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ePub Cobra Guardian: Cobra War: Book Two download

by Timothy Zahn

ePub Cobra Guardian: Cobra War: Book Two download
Timothy Zahn
Baen (November 29, 2011)
Science Fiction
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Cobra guardian, Timothy Zahn.

Cobra guardian, Timothy Zahn. p. cm. - (Cobra war ; bk. 2). ISBN 978-1-4391-3406-1 (hc). The depressing fact was that Cobra salaries had been on a steady downward slide for the past two years, and even with the extra hazard pay he got out here at the edge of Aventine's expansion area, he simply couldn't afford to dump uncooperative appliances. Not when there was still a chance they could be repaired.

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Praise for Timothy Zahn: Zahn keeps the story moving at a breakneck pace, maintaining excitement . Publishers Weekly is another finely wrought space adventure. social, political and emotional complications, all of which Zahn treats with his usual skill. Booklist Zahn paints every detail with gleamy realism. The Second Novel in a New Trilogy Continuing the Exploits of the Cobras: a New Kind of Soldier, Created for a New Kind of War. When the colony worlds Adirondack and Silvern fell to the Troft forces almost without a struggle.

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of the tent roof above her, her ears sifting through the eerie and dangerous sounds of the Caelian night. She had counted the muted growls of three different animals, the buzzing of probably five different types of insects, and the slow breathing of Geoff and Freylan beside her when she suddenly realized that there was one sound that she should have been hearing but wasn't.

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COBRA is a series of science fiction novels by American writer Timothy Zahn. The books center around Cobras, elite soldiers augmented with bionic technology. These modifications include built-in weapons, sensory enhancements, effectively unbreakable bones, and their characteristic combat reflexes. These modifications to the human body are invisible to casual inspection, and allow the soldiers to appear as ordinary unarmed civilians, allowing them to be effective resistance leaders

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Book in the Cobra War Series). Exciting Military Science Fiction by the "New York Times "Best-Selling Author. Outnumbered and on the defensive, Earth made a desperate decision.

COBRA OUTLAW – eARC Cobra Rebellion Book Two Timothy Zahn Advance Reader Copy Unproofed BAEN BOOKS by TIMOTHY ZAHN Blackcollar: The Judas Solution . Cobra Rebellion Book Two. Timothy Zahn.

COBRA OUTLAW – eARC Cobra Rebellion Book Two Timothy Zahn Advance Reader Copy Unproofed BAEN BOOKS by TIMOTHY ZAHN Blackcollar: The Judas Solution Blackcollar (contains. BAEN BOOKS by TIMOTHY ZAHN. Blackcollar: The Judas Solution. Blackcollar (contains The Blackcollar and Blackcollar: The Backlash Mission). The Cobra Trilogy (contains Cobra, Cobra Strike, and Cobra Bargain). The cobra war trilogy.

Cobras warriors, genetically enhanced and implanted with an arsenal of covert weaponry, are the most dangerous guerilla fighters humanity has ever produced. Now one young Cobra must forge a new political order as a devastating alien enemy strikes—an enemy more deadly than any humanity has ever faced. Earth has won a previous war with the deadly Troft and grown soft, but now the aliens are back! Jasmine Moreau Broom, descendant of a now-legendary Cobra family, must rally the Cobras to war after a devastating attack on every planet with Cobra on it nearly succeeds in wiping them out entirely. 

But the Troft are not monolithic, and some do not want to take on the humans again in a war they lost before.  But what humanity’s erstwhile allies need is a victory against the belligerents to convince them to oppose the invasion.The key to such a victory lies with Jasmine’s quest to uncover a secret that might turn the tide while searching on a world that is under full-on alien attack.

About Timothy Zahn: 

 “Zahn keeps the story moving at a breakneck pace, maintaining excitement [in Dragon and Thief].”—Publishers Weekly

“[Conqueror’s Heritage] is another finely wrought space adventure . . . [with] social, political and emotional complications, all of which Zahn treats with his usual skill.”—Booklist

“Zahn paints every detail [in Angelmass] with gleamy realism . . . scientific dialogue that streams with starship hardware and military trooper talk . . . immensely appealing.”—Kirkus Review

  • Book Info: Genre: Military Science-fiction Reading Level: Adult

    Disclosure: I received the final book in this trilogy (The Cobra War Trilogy) in exchange for an honest review from Amazon Vine; I am happy to provide an honest review of this second book in the trilogy -which I purchased for myself - as well.

