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Julia Ddco 06994 Stiles
COLUMBIA/TRI-STAR; DVD Video edition (July 31, 2001)
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Wicked (VHS, 2001) Julia Stiles. Customs services and international tracking provided.

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Julia Stiles is deliciously evil as Ellie, the older daughter who is the ultimate Daddy's girl. I am grateful that the consummation of her relationship with her father is implied, not shown. The real star of the film is the young Vanessa Zima, who plays younger sister Inger. Not since Kirsten Dunst in Interview With the Vampire was there such a compelling and frightening child.

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Julia O'Hara Stiles (born March 28, 1981) is an American actress. Born and raised in New York City, Stiles began acting at age 15. Her first film role was in I Love You, I Love You Not (1996), followed by a leading role in the thriller Wicked (1998), for which she was awarded the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Award for Best Actress.

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just now. Julia Stiles Wicked. Which bands and what songs are in the movie "Wicked" with Julia Stiles, 1998 (NOT THE MUSICAL WICKED). Does anyone know where I can watch the 1998 movie, "Wicked" starring Julia Stiles online? Where can I watch the movie Wicked (1998)? More questions. What Julia Stiles movie is this? Julia Stiles Movie Question? Answer Questions. What is the recent movie about a black teen accused of murder?

  • I was introduced to the music of the Broadway musical Wicked not that long ago, and was immediately intrigued with the idea of the Wicked Witch of the West not being as evil as she was made out to be in The Wizard of Oz. What if it was the Wizard who was the evil one? The idea of turning such a revered story on its head was too much to resist, and I was pleasantly surprised when my friend starbreiz sent me some items from my Amazon wishlist, including Wicked by Gregory Maguire.

    ::: There Is Always More to the Story :::

    Gregory Maguire's first novel turned one of the most established legends of our time on its ear with its premise: what if the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz wasn't so wicked after all, but was actually viewed that way based only on perception? The story surrounds the life of Elphaba, the daughter of a minister and a woman who wasn't the most faithful minister's wife ever. Her unfortunate tale begins with her birth, when she is born with green skin, teeth so sharp she bites her own skin, and an aversion to water. Her mother turns to herbal drugs, and her missionary father believes that Elphaba's condition is somehow his fault. The only stable figure is really Elphaba's mother's former nanny, who comes to take care of the little green girl.

    Elphaba's childhood is defined by her father's missionary work in Quadling country, the poorest section of Oz, and a far cry from the upper class of Munchinland to which her mother was born.

    Maguire picks up the story when Elphaba is older, and a new student at Shiz, the university of Oz. The university is divided into all-male and all-female colleges, and Elphaba ends up rooming with the very snobby Galinda, much to Galinda's dismay. Elphaba quickly becomes suspicious of the headmistress, Madame Morrible, and after an Animal (the walking, talking, intelligent versions, much like the Cowardly Lion) professor dies under mysterious circumstances, Elphaba finagles an audience with the Wizard for herself and Galinda, where she quickly realizes that the Wizard is not the paternalistic ruler he was believed to be.

    Elphaba sends Galinda back to Shiz and begins a life of resistance, first on behalf of the Animals, then with a life in a convent (or mauntery, as they call it), and finally ends up in the land of the Vinkus, where she creates her famed winged monkeys, begins to dabble in sorcery, and her story intersects with the story of Dorothy that we all grew up with.

    ::: Politics, Social Classes, Despots... Just Like Real Life :::

    Trying to sum up the various plots in Wicked is impossible, and I feel impotent even attempting it. Maguire has created an incredible character and the book will leave you unable to watch the movie the same way again. Not only has he created a rich and sympathetic character in Elphaba, but he has also created a world that seems so real that every time I had to put the book down to do something else I felt as if I was being jolted from one world to another.

    While at times it might seem as if Maguire is leaving too much out, jumping as he does from one period in Elphaba's life to another, he has chosen the most significant points to focus on; each set of experiences is one that would have shaped the woman who became known as the Wicked Witch of the West.

