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by Anne Holt

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Anne Holt
Sphere (2007)
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From internationally bestselling author Anne Holt, The Final Murder is a dark and gripping novel. One fee. Stacks of books.

From internationally bestselling author Anne Holt, The Final Murder is a dark and gripping novel. Thriller & Crime Fiction Women Sleuths.

People were elbowing their way in. His boss at work had said that he should take it easy. shoulders and offered to drive him. shoulders and offered to drive him home. As Trond accepted, it was difficult not to invite him in. The man was in his fifties, balding with a comb-over and a snub nose in the middle of his round face. His boss had sent stealthy glances in every direction, as if storing impressions that he could expand on when he got back to work. Finally he was satisfied and left.

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Anne Holt is a fine writer (I loved Punishment) and her characters are great and this book is a page-turner but the end disappointed me. I sensed publisher-pressure to get it finished - this is just a guess however and perhaps she was going for an effect thatI missed.

The Final Murder book. What Never Happens" is the second book by Norwegian Anne Holt that I read. I wish I could like this book too, but I cannot.

From internationally bestselling author Anne Holt, The Final Murder is a dark and gripping . Anne Holt is Norway's bestselling female crime writer. She spent two years working for the Oslo Police Department before founding her own law firm and serving as Norway's Minster for Justice between 1996 and 1997.

The Times Anne Holt is the Godmother of Norwegian crime fiction. - Jo Nesbo show more.

The Final Murder - Anne Holt. She no longer knew how many people she had killed. There was remarkably little fuss in the first days after the murder. The little princess had the full attention of the media circus. The world truly wanted to be deceived

The Final Murder - Anne Holt. It didn’t really matter anyway. Quality was more important than quantity in most professions. And that was true of her business too, although the pleasure she once gained from an innovative twist had dwindled over the years. The world truly wanted to be deceived. But then it started to get more coverage. The woman with the laptop simply could not stand Fiona Helle.

Authors : Holt, Anne. The Final Murder (Vik/Stubo). Title : The Final Murder (Vik/Stubo). Product Category : Books. The Final Murder by Anne Holt (Paperback, 2016). Brand new: lowest price. The storyline is brilliant and complex taking the reader through the maze of detail which has to be dealt with by the police. You will never believe how it is all resolved and want to read this book time and time again.

Something terrifying is happening all over Oslo: celebrities are turning up dead in the most macabre of situations. A talk show host is found with her tongue cut out, a politician crucified with a copy of the Koran stuffed inside of her, a literary critic stabbed in the eye. It's clear that the killer is sending some sort of message-but what is he trying to say? Police Commissioner Adam Stubo and his wife, profiler Johanne Vik, both exhausted by the arrival of their new baby, are reluctant to join the investigation until it becomes totally necessary. As Stubo leads the inquiry, Johanne stays at home with the child, finding herself haunted by a pattern she remembers from her FBI stint years before, a time she's tried hard to put out of her mind. But as time seems to be running out, she must confront the demons of her past in order to stop the killer from completing this twisted series of murders.
  • Great 2nd book, I do admit I am not overly fond of one of the main characters though. - Johanne - she is too demanding, controlling, not sure of the right description
    Anyway Johanne Vik and Adam Stubo are now together and have an infant of their own. As celebrities are murdered in very peculiar ways - Johanne begins to see a pattern that connects to her past training. Adam is the Inspector on the case. Between them they begin to connect the dots - in spite of all of Johannes fears and breakdowns
    I have ordered the 4th in the series - Fear Not

  • Hard to follow the stories and the twist and turns. Really enjoyed the first one in the series. Hope the third is more like the first.

  • Love this author

  • Three problems that no other reviewer seems to have mentioned:

    First, the two protagonists are not very likeable characters, especially the wife Johanne. They both keep interrupting one another in their conversations, which makes the dialogue often very jarring and disjointed.

    Second, the author often writes what the characters are thinking, but it appears as if it were dialogue because their thoughts are always in quotation marks and sound like someone speaking, because they are articulated in complete sentences. This is, at best, a questionable literary device and, at worst, distracting.

    Third, the nine-year-old daughter who has an undiagnosed psychological/developmental problem is another irritating distraction from the flow of the novel. Nothing is resolved about her. She's simply a peculiar, unpredictable interference.

