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by Irving Benig

ePub The Messiah Stones download
Irving Benig
Ballantine Books; Ballantine Books ed edition (October 22, 1996)
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The Messiah Stones book. It has a DaVinci Code feel, but more faithful, less conspiracy.

The Messiah Stones book. An ordinary ma. n ancient secret. a remarkable quest for faith. Not a Christian religious thriller, but it heads down that road.

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AN ORDINARY MA. 50 years ago John McGowan's father made an extraordinary discovery in the Holy Land. He found a set of stones that told of the coming of the messiah in 2000 . John sets off with his wife on a quest to confront his own ultimate destiny.

The letters document Bill's discovery ofand eventual loss ofthe & Stones,'' three . First-time author Benig may not be the second coming of James Redfield, but this lightweight adventure can be a fun jaunt nonetheless.

The letters document Bill's discovery ofand eventual loss ofthe & Stones,'' three carved tablets given to Moses by Jehovah prophesying the final coming of the Messiah.

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Irving Benig is a poet, novelist and playwright in New York. Mr. Benig was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States, on July 11, 1944. He is the son of Philip (a clerk) and Lillian (a seamstress; maiden name, Bergerson) Benig. Irving Benig graduated from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1965. In 1966 he graduated from University of Chicago, receiving his Master of Arts degree. The Messiah Stones ) The Children: Poems and Prose from Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Manufacturer: Villard Release date: 10 October 1995 ISBN-10 : 0679447490 ISBN-13: 9780679447498.

Jones - Irving Berlin 02:20 - Only For Americans - The Andrews Sisters 04:51 - I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm - The Mills Brothers 08:07 - Blue Skies - Ella Fitzgerald & Buddy Rich 11:09 - A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody - Toots Thielemans 13:42 - Night Mist - Nancy Wilson 16:19 - When That Man Is Dead and Gone - Glenn Miller 19

AN ORDINARY MAN.AN ANCIENT SECRET.A REMARKABLE QUEST FOR FAITH.John McGowan lives a quiet, uncomplicated life--until he inherits a extraordinary legacy from his long-missing father. Fifty years before, archaeologist Bill McGowan made a wondrous discovery in the Holy Land: a set of carved, glowing stones that contained amazing revelations about the coming millennium. But the stones were lost.Now John must embark on an incredible journey to unravel their mystery. With his wife, Sarah, at his side, he will witness a series of miracles that will challenge all that he believes. He will experience mystical dreams and visions. And finally, he will travel to Jerusalem, where he will come face-to-face with his ultimate destiny.Powerfully moving and relentlessly suspenseful, The Messiah Stones is a tale of the human spirit in search of a secret, in search of faith, and in search of the Eternal that connects us all. . . .
  • This is a worthwhile book to own. I left my original copy on the plane and didn't think I'd be able to replace it and then here it was on Amazon. I hope to finish it on my next flight and trip. It did get me hooked as the antagonist finds more and more people and clues to the Messiah Stones.

  • This is a excellent read this is my second time reading it so glad i found it again...

  • I had to buy this book for my book club selection. Usually I can find something I like about a book, but not this time. There were no interesting or likeable characters, plot was far fetched and pointless. Seems that the author was getting nervous about the approaching "Y2K" and dwells on the end of the world. We're still here.

  • THE BENG IN BENIG: Soul Journeys: I stumbled into this book by the usual serendipity at our local library. There always 'seems' to be a reason and surely, there WAS, as there are ideas in this book that are deep and about the spiritual wellspring of all religions as well as that inchoate, age-old longing for Messianic "deliverance". The book reminds me in some ways of The Celestine Prophesy, because it is a kind of serendipitous blend of circumstance that seems fated that leads the characters forward into an adventure of soul. I like the candid feelings of those going through the adventure because they are honest about how it must feel to be "led" in such a visible way, and I think there is a truth to this that surely the prophets --- and others have experienced in looking down the years at their own stories and how the threads seem to magically pull together. It's a blend that contains both the fearful being about awe and the mystery. There were aspects of this book that taught me some answers to mysteries from my own life, and there were some powerful echoes I could relate to... and so for me, this was definitely a good and meaningful read. It goes only so far, and in a way has a lot of gaps and leaves, as story, many "openings" to speculation as to what is going on and seems, in a way also to end without answers and perhaps, too easily and in too pat a manner. But it's a good effort and has a lot in it that is based on very true and deep writings that have to do with the subject matter. it's an easy read and does have a mesmerizing quality. I read it quickly and with interest.

  • I have read a great deal of Bible fiction, so I feel that I am qualified to write a review of this book. It is amazing that any publisher ever gave this poorly written book with a rambling plot line and dull, unimaginative dialogue a second look. So, in a nutshell...the Creator (never "God") gave to Moses, in addition to the well-known tablets, a second set of glow-in-the-dark Messiah Stones which predict the return of the Messiah (never called "Jesus") in the year 2000. (Forget what you read in the Bible about "no one knows the hour or the day.") Written on the stones along with the Hebrew, Latin and Greek prophecy, is the main character's name "McGowan!" It is never explained why his name is so significant. Through a tedious search, McGowan finds a couple Angels, learns about "perfect souls," people put here throughout history by the Creator to keep mankind from going too far astray, and he comes to the realization that all religions are basically the same, all lead to the Creator and that ultimately, when Messiah returns, we can all stop being reincarnated (including Messiah himself, who has lived among us all these years in different bodies) and go back to the Garden of Eden to live. This is a hodge-podge of Eastern religion, Christianity, Mormonism, Mysticism and boring self-examination. What little plot there is runs out long before the end of the book, and the author seems to have given up trying to make it interesting; he just (mercifully) ends it. At least I bought this at Half-Price Books! DON'T waste your time, 'nuf said?

  • I can only say that I am glad I borrowed the book from the library and didn't waste money on it. A title and subject with promise, but that's where it ends. The characters are interchangeable, the dialog dull and flat. Everything is the story falls into place without a shred of suspense--and you really have to suspend your imagination. How many college professors can just get up and leave their class whenever they want? Their children are conveniently packed up when necessary. And those dream recollections...great for an insomniac to read because they will put you into a deep sleep. The ending gives you no clue as to what the sacred stones are really about...I think the author was probably so bored himself that he just put in a period and said that's the end. I gave this book one star only because Amazon does not permit you to rate in the negatives