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by Harold Robbins

ePub Never Love A Stranger download
Harold Robbins
New English Library (January 1, 1972)
Action & Adventure
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Never love a stranger. Call no man foe, but never love a stranger. Build up no plan, nor any star pursue

Never love a stranger. Build up no plan, nor any star pursue. Go forth with crowds; in loneliness is danger. Thus nothing God can send, And nothing God can do. Shall pierce your peace, my friend. From the poem To The Unborn, by Stella Benson as published in Twenty.

Never Love a Stranger, still considered one of Robbins’ most powerful books, tells the story of Francis Frankie Kane, an orphan growing up in the dirty world of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. But Frankie’s childhood friend, Jerry, grows to become an ambitious, tough-as-nails district attorney-determined to bring Frankie down.

Never Love a Stranger book. I'll have to say I found the story line interesting and the protagonist sympathetic (he was based on Robbins' childhood).

Never Love a Stranger has been added to your Cart. Harold Robbins (1916–1997) is one of the bestselling American fiction writers of all time, ranking 5th on the World’s Bestselling Fiction Author List just behind William Shakespeare and Agatha Christie.

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Never Love A Stranger is a 1958 crime and gangster film that is based on Harold Robbins' 1948 debut novel with the same title. The film was shot in black and white starring John Drew Barrymore and Robert Bray, and featuring a young Steve McQueen. Frankie Kane (Barrymore) is brought up in a Catholic orphanage. He befriends a Jewish law student named Martin Cabell (McQueen) and becomes romantically involved with Cabell's maid, Julie (Lita Milan).

What if she weren’t home? I almost walked away. A strange man stood there. I could hear the subdued tone of voices coming from the apartment. I could hear the subdued tone of voices coming from the apartment ere were quite a few people there. I’m from her office, I added, by way of explanation, Mr. Coville. He stood aside as I passed him. I’ll tell her you’re here. He looked at me curiously before he went. I kept my collar up and my hat on. I was standing in a small foyer. At the end of thefoyer on the right was an open door where the voices were coming from

Though lusty and far from squeamish, as an indictment of society this does not compare in depth or power with Knock On Any Door or the Studs Lonigan books for example.

Though lusty and far from squeamish, as an indictment of society this does not compare in depth or power with Knock On Any Door or the Studs Lonigan books for example. Moreover, the ""interludes"" between the flashbacks, in which (in all too literary dialogue) Kane's still loyal childhood friends discuss their feelings about him, are jarring- and the author's ear for dialects is not acute

Never Love a Stranger. 419 Pages · 1948 · . 2 MB · 336 Downloads ·English. Chapter 1 1 Love: The First Fruit of the Spirit But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace Love.

Never Love a Stranger. Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It. 375 Pages·2017·1. 32 MB·122,710 Downloads·New! Never Split the Difference Negotiating as - Chris Voss. pdf Never Split the Difference: Negotiating Never. Better Single Than Sorry: A No-Regrets Guide to Loving Yourself and Never Settling.

Harold Robbins' very first novel is also one of his most powerful

Harold Robbins' very first novel is also one of his most powerful. Never Love a Stranger tells the gritty and passionate tale of Francis "Frankie" Kane, from his meager beginnings as an orphan in New York's Hell's Kitchen. From that confused and belittling start, Frank works his way up, choosing the wrong side of the law to make a name for himself. Never Love a Stranger takes an unflinching look at a New York that's long gone by-exposing life during and after the Great Depression, when the syndicate ruled the city without mercy.

  • You will be enchanted from page one until the end. I just regret I d
    id not discover this author until later in my life. It was hard to put this book down and I read it in two days. The characters were excellent and completely entertaining. You did not like them all but you could identify with them. I'm looking forward to reading another book by this author. Maxmontgomery

  • This book is corny. The setting of New York in the 1920's and 1930's and the Great Depression was probably more fresh in 1947 when this book came out but it really feels dated now. It's a familiar story told over and over again. Some of the characters are just one dimensional stereotypes. Yet I liked Harold Robbins writing style. Its easy to read and paints a great picture in your mind of the surroundings. He really developed the character of Frank Kane and shows us how a young innocent boy turns into the man he became. I enjoyed the first two thirds of the book because I wasn't exactly how Frank would navigate himself through various situations. But the last third of the book goes on a little too long. and feels a little contrived. The female characters are a little too uncomplicated and a little weak emotionally compared to what we are used to in a post feminist era. Some of the dialog is just plain silly but Harold Robbins does a good job of making us care about the characters. I am giving it four stars because the story is a little dated.

  • I read all of this author's books when I was much younger than I am now. I loved his stories at that time. Now, after living for a while, I understand them all much better.. HE WAS A GENIUS WRITER.
    His storylines can be brutal but they were written by a genius who knew how to catch the readers eye.
    I so HIGHLY recommend all of his stories to anyone who loves a great story.
    Francis Kane is the main character in this story. It delves into his childhood that forgot to happen due to situations he couldn't control and then into his adult years. His adult years started when he was about ten years old. Take it from there, it will help you understand the man.

  • I enjoyed the story of Frankie Kane and the time period of the 1930s and 1940s. His life as an orphan and later a gangster. However, it seemed unfinished to me. He was adopted by his Uncle, but we never found out what happened to his aunt and uncle and the girls after they moved away and lost contact. I was hoping we could find out what happened to them. It hinted that Frankie wasn't really dead, but then it says he was killed in the war, so I was confused. It wasn't as good as some of Robbin's other books.

  • Ir had been years and years since I first read this book. I always that I enjoyed the book very much and when I saw it on Amazon, decided to read it again. I had always had such fond memories of this book.

    When I finished the book, I felt it was incredible that I barely remembered the things that took place in the book. It was like reading a whole new book. I enjoyed the book very much.

    I do remember that at the time the book was a little blue, racy and forward. By today's standards, it is a nursery rhyme.

  • Harold Robbins is always a good read. It's been a while since I've read any of his books, so this was a most pleasant surprise and a great "hello" to one of my favourite authors. Really enjoyed Frank's journey, only wished that there were more pleasant times for him at the end of the book.

  • So glad to have this back in print and in a deluxe trade paperback size. Hopefully, more Harold Robbins titles on the way!!

  • I love Harold Robbins ever since I was a teenager.I read the Carpetbaggers and saw the movie when they came out.To me I really thought that was the way Hollywood was in those days. I was only in my early teens. My mom was reading it and I would read when she didn't know. Well I was hooked.If you haven't read any of his books this is the one to start with.He was the author of his time.