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by J. Crusie

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J. Crusie
PAN (February 1, 2002)
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Home Jennifer Crusie Fast Women. for listening to me plot my books every spring without snickering and for being the only reason to ever fly into O’Hare.

Home Jennifer Crusie Fast Women. PATRICIA GAFFNEY and JUDITH IVORY. for perfecting the art of friendship and the craft of unconditional cheerleading, and for putting up with an inordinate amount of e-whining and cyber-moaning.

One of the best things about Jennifer Crusie novels is that you usually learn something interesting while you're enjoying a really good story about characters worth knowing. In this case, you learn about collectible pottery and china. Of course, it's Ms. Crusie's superb writing that makes Fast Women so worth reading.

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Jennifer Crusie (born 1949) is a pseudonym for Jennifer Smith, a bestselling and award winning author of contemporary romance novels. She has written more than twenty novels, which have been published in 20 countries. Crusie was born as Jennifer Smith in Wapakoneta, Ohio to Jack and JoAnn Smith. She chose to honor her maternal grandmother by writing under her grandmother's maiden name, Crusie. Crusie has spent much of her life living and working in Ohio. She now resides in New Jersey.

Emotionally numb from her divorce 18 months earlier, Nell Dysart is about to waken with a vengeance. When a down-on-her-luck divorc e meets a te detective, they find out that falling in love can be murder. Nell Dysart's in trouble.

I did not find this book terribly enjoyable-not my type of book.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Crusie returns with her most hilarious, sizzling novel ye. ell Dysart's in trouble. Her divorce is 18 months old, she's been sleepwalking through life, and the best job she can get is with a detective agency that specializes in relationship work. I did not find this book terribly enjoyable-not my type of book. A bunch of women sit around a lot moaning about life, husbands, men in general. The protagonist, Nell, is divorced and walking through.

Fast Women - Jennifer Crusie. Another outstanding read from Crusie. I laughed so hard my sides hurt! Crusie's books are always funny, but beneath the humor is so much truth that her stories always make you feel and think both. Her style is exuberant and fun, but Fast Women is also about the prices of divorce-and marriage-and what love really means. jenj5Go to jenj5's profile. A fun, fast read with recognizable characters, once I started this book, I didn't want to put it down. Even though you know how this will end, the fun is in how you get there.

by. Crusie, Jennifer. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by RolandoJ on February 16, 2010.

St. Martin's Griffin. St. Jennifer Crusie is the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today bestselling author of Maybe This Time, Welcome to Temptation, Tell Me Lies, Crazy for You, Faking It, and Bet Me. She has also collaborated with Bob Mayer to write Wild Ride, Agnes and the Hitman and Don't Look Down. Crusie earned her bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University, a master's from Wright State University, and a master of fine arts from Ohio State University.

  • Fast women by Jennifer Crusie
    I gave this one a four. Not because it’s a poor story, in fact it was great, with a nicely woven mystery. All three heroines in the story were smart, funny and likable they just all had the same fear of being left alone and the same blind spot; the men in their lives. In fact so much of the book was concentrated on the relationships that I pretty much missed that there was a mystery to be solved! I realized hints about the 15 year old murder had been dropped throughout the book on the second or third reading. My bad.
    Still a fun read though.

  • "The man behind the cluttered desk looked like the devil, and Nell Dysart figured that was par for her course since she'd been going to hell for a year and a half anyway. Meeting Gabriel McKenna just meant she'd arrived."

    Nell Dysart has been emotionally frozen since her marriage abruptly ended a year and a half ago. Now, with her money running low and her self esteem non-existent, Nell is in desperate need of a job. She doesn't know what to expect when she walks through the door at McKenna Investigations, but she's pretty sure Gabriel McKenna was not one of the terrors she imagined, Dark, surly and subtly sexy, Gabe is a man who could be big trouble for Nell. That's why she is resolved to organize his office and nothing more.

