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by John Norman

ePub Fighting Slave of Gor download
John Norman
W.H. Allen / Virgin Books; New Ed edition (1982)
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Читать онлайн Fighting Slave of Gor. Norman John. Fighting slave of gor. (Volume Fourteen of the Chronicles of Counter Earth). Chapter 1 - THE RESTAURANT; THE CAB. "May I speak to you intimately, Jason?" she asked.

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Norman John Fighting Slave of Gor - читать книгу онлайн бесплатно. 10 I find myself slave in the house of the lady tima; I am recreation for the lady tima, after she has finished her work. 27. 11 the room of preparation. 29. 12 the market of tima. 33. 13 the lady florence:I encounter a slave girl,whom I learn is owned by oneander of ar.

Gron!"In a moment two extremely large and powerful men had responded to her call. They were dressed not unlike her, save for the halter and the leather band which bound back her hair. bare, were large and broad. The chest of one was hairy; that of the other was smooth. Their arms and thighs were like iron. They carried no whips. One seemed Caucasian and the other Oriental. The Caucasian had shaggy, brown hair and the Oriental had had his head shaved, except for a topknot of black, shiny hair

Book 2. Outlaw of Gor. by John Norman. Shelve Fighting Slave of Gor. Want to Read.

Book 2.

Fighting Slave of Gor (G. .has been added to your Cart. John Norman, born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1931, is the creator of the Gorean Saga, the longest-running series of adventure novels in science fiction history

Fighting Slave of Gor (G. John Norman, born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1931, is the creator of the Gorean Saga, the longest-running series of adventure novels in science fiction history.

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John Norman Fighting Slave of Gor (Chronicles of Counter-Earth - 14. They purport, as I understand it, to be generally the work of others, usually of an individual called Tarl Cabot.

John Norman Fighting Slave of Gor (Chronicles of Counter-Earth - 14). 1 THE RESTAURANT; The Cab. There was a Cabot," she said, "who disappeared. Norman receives the manuscripts, does he not, from someone called Harrison Smith. He is probably the true author. Harrison Smith is not his true name," she said. It was changed by Norman to protect his friend. But I have spoken with this 'Harrison Smith. Annotation. Attempting to save his girl friend from a Gorean slave trap, Jason Marshall found himself kidnapped to that legendary counter-Earth planet. And as such found himself the first civilized Earth male to become enslaved in the ruthless chains of Gorean society.

  • The book was OK and did not disappoint me. I enjoy the travels and adventures of Tarl Cabot, the vivid descriptions of all things Gorean that Mr. Norman describes so well, and do not mind the lengthy and repetitive discussions between Tarl and various girls about the naturalness of female slavery and her rightful place in society, but I admit I missed Tarl in this book.

    The character, Jason Marshall, was OK as was his adventure on Gor as a transplanted male from Earth. I do not understand why Mr. Norman created a new protaganist for the Gorean saga and I was skeptical of this concept, but the story was good. He appears in three books and there is continuity in the story line.

    For a fan of Gor, the action, vivid descriptions of Gorean life, strong fighting scenes, etc. are all there for you, minus Tarl Cabot. I will admit that one could skip this book and not lose out on any of the continuing saga of Tarl Cabot.

  • I used to like this John Norma books, but as it goes farther, the novels are geting worse. I just kep buying them because of the good impresion I have from the first seven books. Maybe at some time novels will get better. For now, I don't read them all or don't complete the reading when I feel its going to be the same.

    Sorry, I buy them but I must say I don't bery much like them.

  • From being a man of earth to a slave on Gor.Jason learns alto about himself and the true nature of men.

  • I finally am getting my collection back and love it. Only a few more to get and then enjoy them, this will add to my experience with online Gor and those few friends I've made at Gor Fests.

  • Good story line from the point of view of a male slave


  • I enjoy the entire Gor series.

  • This was a pretty good side story though I want to know more about take than this guy. Next book!