    The hardest part of reading Wicked is knowing how it is going to end. From the start, you know that Elphaba is doomed; that she will die at Dorothy's hand, and nothing will change that. Still, even knowing this, you find yourself hoping against hope that Maguire will change the story and find a loophole for Elphaba, that she won't truly die, but live on, fighting the corrupt Wizard and everything he has created.

    ::: This Isn't Broadway :::

    For those introduced to the softer side of Elphaba through the Broadway show of the same name, the novel will probably be a huge surprise. "Based on" is the operative phrase in the description of the musical, which has a far simpler plot than the novel. It would have been impossible to condense all the political intrigue and vast cast of characters in the novel into a musical, and many of the plot devices were oversimplified, including the love affair between Elphaba and Fiyero. The Boq of the novel is, in fact, a Munchinlander who had a crush on Galinda/Glinda, but he plays a far more important role in helping Elphaba in her research for Doctor Dillamond, and later, in helping Dorothy. While I love the show, the book has a much greater depth than the musical, and requires more of the reader than the audience member.

    Wicked is one of the best novels I've read in a long, long time. I find myself reading it over again, still hoping that Elphaba can be saved, and still getting lost in the world of Oz as Maguire sees it. This is a book not to be missed, and I guarantee that you'll never view blue gingham and ruby slippers the same way again.

  • Among the best books I have ever read. A discussion of good and evil in an alternate but not completely unfamiliar universe, the story is complex, many-layered and very funny. It touches on both the value and the absurdity of families, communities, and politics. The conversation at the dinner table in Elphaba's former school of Shiz after the "murder" of Madame Morrible is worth the attention of those interested in philosophy and theology. Gregory Maguire's writing is superb throughout. I will read it many times, I think, just for this kind of fun :"Were you waving your wand where it wasn't wanted?"

  • Very interesting perspective. Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, was painfully misunderstood and rejected (by the color of her skin, as well as her unconventional manners) rather than actually wicked. In this unique book, she grew to become an Animal rights advocate and more of a guerrilla. Her "cause" was not that unjustified in a world of vastly crooked politics, yet she faces a bitter end. Quite an allegory, this story. For a mature audience, however, and not recommended for kids.

  • Even before it got so popular in the Philippines, I've been fascinated by stories which show the other side of the tale so when I reas the plot etc, I ordered Gregory Maguire's Wicked, Son of a Witch, Mirror Mirror, and Lost. (I got the Lion Among Men and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister later). They were hardbound and were among my most priceless possessions. But termites infested that side of our condo. And before we moved, I was extremely grieved to see that the termite had such expensive tastes! It ate all my Gregory Maguires which I got from Amazon US and none of my softbound books! I was so sad and disappointed but couldnt do anything about it.
    So when hubby got me my Kindle, I immediately bought the Wicked book for it. It isn't the same as holding the actual book and rifling the pages but the story iz still as great as it was. Am thinking of rebuying the books over Amazon actually. Just hope the shipping and taxes don't kill me! Lol

  • Wicked does a lot more than just tell The Wizard of Oz from the Witch's point of view (which is probably a good thing, since that book would have read something along the lines of "Chapter 20: More Exciting Times With Those Creepy Flying Monkeys"). Wicked actually flips Oz on its head and, in a lot of places, departs entirely from Baum's novel and the 1939 movie. In Wicked, the Witch is misunderstood, the Witch of the East is a religious zealot, Munchkins are prone to mob violence and bigotry, the Wizard is a dictator, and animals can talk.

    For the Wizard of Oz fans and non-fans alike this is an amazing read!

  • I wish that I had researched this book more before I ordered it for my teenage daughter. She and I are both obsessed with the musical Wicked, so I bought her all 4 of the books for her 13th birthday. She was so excited! Then she started reading this one and brought it to me. It's full of sexual encounters and really raunchy descriptions. I am absolutely mortified that I didn't check it out first.

  • I originally purchased this CD with the intent that it would be suitable as the audio book for my car pool with a teenager. While the story is good and getting the WWotW back story is interesting, we feel that the subject matter and details are more ADULT than Young Adult. I'd recommend to preview if you intend this book to be for a Young Adult or to listen to it in mixed company as again, our family found it to be more racy than we had expected.