    Synopsis/Back cover copy: Jasmine Moreau Broom, descendant of a now-legendary family of Cobra warriors, was on a secret mission to the planet Qasama, a world hostile both to the alien Troft and the human-colonized Cobra worlds. But she had hardly arrived before Troft starships descended in force to seize control of the planet. After escaping on a starship, she hoped to get help from other Cobra worlds. What she had not expected was that Troft forces had invaded the Cobra worlds as well.

    Still, matters are not hopeless. The Troft are not a monolithic society, but are divided into tribe-like demesnes. One demesne has initiated hostilities, but other demesnes are doubtful of the wisdom of the war, and if the humans can win a decisive battle against the invaders, the Troft might side with them against the belligerent Troft faction.

    And the key to such a victory may lie with a political figure on one of the beleaguered Cobra worlds. He has a secret that might turn the tide - if Cobra Lorne Broom can manage to smuggle him and his assistant off a planet occupied by the Troft invaders.

    My Thoughts: This book gives us events from multiple omniscient viewpoints, rather than remaining with just the main one - with an occasional foray into a secondary viewpoint for a short period - this one spreads the action among Jin's children back in the Cobra worlds, during approximately the same time period as the latter part of the previous book. I was appalled, but not really surprised, by the common city citizens' opinions regarding Cobras, and the willingness of many of them to betray the Cobras to save their own worthless skins.

    I should point out that so far, the first two books of this trilogy have taken place over about a three-week period, whereas the first trilogy took place over decades. I think this also shows a change in thinking between the 1980s - when a more epic approach was taken with these things - and modern-day thinking, which is more of a detail-oriented, character-driven plotting.

    I think this one is my favorite so far. I really liked the Caelian wilderness scenes, and the Cobras from Caelian are just crazy enough to be fun. There was also a scene with a drone and a truck that actually surprised a laugh out of me - forgive me for the vagueness, but telling you more would constitute a spoiler; just see if you can notice it.

    Highly recommended for fans of military science fiction (and despite what the critics say, this is not a space opera, although it is close). Be sure to check out this terrifically fun series of books!

  • Many times the second story of a trilogy isn't very good. It's not the case here. Timothy Zahn has written a ripping good yarn. He starts out with Lorne Broom fighting a war against the alien Troffts on one of the Cobra Worlds, while his father, Paul, and sister, Jody are fighting the same enemy on another world. Zahn then weaves the story so the trio and mother, Jin, join forces on the frontier world Paul and Jody were on along with many Cobras and a quartet of humans from a former enemy world to defeat the aliens in an exciting battle. It's Tim Zahn at his best.

  • Timothy Zahn is one of the top science fiction writers, best known for writing the Star Wars stories. This particular book is the 2nd book in a three book "Cobra War" series about the cobra warriors. Zahn has written about 15 books about the cobra warriors and their wars against alien races. The cobra warriors have a large one-on-one advantage in that they have built in lasers, metal bones, improved eyesight and servos to increase strength. They also have a small internal computer which allows them to use automated responses to do physical feats such as flips, auto targeting, etc. Obviously, they are cyborgs and quite a bit more powerful than the common Earth soldier.

  • Typical Timothy Zahn, awesome. Twists you don't see coming, riveting action, and he can keep key characters alive without being corny about it. He doesn't have to kill off key characters to increase the suspense. The characters have already been developed in other books, so that is why I gave that rating there.

  • Continuation of the Cobra series and I have now read all of the books available. Am eagerly waiting for the next book Timothy Zahn puts out in the Cobra Rebellion series. These books are an easy read and are enjoyable even though they are not as 'adult' as Timothy Zahn's 'Thrawn' trilogy in the Star Wars books.

  • Jasime Moreau had returned from Qasama to find Avenventine under invasion. This book focuses on what her son, husband, and daughter were up to in her absence. Event will reunited them all together before all is done. A good entry in this second Cobra trilogy.

  • This is the second of Zahn's new series and really fleshes out the characters previously introduced. Looking forward to the last volume due out in August. I frequently go back to his original COBRA trilogy as it is a fantastic series which started it all.

  • Spellbinding action all through book. Great addition to the series. Fits wil in my collection, only need onemore book to complete set.