by Richard Monnard,Royce Hargrove

Richard Monnard,Royce Hargrove
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MCP Mathematics promotes mathematical success for all students, especially those who struggle with their core math program. This trusted, targeted program uses a traditional drill and practice format with a predictable, easy-to-use lesson format.

Read instantly in your browser. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work. by Richard Monnard (Author), Royce Hargrove (Author). ISBN-13: 978-0765260581.

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by Royce Hargrove and HARGROVE MONNARD. MCP Mathematics promotes mathematical success for all students, especially those who struggle with their core math program.

HARGROVE MONNARD is the author of MCP Mathematics Level E. .HARGROVE MONNARD’s books.

Hargrove Monnard’s books.

MCP Mathematics, Level E Spiral-bound – 15 July 2004. Help me to explain better the content.

ISBN 13: 9780765260581. Richard Monnard; Royce Hargrove.

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Informationen zum Titel MCP MATHEMATICS LEVEL E TEACHER . MCP Mathematics, Level C Royce Hargrove, Richard Monnard Dale Seymour Publications, 2005 .

This trusted, targeted program uses a traditional drill and practice format with a predictable, easy-to-use lesson format.

By (author) Richard Monnard, By (author) Royce Hargrove. Other books in this series. Dale Seymour Publications.

MCP Mathematics promotes mathematical success for all students, especially those who struggle with their core math program. This trusted, targeted program uses a traditional drill and practice format with a predictable, easy-to-use lesson format. MCP Math is flexible and adaptable to fit a variety of intervention settings including after school, summer school, and additional math instruction during the regular school day.By teaching with MCP Math, you can:

Provide targeted intervention through a complete alternative program to core math textbooks. Help students learn and retain new concepts and skills with extensive practice. Prepare students at a wide range of ability levels for success on standardized tests of math proficiency.
  • Apparently this is one of those math programs you have to start at the beginning. After some research on various websites, blogs, etc. I determined that Level C is roughly third grade level. After getting the book I was a bit disappointed in the amount of second grade math it actually contains. It's really a bit of an odd mixture of second and third grade math. After going over a good deal of the book on my own I discovered it contains things we missed as well as more new stuff then I realized initially. Overall it is working out for my son; he considers the other stuff a review. Aside from the levels the company uses being confusing, my reason for low stars is the quality of the book. Please make note of the fact this is a work text with perforated pages that tear out very easily. The paper itself is a thin poor quality newspaper like material, so please be aware it will tear easily. It will not stand up to much erasing. It doesn't copy well either because of the thinness of the paper. If your child is prone to frequent mistakes while doing math, invest in a cheap notebook to have you or your child copy the problems and work them out. It's not a bad program at all, it will meet our needs and I will probably use the rest in the series, I just wish I'd known how it's set up so I could have started with level A a couple of years ago. If you choose MCP Mathematics for your child(ren) toss out your ideas of grade level mathematics and start with Level A.

  • The MCP math series works well for my children. I really appreciate it being workbook style so in our busy life I am not having kids lose book PLUS papers or notebooks...etc. All the material is together & nicely bound! The book is strong in critical thinking. The word problems help the child see how these math concepts really work in real life. Every new concept has a few teaching pages, several practice problem pages, about 2 solid pages of word problems (I find I need to sit down w/my child and help them through these 2 pages,as trying to do it by themselves has been a frustration for them although once we worked together they fully enjoyed it) and then the last part is a couple pages of review/tests. I use this series from Kindergarten (book K) through grade 6 (books "A through "F".) I don't use the teachers manuals in the kindergarten (K) or in books A & B. After that I find the manuals very helpful to explain some concepts as well as for quick and easy correcting. Excellent!

    (As an aside: since MCP press doesn't label books: First Grade, Second Grade etc.(typical 1st grade is Book A, typical 2nd book B and so on....), you can use the correct level for your child without getting hung up on someone else's ideas about where a child should be at a certain age.)

  • I found out about this book spotting a woman dragging around a bunch of kids with textbooks to the dentist, sure enough she was homeschooling, and she told me to get this book from Christian Supply. It's easier to get my 2nd copy (to replace the one I gave to my teacher) on Amazon.
    It covers all the basics, plus some of the goofy games they play on those new fangled state tests like WASL.
    The homework I get from my public school is pretty awful, it's either way too easy, or way too hard, or it's really hard but doesn't teach any math. Any one of the worksheets in these books is easy to do in 10 minutes and teaches just what you need to know. None of this cut out 56 cards and spend 2 hours playing how to add 10 or subtract 10 with your entire family nonsense.
    The grade 3 covers multiplication with decimal points, square root on calculators, how to add X of item A, Y of item B, etc. by mixing multiply and add, and how to create a table for guess and check, plus measurement.
    This book is a half-inch thick and tells you everything you need to know in 3rd grade. Dale Seymour's "Investigations" is 2 feet worth of books that you can't write on that doesn't teach you how to carry or do long division, but you do get to sing "Happy Birthday" in two languages.
    Chances are, your school district has adopted one of the half dozen National Science Foundation "fuzzy" or "standards based" math texts that deliberately won't even show you how to add, multiply or divide without the use of a calculator or a number chart. The worksheets my teacher was handing out from who knows where were even worse.
    If you supplement you kids with these, you'll have a good idea of what's normal for 3rd grade, and what good homework should look like. If everybody got worked up and bought this and showed this to their teachers and principal, we wouldn't have to deal with terrible math books.
    Arthur Hu 2000 candidate for Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction and grass roots education activist.

  • Love these books for younger learners. My daughter did 8 pages in one sitting and had a blast.

  • We homeschool and this math curriculum is great for elementary years. It get's right to the point and does a pretty good job of being clear in it's explanation.

  • I love all grades of MCP math. Excellent set up, excellent lessons.

  • My eldest son thrived while using this math workbook. It isn't overwhelming as my children have complained about Saxon Math workbooks, and it is fun. All of my children that have used this workbook have tested higher than first grade level on their annual reviews. Our youngest child will be using this workbook this year. I highly recommend it.

  • It starts with the basics and builds up to the next level. I am using this as a special ed. teacher... Very good for a student that struggles in math.