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by Janet Greene

ePub Putting Food By download
Janet Greene
Plume; Revised edition (February 1, 1992)
Cooking Education & Reference
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Putting Food By book. Putting Food By has sold more than 550,000 copies since it was first published.

Putting Food By book. After my mother in law taught me how to can green beans in a pressure cooker and put up stewed tomatoes in jars without a canner, I thought I could can anything! This book showed me I was right.

Janet Greene’s most popular book is Putting Food By.

Books by Janet Greene. Showing 12 distinct works. Putting Food By by. Janet Greene, Ruth Hertzberg.

RUTH HERTZBERG taught Home Economics in New England. BEATRICE VAUGHAN wrote nine cookbooks. This book is the first that I consult on any questions concerning putting food by. The only other source I would take seriously would be information directly from extension services from agriculture colleges. Regularly updated and presented in clear terms this book is a gold mine for the home canner.

By (author) Janet Greene. There are many books on canning, but "Putting Food By" stands out as the classic that has stood the test of time. Format Paperback 464 pages. Dimensions 181 x 198 x 30mm 426g. Publication date 24 Feb 2011. Ruth Hertzberg taught Home Economics in New England. Food historian Stephen Schmidt has been a contributor to Cook's Illustrated.

Putting Food By. Janet Greene, Ruth Hertzberg, Beatrice Vaughan. Нет обложки. Putting Food By. Janet Greene; Ruth Hertzberg; Beatrice Vaughan. Скачать (mobi, . 5 Mb).

About Beatrice Vaughan. About Ruth Hertzberg.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. 8 Mb. Kenneth S. Pope, Janet L. Sonne, Beverly Greene.

The fourth edition of this classic guide to freezing, canning, and preserving food includes new information on freezing for the microwave, making Christmas presents, canning convenience food, and kitchen equipment. Reprint.
  • My original copy of "Putting Food By" that I've had since the 1970s finally needed replaced as the pages were so brittle. This is my go-to book for home preserving. I love it! I noticed the new edition has some added info that I'll be eager to try out next garden season.

  • THE Go To book for food preservation at home !!! Bar None ! That being said make sure you Very Carefuly read the product description or you to may end up with the cheapy throwaway paper back edition like i did. Cheap romance novel quality and size. If you did end up with the crappy copy just bight the bullet and reorder a better version because this is the book you are going to be refering to for years to come and you’ll be glad you did everytime you get it out (which you will, over and over)

  • This is a wonderful book with gobs of recipes for preserving food- rather from your garden harvest or a great deal at the farmer's market! All you need is a few great canning books to have on hand and you'll be able to stock up on the things you grow or get on sale and make them last far longer than fresh or frozen. I've tried many recipes from this book, read even more of them and have no complaints. A valuable part of a good cooking or homesteading library.

  • As home gardening and using local produce become more popular again, preserving it correctly is critical and here's all the info your mother may not have taught you. This book has so much valuable information, I'll be reading and rereading for a long time. With a mantra of safety first, various processes are described in detail, which methods are appropriate for which foods, the pros and cons of different equipment, how you can safely alter a recipe and where to find unusual ingredients among other topics. Components are described and why they are used. While I won't be using some of the techniques, e.g. canning in metal cans, I am very interested in freezing, drying and pickling, and would like to try other processes.

    I have a FoodSaver which I use for freezer packaging where possible and with this book's table of freezer time limits for retaining quality, I am writing on my packages, not the date I froze it, but the use-by date, and storing the packages with similar dates together in baskets so things don't get buried and forgotten. I've even found bags for sealing veggies that go from the freezer directly to the microwave for steaming. They work great. This book is giving me the information to ensure the best quality product after preservation.

    We've become so accustomed to buying our food pre-processed, most of us don't know how to process it ourselves as our ancestors commonly did. For those of us who are interested in returning to natural, whole foods, growing what we can and buying extra produce to preserve in season when it is best and cheapest, we have a huge learning curve, but I think it's well worth the effort and this book supplies all I could possibly want to know (and more).

  • Excellent book for those who wish a single reference source and bible for preserving their own food.
    No assumes you already know what a canning jar looks like and how to fill it!
    Originally written in the nineteen-thirties by a Brattleboro VT woman back when almost everyone 'put food by'.

  • A clear winner for anyone who wishes to preserve foods by a variety of methods. Instructions are easy to understand, even for a novice. I love their chapter on drying fruits and veggies. Thirty years ago I used the then current edition to make pickles successfully and use a dehydrator for fruits and vegetables. This book was my right-hand companion! The authors have updated it several times since and this current edition has a wealth of helps and information to make the reader succeed at whatever food saving method you choose.

  • This is a replacement for my original copy which is ragged and worn. It will serve the purpose, but there is something inherently different about this book. I don't care for the font, and it seems to have a bunch more 'scare' info in it, and other writing that takes away from the old fashioned feeling the original book. I would have been happier to get another copy of the exact same book I originally had. It was easier to read and use.

  • Full of need to know information about home canning. Great for a person new to home canning. Gives all the details of why certain steps must be taken when home canning. Reads like a text book more than a cook book. Recipes are good and includes processing of food items not commonly found in most canning books. The book covers proper ways to home can, freeze, dehydrate foods, even how to store in a root cellar.
    If you have never home processed food or just have questions about why certain steps must be done in home canning this is a book to include in your library.
    The only issue I have as an experienced home canner, you have to wade thru a lot of information to get to the recipes, but would definitely recommend to a person new to home food storage and processing.