  • "What Never Happens" (also published in Europe as "The Final Murder") is the middle book of a trilogy about a Norwegian Cop (Adam Stubo) and a woman (Johanne Vik, now his wife) who studied profiling at the FBI. They met and married in book one and now have a child together, and a quirky ten year old daughter from her first marriage. In this the second book, Johanne has just given birth and both she and Adam are suffering from new baby fears and lack of sleep.

    In a short period of time, four 'celebrity murders' are committed. A talk show host is found with her tongue cut out, a politician is found crucified to her bed, a critic/essayist is found with his pen in his eye, and a biathelete is found with a bullet hole in a target pinned to his chest. Vik ties these back to a symposium at the FBI where the same types of murders were 'profiled' and the last was the burning down of the house of the detective (with him in it) that investigated the murders.

    How do you protect yourself from someone who has committed the perfect murder? Though the crime scenes are painstakingly gone over, not one clue as to the identity of the murderer is ever found. We know that the murderer will be coming after Stubo, but when and how is anybody's guess.
    To tell anymore about the mystery would give away too much of the plot but it does seem to do what all second books do, slowly lead us into book three.

    That is actually my only complaint about this book, and that is, it is really slow at some points. Now I don't know if this is just the problem of all 'second acts' or of this writer. I've read other Norwegian writers, specifically Jo Nesbo, and his books NEVER flag, but he is exceptional. Holt is famous for another series "Hanne Wilhelmsen" (seven books) that has never been translated, so it's hard to make a comparison to her other works. This trilogy was specifically written to introduce her to the English language market. The third book is finished and publish in 2006, and is due to be published later this year.

    What is interesting is her diatribes about Norwegian culture, the way that immigrants (referred to as foreigners) are treated, how Holt dispenses comments on religion, politics, and Norway. Her story is very dark and the people (Norwegians) seem to act like automatons. With the cradle to grave economy, there doesn't seem to be any reason for anyone to put themselves out there, you just cruise through life. BORING! She even makes light of lawyers who become writers (her) and that gays and lesbians (her again) are out in the open all over the place. The name of one of her murder victims is Fiona Helle whose husband's first name is Berndt.

    I'm looking forward to the third book and seeing some of the other series translated.

    Zeb Kantrowitz

  • Anne Holt is a relatively new name for mystery aficionados in the United States, although she is well known in Europe and particularly in her native Norway. She has an extremely impressive vocational background, having worked as an attorney, television anchor and, most notably, Minister of Justice. She has also compiled an impressive bibliography as a mystery writer, having authored some 10 books since 1993. WHAT NEVER HAPPENS was originally published in 2004 and, for a number of reasons, is only now hitting the ground here in the U.S. It's the follow-up to WHAT IS MINE and the second installment in the Stubo and Vik series.

    Adam Stubo is a homicide detective and his wife, Vik, a retired profiler. They have an infant daughter together, and Vik's 10-year-old girl, Kristiane, is from a prior marriage. Kristiane has a behavioral disorder that doesn't fit neatly into any particular diagnosis. Stubo provides a nice balance, being almost unflappable from a domestic standpoint. However, he is obsessed with police work and finds it difficult to leave his cases in his office desk drawer. Vik, for her part, hates being described as a profiler, even if it's what she does. The two somehow make their personal and quasi-professional relationships work, if not always well.

    Which brings us to WHAT NEVER HAPPENS, in which Stubo is brought in to investigate a series of bizarre murders. The victims are all celebrities and theatrically posed. A talk show hostess is found with her tongue cut out, mutilated and lovingly arranged; the head of a political party is crucified, with a copy of the Koran inserted in her nether regions; and an acerbic literary and political critic is bludgeoned and stabbed in the eye. There are absolutely no clues, and any connections that Stubo can make among the slain only confuses matters.

    What is most interesting is that Vik --- distractions of motherhood notwithstanding --- realizes that the murders are hauntingly familiar to her. This forces her to confront an incident in her past that is her greatest secret, one she keeps even from Stubo. Ironically, it is this secret that ultimately holds the key to his murder investigation. Even more ironic, however, is that Stubo, once he gets a solid suspect, finds that he has inadvertently established the suspect's innocence --- even as he becomes certain that this individual is the murderer.

    While the conclusion of WHAT NEVER HAPPENS is not a cliffhanger, Holt does leave the reader hanging and wondering what's next.

    --- Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub