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by Jack London

ePub White Fang (Great Illustrated Classics) download
Jack London
Waldman Publishing Corp. (January 1, 2008)
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White Fang: illustrated - first published in 1906 (1st. Page Classics).

White Fang: illustrated - first published in 1906 (1st. Great Jack London book--if you like this book you will also want to read the following true life classic books on dogs in the wild north: 1 My Dogs in the Northland (1902) (With active table of contents) 2 The Wild Northland, Being the Story of a Winter Journey: With Dogs, Across Northern North America (1922) 3 A Winter.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading White Fang Great Illustrated Classics. Gr 2-4–London's novel portrays the interior life of mistreated part-wolf White Fang while exploring the fundamental nature of wild animals and the brutality inherent in vast Alaskan landscapes and inside men's hearts. It does not seem suitable reading material for primary-grade children, and Lutin's picture-book adaptation does not make an effective argument for the attempt.

The Great Illustrated Classics series of books offers easy-to-read adaptations of well known classics, featuring large print and illustrations on every other page. The series is targeted at children, but the writing style is suitable for adult readers as well. Currently there are 66 titles. The series is owned, published and sold by Waldman Publishing Corporation under the Baronet Books imprint.

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White Fang (Great Illustrated Classics) by Jack London. 3 brand new from £1. 5. Adventure Stories for Boys, Octopus Books, London, 1988. Miniature & precision cameras.

The great illustrated classic of White Fang by Jack London is about a young wolf named White Fang. His mother, Kiche, and White Fang go scavenging for food in the winter because the Far North is having a famine. While scavenging for food they are taken in by a tribe of Native Americans that Kiche’s mother belonged to. White fang is traded by the tribe to a guy named Beauty Smith who runs a dog fighting ring. I feel like everyone should read this book. I think this book is valuable because it The great illustrated classic of White Fang by Jack London is about a young wolf named White Fang.

This page contains details about the Fiction book White Fang by Jack London published in 1906. White Fang-Treasury of Illustrated Classics Storybook Collection. This book is the 1519th greatest Fiction book of all time as determined by thegreatestbooks.

  • Part dog and part wolf, White Fang is, along with his mother Kiche, the sole survivor of his pack. When he and Kiche are taken in by an Indian tribe, White Fang begins a journey from Wild to Domesticated that is long, arduous, and painful.
    White Fang by Jack London is a companion to London’s Call of the Wild, told mostly from the animal’s point of view. This reissue of a London classic has some editorial revisions, according to the publishers, but retains the author’s voice and ability to portray the untamed frontier of his day. For a reader who wants to be introduced, or as in my case, reintroduced, to a classical American literary figure, this book is an excellent jumping off point. The characters, though animal, are portrayed in terms that humans can understand, but without ‘humanizing’ them.
    This book shows why Jack London was one of the most regarded authors of his time. I received a free copy of this book, and without hesitation, give it five stars.

  • Great Jack London book----if you like this book you will also want to read the following true life classic books on dogs in the wild north:
    1 My Dogs in the Northland (1902) (With active table of contents)
    2 The Wild Northland, Being the Story of a Winter Journey: With Dogs, Across Northern North America (1922)
    3 A Winter Circuit of Our Arctic Coast: A Narrative of a Journey with Dog-sleds Around the Entire Arctic Coast of Alaska (1920)
    4 By Eskimo Dog-sled and Kayak (1919)
    5 Peace River: A Canoe Voyage from Hudson's Bay to Pacific by the Late Sir George Simpson ... in 1828
    6 The Book of Jack London, Volumes I & II (1921)
    7 The Great Fur Land Or, Sketches of Life in the Hudson's Bay Territory (1879) (With active table of contents)
    8 My Life with the Eskimo (1913)
    9 My Arctic Journal: A Year Among Ice-fields and Eskimos (1894)
    10 Mad Rush for Gold in Frozen North (1914) (Linked Contents)

  • I didn’t care for this classic. There was a lot of telling and not much showing, so I felt removed from the characters and couldn’t empathize with them very much. The omniscient point of view probably had a lot to do with that, too. I realize London's writing is an older style, typical of his time, so I only took off half a star for my not being able to connect with the characters.

    I cringed at the portrayal of the Indians. Their survival in the wilderness speaks of innovation and cleverness, but London wrote instead about their violence and drunkenness and how they laughed derisively at White Fang. I don’t feel bad about taking off half a star for this.

    I took off another star because the story is so oddly told. We never again see the musher who’s at the beginning of the book. He (and another fellow) take up a lot of pages, but he’s not a main character. In fact, the main human character doesn’t show up until half way through the book. And later, the book ends abruptly. Very odd.

    I did enjoy the descriptions of the wilderness and could practically feel the icy winter. The gory animal violence and cruel human violence were described so well that I felt queasy, so it was a worthwhile read, just not a satisfactory read. Three stars.

  • I have loved these stories since childhood, and I was very excited to revisit them as audiobooks now that I'm an adult with a long commute. The stories were just as fantastic as I remember! The narration was also excellent. I enjoyed the narrator's style because it allowed me to be immersed into the story. Overall, I highliy recommend this audiobook to anyone. It's a 2-for1 deal with great narration and fantastic stories!

    I received a free copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left my review.

  • Use caution... if you have difficulty with small print, you may want to choose another printer. The print is SMALL, although not as small as other books. Everything else so far is fine. Cover is quite nice, an the pages are a reasonable thickness.

  • As I said, I was deeply into Les Miserables, both the Kindle version and the Audible version, but the author goes off into several long five hour philosophy tangents and I needed a break from one of these. There was none finer than “White Fang.” Yes, I have read several of Jack London’s wonderful books before, and each reading has been wonderful. Having the Audible to go with the Kindle version made this current experience all the more terrific. I highly recommend combining the two mediums together for greater entertainment and increased comprehension.

  • Got this for my 12 year old daughter to read, and she loves it. I read it in middle school and loved it, so I'm happy she's enjoying it. This is definitely a classic, great story, but readers will do well to remember that is was written in a time before the PC Police existed. I've used it as an opportunity to teach my daughter a lesson in right, wrong, and popular opinion.

  • I know it's a classic and it is a great story filled with amazing imagery. For that, I like it quite a bit.

    But, to this reader, 3 sentences in every paragraph could be cut and the book could still hold together. Especially when Jack is talking about meat. We get it Jack! Animals eat meat and aren't all ceremonial about it!

    Anyways... fairly entertaining book with some of the dryness you'd expect with the age. The first part of the book is a great hook and it all flows perfectly. Great adventure.