martinez,Marco Bellinaso

ePub ASP.NET Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution VB.NET Edition download
Demian Martinez,Marco Bellinaso
Wrox Press; illustrated edition edition (December 2002)
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Now, due to demand from readers, a Visual Basic

Now, due to demand from readers, a Visual Basic.

The blend of theory and practice. Now, due to demand from readers, a Visual Basic. What does this book cover? In this book, you will learn how to.

However, if you have some experience with AS. ET and C and would like to learn more about an N-Tier . ET and C and would like to learn more about an N-Tier approach (essentially programming i. ET the RIGHT way) then this book is a MUST. If you build web sites with AS. ET as a novice or hobbyist and want to get to the next level, this book is for you! I own both the V. ET and C versions and I highly recommend either one. Скачать (pdf, . 8 Mb) Читать. Epub FB2 mobi txt RTF.

by. Marco Belinaso, Kevin Hoffman (Goodreads Author). The blend of theory and practice. PNow, due to demand from readers, a Visual Basic

What you need to know

Programmer to Programmer. What you need to know. This book is for developers who: Use AS. ET and Visual Basic. Use Visual Studio(r). NET Professional or above, or Visual Basic(r). What you will learn from this book.

Marco Bellinaso lives in a small town close to Venice, Italy

Marco Bellinaso lives in a small town close to Venice, Italy. He works as a software developer and trainer for Code Architects Srl (ww. odearchitects. com), an Italian company that specializes i. ET. NET Framework, using C and V.

The C# edition of ASP.NET Website Programming problem-design-solution has been phenomenally successful, gaining rave reviews for its unique approach and valuable content.

Now, due to demand from readers, a Visual Basic .NET edition of the book has been produced. This edition will offer the same blend of theory and practice that won so many fans for the C# edition. The book has been completely re-edited to ensure that it address the needs of ASP.NET developers who use VB.NET.

ASP.NET Website Programming shows you how to build an interactive website from design to deployment.

Packed with solutions to website programming problems, this book will have you building well-engineered, extendable ASP.NET websites quickly and easily.

With ASP.NET Website Programming you will learn to:

* Establish a solid, scalable website foundation * Provide flexible user accounts integrating with ASP.NET's built-in security * Create message forums that enable formatted messages but defend against cross-site scripting * Generate revenue from advertising * Build a web interface for uploading, downloading, editing, and managing the files on your site * Add opinion polls, email newsletters, and news management * Deploy the finished site on a live server * Build websites using good, n-tier coding techniques

The site we build is modular. You can slot the modules into your own website, modify them, or use them as examples of particular ASP.NET techniques.

The book's P2P forum is a platform for exchanging code and ideas, helping to extend the website with new modules and modifications.

  • FINALLY!!! A book that tells you how to intelligently put everything together. This book goes through a complete and well thought out architecture of a book and DVD website. I will admit I wish they did a e-com example, but the example they demonstrate was done well enought that it could be applied to an e-com site. The book flows very nicely and it seems as if the authors actually understand what they are typing. It was very refreshing to read a book written by authors that have been programmers in the ASP arena and understand the nitty gritty details that most "non-programming" authors would fail to recognize. If you are wondering how you would go about setting up a good architecture for your website, this book is what you are looking for. A true "must have" for someone that needs to setup a well architected website. Like any technical book, I would strongly recommend you do the sample programming with the book as well.

  • I can see why the C# version won such acclaim. This book really touches a lot of good topics, and does teach you a lot.
    a) The site and code are FULL of errors (Sickening they released it that way). Example there are comments "Why is country hard coded to spain" Gee .. you shouldn't be asking us that, and You go to My Account, and click on "Sign Out" and poof .. error .. Damn, that is a pretty basic thing to miss.
    b) Misprints/errors/inconsistencies with the site. Y'know .. it is hard enough to learn something, and then you make it tougher .. damn.
    c) The site, needs to be downloaded. No CDROM. Damn, 60 bucks for a small book and you can't even give a CDROM? How cheap is that?
    On the good side, if you have the patience of a saint, and don't mind banging your head a bit on an iron wall, this book does have a lot to teach, .. as long as you are willing to learn as a good student, and challenge everything you read in this book by actually typing it out YOURSELF, rather than copy pasting it.
    Final Conclusion: Is this book good for you? Depends, if you are ultra patient and are willing to deal with irritating mistakes, then yea this book has a *LOT* to teach. And yea, if you are not a seasoned ASP.NET developer .. stay away .. trust me, stay away. :)

  • I was looking for a book to get into ASP.Net development with C# and my primary goal was to fully utilize the features of .Net environment so that I could write reusable and easily updateable code with the least amount of hassle if there are changes later on in the process. MSDN is great, but it is not always the best way to learn how things are put together in a synthetic whole and how things work in practice. I can't tell you how glad I am to have chanced upon this one:
    1) The concepts are crystal clear (which is an indication of how clear the concepts are in the authors' minds). They do an excellent job in giving a solid foundation about the general design considerations in few pages. The time one would save if one read the general discussion alone would be worth the book's price.
    2) Authors omit any obvious explanations (which made the book size very reasonable for such great content), yet don't fail to mention any crucial implementation decision along with the underlying rationale.
    3) The code is very clean. (You would not believe how much bad code is out there in programming books.)
    4) They formulate their sentences with great care. The language, far from being an obstacle, actually becomes a great tool in understanding more difficult topics.
    5) Provides a very useful context for msdn help so that when you read a particular topic, you know how to use it once you learn it.
    If you are a veteran programming book reader, you would know how costly (both $wise and even more importantly, in terms of wasted time and unnecessary frustration) badly written books can be. This book deserves a full rating for both its great content and clear presentation. I hope this sets the standard for all programming books!

  • This book has a lot of good implementations for an
    programmer. What I have found in a lot of beginner books
    is that its only really enough information to suposedly get you up and running before going through a book like this website book.
    This books has a very good ood design and the design
    and also the page composition is very impressive.
    I would have liked to have seen transaction implementation at the non-database component/module level which very few books
    Caching is also covered in this implementation
    The technology that this book cover easily more than pays for the book

  • If you are looking to develop a website in ASP.NET, using C#, and a SQL Server database, then this book is for you. The authors build a website from beginning to end, taking into account so many things: coding standards, tier design, modular development, security, deployment, and maintenance, to name just a few areas. In addition, they target the situation that a lot of people will be in, which is in using a third-party hosting company to host their website. This book was tailor-made for my project.
    I didn't need several chapters that dealt with news management, polls, forums, advertising, and mailing lists, as my project didn't require those things. Still, for me, the book was well worth getting for everything else it contained.
    All in all, I found this to be unique among computer books. It takes you through the design and development of a real-world project throughout the whole book, step by step, and when you are done, you have a solid understanding of the entire ASP.NET website development process.
    Worth every bit of the money.

  • I did not like the layout of the matiral, a bit clombsy but as a refernce book for finding out how to develop a commercial web site it sure does the work.

  • Only thing I got out of this book was some Email techniques. It's too focused on a particular solution.