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by Arthur Hailey

ePub Airport download
Arthur Hailey
Buccaneer Books; book club edition edition (September 1, 2007)
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Airport (Arthur Hailey). Level: upper-intermediate Genre: thriller Length: longest. Прочитать описание к книге можно на english-e-reader. Chapter one - The Storm

Airport (Arthur Hailey). Chapter one - The Storm. Chapter two - Mel Bakersfeld. Chapter three - Tanya Livingston. Chapter four - Joe Patroni. Chapter five - The Blocked Runway.

Airport is a bestselling novel by British-Canadian writer Arthur Hailey. Published by Doubleday in 1968, the story concerns a large metropolitan airport and its operations during a severe winter storm. The story takes place at Lincoln International, a fictional Chicago airport based very loosely on O'Hare International Airport. The action mainly centers on Mel Bakersfeld, the Airport General Manager.

Author : Arthur Hailey. Genres : Thriller, Adventure. The story takes place mainly over the course of one evening and night, as a massive snowstorm plays havoc with airport operations. The storyline centers on Bakersfeld's struggles to keep the airport open during the storm. His chief problem is the unexpected closure of primary Runway three zero, caused when a landing airliner turns off past the wrong side of a runway marker light, burying the plane's landing gear in the snow, and blocking the runway. This becomes a major problem as another airplane, Trans America Flight Two, experiences an midair emergency and returns to Lincoln.

Airport - Arthur Hailey. Jul 27, 2009 05:07 PM 28750 Views. This was my first Arthur Hailey. Needless to say that I will be reading many more of his books. This novel was written way back in the 70s. It should also be said about the appearance of the book, since it is no secret that the more beautiful the packaging is, the more likely it is that it will be bought. Airport - Arthur Haley. Airport" is a magnificent creation of the famous American writer, the author of many detectives Arthur Haley. Hardcover, pages of dense excellent quality, large well-readable font.

Airport, Arthur Hailey As a raging blizzard wreaks havoc at Lincoln International Airport outside Chicago, airport and airline personnel try to cope with this unstoppable force of nature that is endangering thousands of lives. And in the air, a lone plane struggles to reach its destination. Over the course of seven pulse-pounding hours, a tense human drama plays out as a brilliant airport manager, an arrogant pilot, a tough maintenance man, and a beautiful stewardess strive to avert disaster.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A huge snow storm brings suspense and drama to airport and airline personnel responsible for the safe landing of one impaired aircraft.

Книга Airport, автор Hailey Arthur - (Книга жанра: Проза, Современная проза. Читать онлайн в библиотеке Booksonline. Instead I have used African-American, a phrase seeming to enjoy wide favor.

Arthur Hailey (1920–2004), the author of eleven novels, many of which became New York Times bestsellers, was born in Luton, England. He served as a pilot and flight lieutenant in the British Royal Air Force during World War II and immigrated to Canada in 1947

Arthur Hailey (1920–2004), the author of eleven novels, many of which became New York Times bestsellers, was born in Luton, England. He served as a pilot and flight lieutenant in the British Royal Air Force during World War II and immigrated to Canada in 1947. While working for a transportation trade magazine, he scored his first writing success with a television drama, and began to write screenplays full-time for various networks during the golden age of live television.

A huge snow storm brings suspense and drama to airport and airline personnel responsible for the safe landing of one impaired aircraft. Book available.
  • This is a really wonderful book & also a good Movie. This is at least the 3rd time I have read the book & I've probably seen the movie about 10 times & never get tired of it. I think the is my favorite book that he has written. Even though I have read the book so often it is still interesting because it is usually several years between the times that I have read the book & the book slightly differs from the movie so it is still exciting to read or watch AIRPORT. He does a good job of writing the book without getting you bored without giving you too much complicated detail that really isn't really necessary as some writers do. I would certainly encourage anyone that likes suspense to read the book, as it will keep you entertained.
    Course I am a suspense movies & books junkie. I watch the AIRPORT movies that have been made every time they come on TV. So if you want to sit & be entertained pick &up the book & read it some afternoon or evening.

  • In recent months, I've become very interested in airplanes, airports, air traffic control, and how NTSB discovers causes for plane crashes. I'm not afraid of flying at all, just fascinated with how it all works. This book satisfied all my interests. Yes, it was written in the late 1960s, so there is a lot about airplanes and airports that are blatantly out-of-date. However, the plot still works and I'm sure the flying culture hasn't changed too dramatically. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a suspenseful thriller or just likes to read fiction about airports.

  • I read Airport years ago and just finished reading it again. I also saw the movie a long time ago. The story of a busy airport during a blizzard that has lasted for 3 days - white-out conditions - and the many people required to run it, bringing into the story many sub-stories of the airport manager, the pilots, noise level problems with the the housing community adjacent to the airport, a stowaway, a bomb explosion on one of the planes, the controllers who direct the departing and arriving flights, to name a few things. I would have given this book five stars, except it leaves the reader wondering what one of the pilots, his wife and a stewardess.

  • Airport was the novel that started it all. Unfortunately most of the so-called disaster flicks went down hill, when taken from other novels or pieced together from several novels. This novel was turned into a pretty good film. But reading Airport gives you a fact paced, continual source of tension, while still introducing you to characters who were, by turns, good, interesting, amusing, and morally challenged. This book introduced a wide audience to the world of aviation "behind the scenes," that most people were unaware of, unless they worked in the industry. Airports , even on their calm days, are chaotic and when there is a possible disaster lurking- well chaos goes into overdrive. Even though some of the things discussed in the novel are dated in today's world, the novel is still a fascinating look into how big airports work, and some of the problems, that author Arthur Hayley discussed in the novel, are still relevant today. It is a good beach read!

  • The story takes place in the days in the days when you walked right up to the gate without any security checks and the many of the airports were expending to accommodate larger and faster jets. I enjoyed it because I have lived during the entire development of our modern age of aviation . For me it was a real page turner.

  • It's been a while since I've read any aviation based books, and this is now definitely one of my favorites. Despite being based in the 60's, besides the cost of items (can fare, planes, food, salaries etc) you really wouldn't notice other than the types of planes described.

  • This book started a bit slow for me. But, as I kept reading I became much more interested. The author deals with virtually all departments involving an airport and what could go wrong or right. At times, it as a little too detailed. Overall, I enjoyed the book and the topics.

  • This book is amazing. I loved it. Kudos to Mr.Arthur Hailey.
    I will look for more books by him. I retired from being a flight attendant 2 and a half years ago. This was informative as well as entertaining and spell binding. I just can't praise it enough.
    Thanks, Teresa Coleman