    Gabe McKenna is in a rut. Somehow, Gabe has let loyalty and tradition turn into petrification. Despite being divorced for over a decade, he's still sleeping with his ex-wife - not because he's in love with her, but because she's convenient. One short interview with Nell Dysart and he's convinced she's going to drive him crazy. Still, her ex-brother-in-law is one of his biggest clients, so Gabe's going to have to hire Nell. He finds out pretty quickly that she's efficient, hard-working, stubborn and too damn sexy for his peace of mind.

    Nell and Gabe are both used to calling the shots and pretty soon they're banging heads over everything from business cards to dog-napping. When a current case of embezzling leads back to an old disappearance, the pair will have to get along to figure things out - and to avoid winding up dead.

    One of the best things about Jennifer Crusie novels is that you usually learn something interesting while you're enjoying a really good story about characters worth knowing. In this case, you learn about collectible pottery and china. Of course, it's Ms. Crusie's superb writing that makes Fast Women so worth reading. There's great chemistry between Nell and Gabe, well-developed secondary characters with their own issues and interests, an absorbing mystery and a hot romance. This is a satisfying read, perfect for any time you want something fun.

  • What a fabulous book. Crusie made me care about the lead characters, as extremely imperfect as they were ... and aren't we all? (Maybe that's why I liked them so much.) The dialogue was snappy, hilarious, and real, not like the unrelenting stream of labored wisecracks (and preoccupation with designer shoes) which has turned me off most chick lit (which category this book does NOT fall into). The mystery was skillfully interwoven. I loved the '40s, noirish, "Thin Man"/"Maltese Falcon" vibe. So much Kindle lit reads like it was written in three days and slapped into publication, so stumbling onto a book this skillful was thrilling. It's my first Crusie book and I can't wait to read more.

  • After reading a couple other Jennifer Crusie books I was excited to read Fast Women; unfortunately it fell short of my expectations. Several other reviewers already gave detailed info on the characters so I won't elaborate on them (just as we're all drawn to different people, I think you need to decide for yourself if you'll like a character or not).

    The book starts out funny but it takes a long time to get the momentum going, so much so that I almost didn't finish it - but I'm glad I did. There were times when I was smiling or laughing - enough so that my husband asked what was so funny. I think paring the book down would've helped to keep my interest level up but the last few chapters definitely drew you in and sped by much faster than most of the book.

    It's a good or ok read, not a great one.

  • I love Jennifer Crusie books! However when I read the reviews for this book I was hesistant to read it. The main character sleeps with someone other than the hero? I wasn't sure I wanted to read the book and be disappointed! I put it on my bookshelf to be read later, after about 3 months I decided what the heck! I'll give it a try! I'm sure glad I did. Nell's husband suddenly leaves her on Christmas day. She's stunned! Not only was he her husband of 20 years but he was also her boss. So, she not only lost her husband but she also lost her job! Finally she's trying to put her life back together and she gets a job at McKenna's detective agency. Gabe McKenna is the hero of this book and his best friend Riley is his partner in the agency. Before Nell and Gabe get together she has a one night stand with Riley. Strangly enough I could totally understand this! Riley is gorgeous! He's years younger than Nell. Nell's husband left her for a younger woman, she's feeling really lousy about herself and here is this gorgeous younger man who wants to sleep with her. Gabe and Nell weren't involved yet and it certainly made for very a humorous situation in when they all met up with Nell's ex-husband. As to Gabe's relationship with his ex-wife. That ends very quickly in the beginning of the book and Nell has been working for the agency for a day or so when Gabe and Chloe are over. All in all I laughed myself silly numerous times and the issues that some of the other reviews found undesirable I found made perfect sense in the context of the book. I'm glad I took it off my shelf and gave it a chance!

  • I picked up this book, not having heard of this author, not expecting anything really but something to read. What a surprise this book was. The characters were rich, the plot interesting and the authors perspective on marriage and divorce worthy of an award! I enjoyed this book immensely and will be looking for any others written by Jennifer Crusie