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by Nina Killham

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Nina Killham
Headline Book Publishing (July 1, 2006)
British & Irish
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Mounting Desire book.

Mounting Desire book.

Worse yet, she decides to take advantage of her new environment and try her hand at writing romances herself, using the pseudonym Molly Desire.

Jack Carter, born-again virgin and bestselling romance author, has a problem, and her name is Molly. Foisted upon him by his sister, Molly has just been fired from her high-paying management position for sexually harassing her male assistant. Worse yet, she decides to take advantage of her new environment and try her hand at writing romances herself, using the pseudonym Molly Desire. Molly's novel is racy and explicit, and blows the covers off Jack's tender and traditional plots and relationships. Just how far will their professional (and personal) competition go? Romance Fiction.

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Mounting Desire: A Novel. Mounting Desire - Nina Killham.

But what he really wants now, after his traumatic divorce, is romance in his personal life.

a funny, feel-good mystery' Boston Globe. A delicate, wicked comedy' Tracy Chevalier, author of Girl with a Pearl Earring and Falling Angels.

Nina Killham was born in Washington, . and now lives in London with her husband and their two young children.

item 2 Killham, Nina, Mounting Desire (Little Black Dress), Very Good Book -Killham, Nina, Mounting Desire . Nina Killham was born in Washington, . Country of Publication.

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I really enjoyed Nina Killham's first two books Об авторе (2009). She is also the author of How to Cook a Tart, and Mounting Desire. Believe Me is her third novel. Библиографические данные.

I really enjoyed Nina Killham's first two books Читать весь отзыв. the daughter of an American Foreign Service officer, and lived overseas much of her childhood.

As one of the nation's favorite romantic novelists, Jack Carter knows romance only too well. But what he really wants now, after his traumatic divorce, is romance in his personal life. Recently he's realized that this can only mean one thing: true love waits. Enter Molly Desire—fully paid-up sexaholic, she views lodging in Jack's house as a necessary evil until she gets a place of her own. But surprisingly, the chaste Jack doesn't seem to inspire her with lust—instead, with an ambition to write her own racy romances—and suddenly stiff competition starts to rock the roost.
  • An absurd book, that although uneven, has moments of hilarity. Jack is a virgin romance writer waiting for True Love; Molly is his all-sex, all-the-time housemate. Some of the best moments are when Jack is in dialogue with his characters: "Oh no, not the pelisse again," but there are other great lines: "How will you know she's your true love? Is she going to have a secret handshake?" Also a hilarious misunderstanding over "Tom" the cat that simply has to be read (but not in public, unless you're OK with laughing out loud while reading).

  • I bought this book a while back and it stayed on my shelves for a couple of years. Why did I buy the book? Well the blurb at the back cover was quite intriguing (The hero is a romance novelist for starters!) What compelled me to finally read this book? Regency romance and contemporary romance novels fatigue syndrome. Basically, I've been reading a lot of Regency romances, and while I've tried mixing it with romance books set in more contemporary times, I found that the contemporary romance novels I've been reading were even more predictable (ie every single one seemed to be set in a small town, there are always dogs, supposed alpha males, past traumas easily fixed through love, cheating exes, etc.etc.).

    I figured this is a Little Black Dress book, and like the Red Dress books that Harlequin used to publish in the early 2000s, I knew I couldn't lose with this book, in terms of trying to find a romance with a more quirky edge. And by golly, Ms Nina Killam really delivered on this one! Let me illustrate what I mean by providing you with a list of items/characters/stuff in this book that you are unlikely to find in your usual romance novel:

    [My apologies for the spoilers but I have to list them here]

    (1) a hero (Jack) who happens to be a romance novelist with a very feminine nom de plume (Celeste D'Arcy) and who decides to be a "born-again virgin"
    (2) an opening scene involving the hero's date literally plunging to her death trying hard to seduce the very-determined-to-remain-a-celibate hero
    (3) a heroine (Molly) who is a sexaholic (Note: Her character is first introduced while she is attending a group therapy/support session.)
    (4) the hero attending a group therapy session of his own for born-again virgin males
    (5) a make-out/love scene involving characters above 60 living in a nursing home, one of which is the hero's mother (May I also add that this is the "steamiest" sex scene in the entire book!)
    (6) a side story involving the hero's sister (Kate) trying to resuscitate her dying sex drive for her husband through various means which includes illegally obtaining testosterone pills
    (7) a scene wherein the hero has conversations with his characters from the Regency novel he is writing, including one where his Regency character hero is questioning how he could ever "ravish" the Regency heroine character with all the petticoats he has to go through to get to her intimate parts, the Regency hero further complains it would take him half an hour before he could fully undress his Regency heroine
    (8) male models posing as the heroes in the covers of romance novels staging their own version of a "beauty contest" in a romance convention. (As a person who has never attended a romance convention, I would like to know if these conventions really have these male models having contests like these, because if they do, I would be more compelled to attend one somewhere! :-))

    I could probably go on and on listing more and more stuff, but this book was the perfect antidote for the "romance novel fatigue" I was experiencing. There were simply a lot of unpredictable LOL moments in this book.

