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by Jeff Long

ePub Deeper: A Novel download
Jeff Long
Atria Books (August 21, 2007)
Action & Adventure
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Jeff Long is the New York Times bestselling author whose novels include The Wall, The Reckoning (in development with Reese Witherspoon at Type A Productions), Year Zero, and The Descent

Jeff Long is the New York Times bestselling author whose novels include The Wall, The Reckoning (in development with Reese Witherspoon at Type A Productions), Year Zero, and The Descent. He is a veteran climber and traveler in the Himalayas and has worked as a stonemason, journalist, historian, screenwriter, and elections supervisor for Bosnia's first democratic election. His next novel, Deeper, is forthcoming in hardcover from Atria Books. He lives in Colorado.

Deeper is a 2007 novel by Jeff Long and is the sequel to his 1999 novel, The Descent. It continues the first book's exploration of the dark subterranean world populated by the brutal hominid offshoot Homo hadalis. In a prologue, veteran underground guide Ike Crockett abandons his wife Alexandra von Schade and unborn child to return to the subterranean world, driven by feelings and whispers he cannot understand. He does not plan on returning to the surface.

With Halloween approaching, I felt in the mood for a good scary novel. And this book by Jeff Long fit the bill. Some years ago, I read Long's "The Descent," about the discovery of an extensive tunnel system under the world inhabited by humanoid creatures who have been preying on humanity for millennia. These "hadals" are considered as providing the basis of our stories of demons or devils.

Jeff Long is the New York Times bestselling author whose novels include The Wall, The Reckoning (in development with Reese Witherspoon at Type A Productions), Year Zero, and The Descent.

Jeff Long’s books have always been must-reads for m. .He’s the best thriller writer you’ve never read. A remarkable novel, an imaginative tour de force that somehow succeeds both as sober-minded allegory and nail-biting thrille.A rip-roaring good read. Rectify that by picking up The Reckoning. Rocky Mountain News (Denver). Jeff Long writes with poetry, style, and pac. rafting his twists and doling out his delectable details with exceptionally gratifying results. Jon Krakauer, author of Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith.

Kim Z. Turtenwald ~ Page Administrator. The Descent ~ Jeff Long. This is a fan site for the 1999 novel by Jeff Long titled 'The Descent' and its sequel, 'Deeper.

Find out more about Deeper by Jeff Long at Simon & Schuster U. Jeff Long is the New York Times bestselling author whose novels include The Wall, The Reckoning (in development with Reese Witherspoon at Type A Productions), Year Zero, and The Descent.

A sequel to The Descent finds humanity once again searching a subterranean world inhabited by a savage hominid race for its demonic leader, who has orchestrated a series of terrorist attacks that have resulted in an all-out clash of civilizations. 75,000 first printing.
  • This story starts some months after a storyline in the first book ends. It opens with an emotional, unexpected, mysterious and sad leave taking. The storyline then moves on many years after some of those major events in the first book occur. Everyone is under the assumption that the deep subterranean underground has been purged of all life forms. It is thought that the Hadals, Mutants, and strange Creatures have all been wiped out by the man made plague that had been released. But that is far from the truth. Everyone learns very fast that the evil that was found and growing in this underground world has become more desperate and more evil then anyone could have ever imagined. Two women must meet and become friends to stop what has started. They have however decide to go separate and very different ways to solve a massive tragedy that has befallen the United States. There is war on the horizon between two powerful countries and danger, destruction, sadness and death in the underground world. The storyline moves as fast as the first book. The returning characters are more fleshed out and the new characters are a great addition to this duology. There are some twists and turns that you don't see coming. There are some deep philosophical subjects that are explored that are very thought provoking. If you enjoyed the first book I think you will enjoy this second book.

  • Jeff Long is a paradox to me. I first read his work when I read his superb novel, "The Descent." I found I could not finish his next book, "Year Zero." It was just too dull. "Deeper" is the sequel to "The Descent". Or sequels. There are so many story lines occurring throughout the pages of this book that it is hard to stay with it. I stayed till the end, in part due to my own personal obsession with good stories about what is beneath the earth, deeper than the deepest caves. I was hoping that Mr. Long would continue the excellent tale he had told in his first book. All the way to the end I held onto the hope that it was going to come together. It just never does. And it certainly doesn't beg for another sequel. I think Mr. Long's imagination wrote a check his talent couldn't cash. I can't say I'll be reading any more of his work. There is just too much other good stuff out there to read.

  • It's been a very long time since I last read a book that I would consider giving a perfect score to. The first book of this series (The Descent) hooked me right away. After I read it I couldn't wait to get (Deeper: A Novel.). It was as fascinating as I thought it would be. It was wonderful to have two books that made me feel like I was right there where all the action was. I would give it 100 stars if I was able. I'm actually kind of sad that I just finished it. Anyway, now I'm off to begin the next Jeff Long novel : Year Zero. I'm sure that one will be just as entertaining!

  • I struggled with whether to give this "sequel" one or two stars. After all, it seems like most movie sequels try to capitalize on the success of the original and end up being a rehash of the original characters addressing a new problem. Unfortunately there is not enough "freshness" and the typical sequel fails to deliver the same impact.

    THE DESCENT, Jeff Long's original work about an extensive underground civilization, will always remain one of my favorite reads. It combined the difficulties and adventure of exploring deep beneath the earth's crust with the discovery of a new humanoid race, fantastic animal and plant mutations adapted to living in darkness, the overwhelming claustrophobia of being miles below the earth's surface, and a smidgen of religion. After all, if there is a God in Heaven, there must be a Satan in Hell. And Jeff Long presented us with a vivid description of Hell.

    DEEPER tries to pick up the pieces of THE DESCENT and once again returns us to a dark and dismal world. But the atmosphere he drags us back into isn't the same. It is no longer the utter and terrifying blackness it was before--think of being on a cave or mine tour where the tour guide turns off the lights--or think of the absolute darkness of being sealed in a casket--and you immediately realize that a big impact of the original book has disappeared. THE DESCENT was about an epic journey into undiscovered territory where something new lurked around every corner. DEEPER doesn't introduce any new wonders or surprises. And while THE DESCENT dealt with religion as a corollary subject, DEEPER takes it to a whole new level. Pun intended.

    I still regard THE DESCENT as a seminal work, but DEEPER fails dismally. I decided on two stars instead of one because I actually enjoyed the first half of the book. Unfortunately the second half meandered in several different directions and lacked the cohesiveness I was expecting. What a disappointment! So devour THE DESCENT but ditch DEEPER.

  • I didn't love this book they way I loved it's prequel The Descent. The first book was more of an adventure/exploration story, going down into the earth and discovering the Hadal's civilization. This one delved more into the identity of "satan" or the being trapped in the earth. He apparently has supernatural powers, but is unable to leave his prison. So he lures travelers and pilgrims to his lair, where he either tortures and kills them, or takes them on as a temporary disciple.

    The story criss crossed between the evil down below, and a hunt for some children that were abducted and taken into the earth. While the beginning of the book was interesting, towards the end it became more metaphysical, and more about the torture inflicted upon the people. The underworld, which was so believable in the first book, became more and more unbelievable to me. So I felt a little let down by this one.

  • Hello, this story is just plain great. I'm glad they finally gave the devil his due. The ending was sad and a little anticlimactic, but maybe Mr. Long isn't through with the story. I hope not. Damn fine stuff. Thanks.