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by Melanie Rawn

ePub Spellbinder: A Love Story With Magical Interruptions download
Melanie Rawn
Tor Books; First Edition edition (October 17, 2006)
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She loved to play with her craftings-indeed took more joy from her talent than anyone he had ever known. Other author's books: Dragon Prince 02 - The Star Scroll. Spellbinder: A Love Story With Magical Interruptions. The Diviner (golden key). Elsewhens (Glass Thorns).

She loved to play with her craftings-indeed took more joy from her talent than anyone he had ever known. Lydia went to Ian for fire to light the incense within her silver thurible. The fragrance of the smoke thus released was Kate’s work, as well: jasmine spiced with cinnamon, exotic and intriguing to the nose. Quantum Leap - Knights of the Morningstar - Melanie Rawn (v1). Thornlost (Book 3). Dragon Prince 01 - Dragon Prince.

Between us, we’ve got it all pretty much covered. She rose and placed her four stones beside the four candles, matching color to color.

Melanie Rawn has established beyond doubt that she is a great writer of fantasy and The Ruins of Ambrai will join .

-Realms of Fantasy on The Ruins of Ambrai. Rawn's talent for lush descriptions and complex characterizations provides a broad range of drama, intrigue, romance, and adventure. Granted, the book did take a little getting used to, as well as the fact that the book, through the first 100 pages, seemed to be nothing more than a love story with some magic.

Melanie Rawn has established beyond doubt that she is a great writer of fantasy and The Ruins of Ambrai will . I love Melanie Rawn's writing style. New genre, no problems! Hopefully, she will indulge us with a 3rd book to continue the journey.

A Tom Doherty Associates book. The small and discrete community of witches and wizards who make New York City their home, including successful writer Holly McClure, must use their magic to protect the city when a black coven threatens to unleash its terror.

Spellbinder: A Love Story With Magical Interruptions. A terribly disappointing book. I've read and enjoyed everything else that Melanie Rawn has ever published, and enjoyed them all, but this book was a major departure - and really just not good. Rather than epic fantasy soap-opera (like her previous works) this is a modern-day supernatural romance - with the emphasis on romance.

A terribly disappointing book. SPELLBINDER is her first novel in eight years. Библиографические данные. Пользовательский отзыв - helver - LibraryThing. In the author's note at the end of the book, Melanie Rawn explains to her readers that because of her bout with depression, she felt like she had to do something different and something not at all.

Spellbinder (2006) is a singleton Urban Fantasy novel. The cover says it is a love story with magical interruptions. The love story is both lusty and stormy, between two Irish with terrible tempers and different backgrounds. She is a Witch and he is a mundane, yet he accepts her magical abilities in much the same way that he embraces her musical talents. Holly Elizabeth McClure is a Virginian from the hills and woods of the Blue Ridge country. Magic runs in her family; dozens of her aunts, uncles and cousins are also Witches.

Автор: Rawn Melanie Название: Spellbinder: A Love Story with Magical Interruptions Издательство: Holtzbrink(MPS)/MPS . And one more thing a very rare magical talent. There is magic in the big city literally.

2007 Язык: ENG Размер: 1. 2 x 1. 2 x . 2 cm Поставляется из: США Описание: Holly McClure has it all: beauty, success, a great apartment in Manhattan, good friends, and a very sexy new boyfriend.

Melanie Rawn (born 1954) is an American author of fantasy literature ^ Rawn, Melanie (2007). ISBN 978-0-7653-5436-5.

Melanie Rawn (born 1954) is an American author of fantasy literature. She has been nominated for a Locus award on three separate occasions: in 1989 for Dragon Prince in the first novel category, in 1994 for Skybowl in the fantasy novel category, and again in 1995 for Ruins of Ambrai in the fantasy novel category. Rawn, Melanie (2007). Update on Melanie Rawn's EXILES 3, The Captal's Tower". Retrieved 15 May 2018.