    Unfortunately, much as I would love to give this book a perfect 5 stars, I've had some problems with this book. In some ways, I wonder if the author wrote this book as a reaction to romance/erotica books, because it felt like she was determined to stuff it with a checklist of anything that you will not find in any romance book. (Perhaps, she too went through the same romance novel fatigue I'm going through?) Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's the primary reason I love this book. However, sometimes it helps to restrain/limit the items you include in any one book.

    My main problem with this book was that given its length, there seemed to be so many characters and side stories that didn't really add anything. A good example was the hero's niece, Leda, who seemed like an unnecessary character in the book. The few scenes devoted to her were so disjointed a reader cannot really grasp where her character was going or what she was adding to the storyline (ie one moment she is harassed for not joining a blow job competition, then she becomes "popular " again because of some business she starts with another unpopular girl, then she gets into celibacy). The book could easily survive without her scenes.

    In fact, if you removed some of these unnecessary characters or scenes, more pages could have been devoted to Jack and Molly - as they are the main hero and heroine who eventually got their HEA (or in this case, the strong possibility of an HEA). I would have loved more interaction between them. I also wouldn't have minded seeing more of Kate and Carl. Carl was hardly in the book and I would have been more interested to see how he was seeing his own marriage with Kate, rather than read through the stuff about Leda. Kate and Carl would have been the great B-story in this novel.

    The other problem with the book is the hero, Jack, himself. He was such an interesting character, but towards the middle, he became more of a self-righteous, smug, conceited jerk with his views about relationships, his obsession with being celibate and even how he liked to flaunt his "knowledge/expertise" about the romance genre (as if HE IS THE ULTIMATE EXPERT). While I could understand his desire to be celibate in order to find a more "meaningful" relationship, it just didn't hold water as the book progressed, because it seemed like "preserving his virginity" or finding someone as celibate as he became more the goal for him than establishing a real meaningful relationship with someone.

    However, despite these flaws, I have to rate it highly. It was simply so different from all the other romances I've been reading. Some readers may not like this book for not following the usual romance novel pattern, but as a person who likes those breaking free of the usual square/comfort zone, I applaud Nina Killham for being bold enough to try breaking the usual romance novel mould.

  • As a busy mom, I'm always looking for a fun book to whisk me away from the routine. MOUNTING DESIRE was the perfect mini-vacation--enjoyable from beginning to end. There was literally a belly laugh on every page, and yet, Nina Killham's genius is that each joke is brilliant social satire as well. Although on one level the story takes a witty view of dating and romance, I found myself truly rooting for the unlikely pair--a romance writer whose ideal woman disappeared with the corset and an earthy modern woman who is all-too-comfortable with her appetites--to get together. If you like "Sex and the City," you'll find this smart and humorous take on male-female relationships is just your cup of tea.

  • I read Nina Killham's first book, HOW TO COOK A TART and loved it. This second book, MOUNTING DESIRE, is hysterical. Killham creates characters that seem so real and puts them into situations that seem so absurd. Even though she introduces many characters throughout the book (actually caricatures in many cases, such as the male cover model) the reader is able to follow along easliy. That is until you start laughing so hard you drop the book and lose your place. I can't wait to read her next book and see what she sends up next.

  • This paraody of romance novels, romance writers and romance itself is a really fun romp! Simultaneously profound and silly, Mounting Desire is particularly appreciated at a time when the U.S. seems to be embracing its puritan past with reckless abandon. Jack, the born- again- virgin- romance- novel author, doesn't date. Instead, he says: "I fantasize about ideal women. I dress them up in whatever I want, the more corsets the better. I put them through excruciating psychological trauma before having fifteen-second sex with them , and then I delete them." Expect to laugh a lot with this one. So, don't balance your mohito on your tummy while you're poolside.

  • A satire on the romance genre, Mounting Desire is hilarious. It's an obvious reversal of gender stereotypes, but it works. If you're looking for a bitingly funny read that isn't afraid to poke fun at America's biggest selling genre--whether you're a fan or not--Mounting Desire is a book to pick up.

  • Mounting Desire is a hysterical parody on the romance genre. I dislike romance novels - at least the "bodice ripping", "She hated him - yet she was drawn to him at the same time" type, which is why I absolutely LOVE this book! It's intelligent humor that pokes fun at not only romance novels but also how we are trained to look at romance as an idealistic artificial moment - from the books we read - to the 30 second "diamonds are forever" commercials you see around Valentine's Day! Nina Killham's writing is smart, subtle, and laugh out-loud funny.

  • I got into it straight away. I had to keep sneaking off so I could read in peace. The two main characters are believable, and I couldn't wait to find out if they finally got together. I also liked the amusing dramas that came their way, and the supporting characters rounded it out perfectly. A perfect beach read and a lot of fun!