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by Frederick Forsyth

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Frederick Forsyth
G K Hall & Co; Large Print edition (December 1, 1996)
Action & Adventure
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Frederick forsyth’s icon. Icon finds the master in world-class form. The government tried to print its way out of trouble.

Frederick forsyth’s icon. masterful blend of fact and fiction will have fans wondering if they are turning the pages of a novel or the morning paper. Nevertheless it had not fallen enough to rob him of the second largest bloc of deputies. In the middle were the political center parties, clinging to the economic and social reforms they had introduced. By the summer of 1999 the days of five thousand rubles to the dollar of the mid-nineties were a memory.

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From the master of the novel of international intrigue comes a riveting new book as timely and unsettling as tomorrow's headlines. It is summer 1999 in Russia, a country on the threshold of anarchy. An interim president sits powerless in Moscow as his nation is wracked by famine and inflation, crime and corruption, and seething hordes of the unemployed roam the streets. For the West, Russia is a basket case.

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Hardcover: 704 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0783890128. Product Dimensions: . x . inches.

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Grieving A Love Story (.

Former CIA agent Jason Monk is drawn out of retirement to confront an old nemesis, Colonel Anatoli Grishin, a brutal ex-KGB officer responsible for the deaths of four of Monk's colleagues, and his employer, Igor Komarov, a charismatic demagogue with a deadly, secret agenda for the new Russia
  • Jason Monk is an ex-CIA agent hired by a private group of elder statesmen to crush Igor Komarov who is poised to take over Russia set in 1999. Russia is an economic mess with complete dysfunctional infrastructure. It's population is a disillusioned mass ruled by corruption. Komarov is a populist who appeals to the basest of the Russian ethos and a man with evil intent who would turn the country into a fascist ethnic cleansing inferno. He is assisted by his ruthless murderous henchman Anotoli Grishin, head of state police whose arch nemesis is Jason Monk. The is a great deal of factual history and well as real historical characters incorporated into the story esp involving a mole inside the CIA feeding Russia endless amounts of information, Aldrich Ames. I was fascinated by the inner workings of the CIA and its vast resources and far reach. A roller coaster ride of action and the implementation of technology to effect processes reveals a frightening possibility for today's world manipulations.

  • It is 1999. In Russia, Yeltsin has come and gone, his successor the victim of a fatal heart attack. A special election must be called. The clear leader, almost a certain winner is a former engineer and spellbinder, Igor Komarov. By a set of freakish circumstances, his secret Black Manifesto has fallen into the hands of a young woman working for the British Embassy. It is no ordinary party platform. The Manifesto calls for the extermination of Jews and Chechens, the suppression of other minorities, the destruction of lawful institutions, a military buildup of stunning proportions and the invasion of nations formerly held within the old USSR. Komarov is intending to run a one party state governed by his Fascists. Because the Manifesto has, through negligence within party headquarters, been exposed, three people are murdered. Komarov's chief henchman is Colonel Grishin, a former top KGB official who, like Komarov himself, would kill and order killings out of sheer enjoyment.

    There is a gathering of old foreign policy and intelligence hands from Britain and America, none of them currently in office. They are given copies of the Manifesto to read, and knowing their governments will do nothing, decide that action must be taken. At its head will be Sir Nigel Irvine, the former head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, known as M16. But what to do and whom to use?

    In the 1980's, a counterintelligence agent for the CIA, Jason Monk, had been remarkably effective running spies who had come over to the American side. But it was also during that time period that the notorious traitor, Aldrich Ames, had exposed more than a dozen spies buried within the Soviet system. Ames himself was an incompetent alcoholic who rose beyond any sensible level through organizational sclerosis, and was protected by a drinking buddy high up in the CIA hierarchy. Knowing, as the CIA itself did, that something was terribly wrong when agents begin to disappear, but unaware of the mole, Monk does not follow procedures within the CIA in an attempt to protect his agents. It is to no avail. Angry, frustrated, he is pensioned off and ten years after leaving government service, runs a fishing charter service on a small island held by the British.

    Irvine appears one day, but is obviously no fisherman. He convinces a reluctant Monk to use his considerable skills to infiltrate Russia to stop the possibility that Komarov will be elected. Through deception and guile, Monk solicits aid from a variety of people, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, an old, blunt talking military hero of the late USSR, an honest and dedicated leader of a police force, and the mastermind of the Chechen underworld who owes Monk a favor. Whether the tide will turn in time to save Russia from reverting to Fascist tyranny is dependent on numerous events occurring with precise timing. But Grishin, looking to achieve heights within a Komarov government, is a skilled purveyor of evil, vowing to eliminate the intruder and his helpmates.

    Given his personal habits, the speaking skills, the personal cleanliness, the aversion to alcohol, Komarov is obviously modeled on Hitler, but in a different geographic setting. He even has his own propaganda minister. You anticipate that if Komarov wins, the Duma, like the Reichstag, will be reduced to ashes.

    As if he was a superb architect creating a fabulous edifice, Forsyth weaves his story with minute detail, and also creates an exciting, relentless plot.Like most of his admirers I suppose, it is The Day of the Jackal that I point to as Forsyth's best book, and maybe the best thriller of all time. But it is fair to say that Jackal edges out Icon by only a hair on Vladimir Putin's balding head. It is simply superb.

  • I /really/ liked this one! It reads much more smoothly than some of the earlier novels but retains the tension and excitement level.
    It is in two parts: the planning of an operation, and the operation itself.
    The first part includes a backstory based on Aldrich Ames.
    The main story, however, is set in a Russia which is in much worse shape than the current incarnation. Given when it was written, this would make it "future history". Just very near future, and the emphasis is on politics and espionage.

  • Political atmosphere is very unstable in Russia and Mas Vlad has drunk himself into oblivion.
    Very clever sociopath takes over the reins of the fascist party. He is good orator and presents politics which applies with the Russian population and it looks that he will be elected the next president. By coincidence it is observed that his real intentions are similar or worse that of the old Nazi party in Germany.
    A US agent gets the task to hinder that this sociopath gets elected and his method is very clever and remarkable to read about.
    It is not new in history that mad men become heads of state wit dangerous consequences.

  • This was a fun read, though not as realistic as it could be. The protagonist was too successful given the repeated risks taken. So the probability that the operation described could have taken place is very low. Still a lot of fun to read, with an alternative reality not completely removed from what is happening in the Russian Federation today.