There is magic in the big city…literally. New York City has a small, and by preference discrete, population of witches and wizards who live and love and go dancing just like everyone else. Holly McClure is one of them, a successful writer who tries to ignore her heritage, except when the local Magistrate needs her special gift in his coven. Holly is far more interested in Evan Lachlan, the handsome federal marshal who works with her best friend, assistant district attorney Susannah Wingfield.But trouble is coming to the City in the form of a black coven run by a murderous psychopath, and deputy marshals and ADAs are powerless to deal with that kind of crime. The danger to Holly is extreme, for her special gift is the power of her blood to strengthen and bind any spell, for good or for evil. Holly's passionate love affair will be derailed by those who want to drain her for their own purposes. In the end it will be magic against magic, and Holly McClure will have to risk all for life and love.
  • I really wanted to like this book. I've loved her works since the start, and she's always been one of my favorite three or four authors. I recommend her to anyone who asks me about books. Her details, her stories, the depth of the worlds she creates - incomparable.

    But unfortunately this one just doesn't match up to the rest of her works. I don't know if it's because she's writing it in "our" world, as opposed to some fantastic place she created, or because it's just a single stand-alone novel, not an epic series, but I just felt depressed after I finished it, no sense of anything.

    Granted, those who love her books are holding their breath waiting for The Captal's Tower, and this was at least *something* in the meantime. But the grand scope of vision is not present here, the characters that sweep you up in their wake are missing, the stories and history that captivate your attention are sadly lacking. Her author's note at the end explains to some extent the difference and the reason behind it, but I still felt let down. I just hope this isn't her new level of ability since I'm one of those awaiting the final Ambrai book and would hate for it to be less than the others were.

  • This is my first book by this author so I had nothing to compare it to like some of the other reviewers. Enjoyed the characters & the story line.
    What I didn't enjoy were all the spelling errors on the Kindle edition. It disrupted the flow of reading when I had to stop to figure out what word the author actually intended to use. Putting it out this carelessly & charging $7.99 is a real disservice to the author. I will buy a used hardbound & reread.
    Still, found it to be a good suspense/love story & intend on trying some of the other recommends by this author. Especially loved the comparisons between Christianity & the Wiccan religions.

  • I don't often feel moved to write a review, especially a bad one, but after buying this, in HARDBACK, well, I couldn't help but share my thoughts with the world. Dreadful, predictable and narcissitically silly come to mind. The book was a vanity piece for the author, something she should have handed out to close friends and family.

    The real tragedy, of course, is that she has written some amazing books in the past. What happened Ms. Rawn?

    I was hoping for something along the lines of Robin McKinley's Sunshine with a cool underworld ala Charlaine Harris or Kim Harrison, instead I have a book that I can't pass on to my best pals, bummer.

  • Arrvd on time & in good shape. My favorite author & a very fine read.

  • Love this book

  • I took the opposite tact as the other reviewer coming into this one, thinking we were getting a less than par book in order to please the masses. Instead I got a book that I was happy to have read, one that evoked emotion.

    Granted, the book did take a little getting used to, as well as the fact that the book, through the first 100 pages, seemed to be nothing more than a love story with some magic. You come to find that this is necessary in order to develop the rest of the story and make the plot more believable. As I said above, on several occasions Rawn was able to evoke emotion, which is what I remember from reading her Exiles series.

    On a technical note, I don't quite understand why a different font in italics was used so much. It is hard to concentrate on and at times distracts from the story. This isn't to say that italics are bad, only that the different semi-cursive font in italics was a poor editing choice.

    I am glad that Rawn was able to return to her writing after such a long sabbatical, and even more happy that she was able to tackle her depression and come out ahead, judging by this book. But I sure hope she will continue writing Exiles and the Captal's Tower.

    4 stars.

  • For someone who likes my stories in present time and place, this was and very good book. The characters were believable and realistic. the humor and interchange between Holly and Lachlan, I have heard in my own house. this author did not make her characters have "unbelievable" super powers, or come from beings from other was more realistic and down to earth. I look forward to reading the next...

  • I agree that some parts were very long winded, but it was overall a GREAT book! I have read several other books by Ms. Rawn and this one lived up to my expectations. The beginning of it takes a little while to build up, but it is well worth the wait in the end!