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DELL (1976)
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Rich Man, Poor Man [Paperback] by Shaw, Irwin
  • I read this book the first time some 30+ years ago and recently decided to take it on again. I'm not disappointed. The story follows the three Jordache children beginning in the 40s when they are all teens and taking them well into adulthood through the 60s. While some parts of the story seem contrived and slightly unbelievable, overall it is a captivating tale. Each main character gets to tell parts of the story in his or her own voice, which is a style I like, and Irwin Shaw certainly makes his mark with this book. Grab a copy and while away the remainder of the cold pre-spring days with this page-turner. I believe this was also made into a TV mini-series with its sequel, Beggarman, Thief...I may have to see if that is available somewhere...summer is often a long time coming here in the Pacific Northwest!

  • I actually read both books (Rich Man, Poor Man and Beggar-man, Thief) in hard back many years ago before the 2 books were made into a TV mini-series. I totally enjoyed the books (far better than the mini-series) and when I saw them in E-books I jumped on the chance to add them to my E-Library. They are the Story of a family's ups and downs in the pursuit of fortune. Mr. Shaw has the ability to take what sounds dull and turn it into a very enjoyable read. His characters are real and believable and you either love and root for them or you hate them and hope the get what they deserve. You must read the books in sequence, if you are old enough to remember the mini-series you must divorce it from you mind while reading these books.

  • I saw the mini-series in the 1970s and liked it, but had never read the book. Liked Strauss, Nolte and Blakely and bought the DVD package and viewed it again this summer (2013) and noticed how it seemed a little dated in the dialogue, but still enjoyed it.

    Then I read the book on Kindle and really liked the book much better than the series. The series had changed the characters and did a switch on some of them and the situations in their lives. I didn't like the ending, thought it was a bit abrupt and left some things hanging, until I realized that Beggar Man, Thief was actually a continuation of Rich Man, Poor Man. And I'm enjoying Beggar Man, but I'm only halfway through it.

    I like Shaw's writing style. Simple. I'm a fan of Raymond Carver & Hemingway and really like their concise, crisp simple styles, so if you're a fan of someone like Steinbeck, you may like Shaw less.

    I recommend Rich Man, Poor Man and, so far, Beggar Man Thief.

  • There's no real plot here since Rich Man, Poor Man tells the story of two brothers and a sister that begins with them as teenagers and what happens in their adult lives after the end of World War II. This is--to put it as plainly and as strongly as I can--a tremendous story that engrosses the reader. It is full of interesting, complicated characters that seem real and the writing style is...whew, yeah, so GOOD. I can't say enough about the quality of writing.

    And CANNOT WAIT to read the sequel "Beggerman, Thief".

  • I first read this book about 30 years ago, and for some reason decided to revisit it. While it's not one of the greatest stories I've ever read, I did enjoy the characters and the evolution of them throughout the story over a span of 20+ years. One starts out rooting for Rudy as the good guy; and finding Thomas loathsome and reprehensible. Over time, it is Tom who becomes the more sympathetic character and probably makes the most changes.
    Gretchen is not particularly sympathetic, nor unlikeable. The father Axel is a dreadful tyrant and the mother is a ruined woman, who eventually becomes a bit more likeable and one can understand that life with this tyrannical husband truly affected the woman she was. I would recommend this story.

  • This is one talented writer but I was surprised that I found so many typos and grammar errors (obvious ones). The story is great and I loved it, became involved in the characters, and wanted to know where it would all lead. Never expected the ending. I recommend the read.

  • Book condition was much better than I expected or hoped for in an original paperback copy from the 1970s. This copy doesn't look like it was ever read. No creases on the spine, and only minor wear on the cover. The pages are somewhat fragile because of the age, but that was to be expected. I didn't mind handling the book gingerly while I read.

    The novel itself is magnificent. I read it when I was a teenager and loved it, and wondered if the story still held up after all these years. It's better than I remembered. I'm so glad I bought it.

  • It was a great book....I had been reading free kindle books. It was refreshing reading a well written book. I have to stop being so cheap:-)