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by Julia Williams

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Julia Williams
Magna Large Print Books (June 15, 2009)
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JULIA WILLIAMS Strictly Love Table of Contents Prologue Part One - Dance Like No One's Looking Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter .

JULIA WILLIAMS Strictly Love Table of Contents Prologue Part One - Dance Like No One's Looking Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five. Dusk was falling as Emily got off the train at Thurfield.

Strictly Love is Julia Williams’ second novel and folllows Emily, Katie, Mark and Rob. Emily is a lawyer who wated to devote her life to good causes so how come she’s defending zedlebrities (Julia’s word, not mine)? Katie wants to be the perfect wife – trouble is her husband, Charlie, is away a lot. Mark has just split up with his wife and is wondering if he’ll ever find love again and Rob, happy-go-lucky Rob is hiding a terrible tragedy.

She was waiting for Mark and his rep to arrive and then she was going to hand it to them, but she must have missed them, because the session seemed to have started already.

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HarperCollins UK, 4 нояб. Ten bestselling books later, it’s safe to say the gamble paid off! To date, Julia’s books have sold over half a million copies. Guilty feet have got plenty of rhythm. Kick off your shoes and snuggle up with this warm and witty new novel from the author of the bestselling Pastures New. Lawyer Emily promised her late father that she'd devote her life to good causes. Библиографические данные.

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Strictly Love (Paperback). Julia Williams (author) & you are a fan of dancing,. this book is great to curl up with as the nights draw in. Julia Williams (author). Praise for Strictly Love and Pastures New: & warm, with lovely, lively characters - I would quite happily live in Nevermorewell!' Fiona Walker. is an enjoyable read that will leave you with a warm glow - and reaching for your dance shoes!' Closer. you are a fan of dancing,. Lovely. heartwarming, poignant and a joy from start to finish, Strictly Love is strictly irresistible!' Single Titles.

  • This isn't my favorite book that Ms. Williams has written. I've recently discovered her books and really do love her writing! However, this one was just so-so to me. It was a good book, just not one of her best.

    The story revolves around two friends, Emily and Katie. Emily is an attorney who is miserable in her current position and has no passion for what she's currently doing. Katie is a stay at home mom who is also quietly unhappy with her current situation and feels as if her husband is slipping away from her.

    Rob and Mark friends turned roomates are about as different as night and day. Mark, a dentist who is still in love with his ex-wife is struggling with moving on with his life. Rob, who is a serial womanizer, is quite content with his status quo and enjoys the freedom that single life gives him. Rob is definitely not looking for love and wants to help Rob move past his heartache.

    These four will meet through a dancing class. Somehow they each find themselves enjoying the anonymity that meeting strangers provides. They find that the dance class allows them to be free from their own lives and to temporarily be someone else. Rob and Katie who are as different as two people can be find the perfect dancing partner in one another. While they aren't crazy about each other, they do enjoy dancing together and are really good together on the dance floor. While Mark and Emily bond over their lack of dance skills and quickly find that they are attracted to one another.

    While Mark and Emily are enjoying spending time together on and off the dance floor, they each find themselves not being completely honest about their real lives and are afraid that by being completely honest about their personal lives will run the other off. Meanwhile, Katie is struggling to hold on to her marriage despite feeling as if it's all falling apart. Katie doesn't know what's going on with her husband, but feels as if there's a big part of himself that he's hiding and can't figure out a way to reach him.

    Jasmine is a huge stereotypical "Kim Kardashian" type star who enjoys the spotlight and the fame that she's been able to find. The ULTIMATE ditz, she has banked on her good looks to pay her way through life. Yet, she harbors a secret, horrible teeth. Despite becoming rich and famous, she still has remained loyal to her dentist, Mark. Mark, who wished he weren't so lucky to have such a loyal fan in Jasmine, has been treating Jasmine and her bankable smile for years. When Jasmine arrives one day and he tells her that he must remove one of her back teeth, Jasmine is less than thrilled but trusts that Mark knows best.

    When the tabloids somehow catch wind of Jasmine and her less than perfect smile, Mark finds himself on the wrong end of a lawsuit. The lawsuit will impact all four in ways that they can't even imagine.

    This was an easy to read book and the writing is superb. The storyline was pretty good. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and they were easily able to come to life with each page. Ms. Williams definitely has the gift of storytelling and knows how to bring her characters to life and drawing you inside her world. While it wasn't my favorite book she's written (I think Bridesmaid Pact would be my favorite I've read from her), it's still a really great book!

  • have this book on Kindle, and I have read it 3 times! I am not tired of reading it. and will probably read it again! Liked the characters & the story!