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by Frank Stephenson

ePub An Unlikely Journey download
Frank Stephenson
Xlibris Corp (November 1, 2001)
Action & Adventure
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Bogotá Backscatter" is a superb page-turner work of historical fiction that once again proves Frank Stephenson is headed for greatness. This is a great story, and the author says that the major events are true!

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Book by Stephenson, Frank. This is the second of Frank Stephenson's books I have read and, although he has declared that both books are based on factual information, this particular book I happen to know really is. (Note: the first book may also be based on fact, but I would have no way of knowing that. I served for a period of time on a DEA task force in Colombia, and I have a scrapbook full of news articles, the events of which are woven into the story Stephenson has written. He's done so with great cleverness, too. All in all, I found the book most entertaining, as I did the first book.

This time, the tremor had changed the complex and long inactive interconnections between then island’s chain of volcanoes.

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Bogota Backscatter" is a sequel to the first work of historic fiction entitled "An Unlikely Journey" and, like the first novel, depicts one mans struggle with the . Governments hidden agenda(s) and the ongoing struggle within himself to find his place in life. geologist assigned to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, travels to Bogota to assist the local scientists interpretation of the horrendous January 1999 earthquakes.

Frank Stephenson (born 3 October 1959) is a British-American automobile designer widely known for his design work at Mini, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and McLaren

Frank Stephenson (born 3 October 1959) is a British-American automobile designer widely known for his design work at Mini, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and McLaren. In 2008, Autoblog called him "one of most influential automotive designers of our time". Stephenson was born in Casablanca, Morocco (3 October 1959) to a Norwegian father who held American citizenship and a Spanish mother. Due to his father's job the family moved to a few different countries.

As this Robert Stephenson achieved none of the international fame and fortune . BOOKS – Contemporary and Near Contemporary. Swinglehurst, Edmund The Romantic Journey, the story of Thomas Cook and Victorian Travel (Pica 1974).

As this Robert Stephenson achieved none of the international fame and fortune which his same-named nephew had, it’s unlikely that many people will be longing for the mystery to be cleared up, though someone one day will doubtless earn himself a P. by explaining all. BIBLIOGRAPHY. ORIGINAL MATERIAL – Letters, documents, reports, relics. Tomlinson, W. W. The North Eastern Railway (Newcastle upon Tyne 1914).

  • Stumbled on this book looking for a historical fiction about Bogota before a trip there. This is book one in a 3 book series about geologist Fred Sager. With all the 5 star reviews I figured I'd give it a shot. Those reviews must have been from the Sager family. It's not a bad book, but by no means 5 star. The writing is extremely rough and significantly detracts from the story. Reader be warned if you don't have time to read mediocre books, which this squarely is.

  • This is the best fiction ever written. Well what did you expect me to say, I wrote it!

    Honestly, I have tried to be as critical as I can be (and I'm very good at being critical, ask my ex wives), and I am convinced that if the publisher could put a famous author's name on the cover, this creation of mine would sell like sunscreen in Phoenix.

    Seriously, thanks to those who have reviewed it and found it to their liking; the check is in the mail.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Unlikely Journey and look forward to Mr. Stephenson's next novel. I found myself intrigued by the unexpected twists and turns in this captivating tale. Frank has created a unique blend of suspense, romance and insight in a tropical setting laced with a bit of ancient legend and modern technology. The book was a great "find" - I hope there will be more in the near future.

  • This is a great story, and the author says that the major events are true! Too bad one or more of the major publishers don't pick it up and distribute it more widely. Perhaps Mr. Stephenson's next book will be as good as An Unlikely Journey, I am looking forward to being able to do an Internet search or a search on under his name and see the second book is out.
    I particularly enjoyed the "journey" part of the story, where Fred learns the truth about what might happen to the major Islands in the Hawaiian chain should the Admiral continue with his outrageous plan. There is a very clever twist at the end when Fred gets on the bus and relives, word for word, a previous scene from (about) the middle of the story. The author manages to tie all the loose ends together in this chapter.
    Our local newspaper here, The Arizona Repulic, needs to do a book review for this novel. They'll do a review for one of their own employees (e.g. Jon Talton), but they seemingly don't pay much attention to local authors. Perhaps that's why this paper is often referred to as The Arizona Repulsive. No wonder so many Arizonans subscribe to the East Valley Tribune and/or the New York Times!
    Also, I think the Phoenix central library should buy several copies of the book for their shelves.
    Dennis Wheat, Goodyear, Arizona