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by Lloyd C. Douglas

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Lloyd C. Douglas
Houghton Mifflin; Later Printing edition (January 1, 1970)
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. When Robert Merrick's life is saved at the expense of the life of an eccentric but adored surgeon.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Magnificent Obsession.

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Magnificent Obsession is a 1954 Technicolor drama romantic film directed by Douglas Sirk starring Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson. The screenplay was written by Robert Blees and Wells Root, after the 1929 book Magnificent Obsession by Lloyd C. Douglas. The film was produced by Ross Hunter. Sirk sometimes claimed that the story was based distantly on the Greek legend of Alcestis. In 1935, Universal Pictures introduced Magnificent Obsession starring Irene Dunne and Robert Taylor, based on Lloyd C. Douglas' book.

Magnificent Obsession book. Lloyd C. Douglas was a noteworthy American minister and author. He spent part of his boyhood in Monroeville, Indiana, Wilmot, Indiana and Florence, Kentucky, where his father, Alexander Jackson Douglas, was pastor of the Hopeful Lutheran Church. He died in Los Angeles, California. Douglas was one of the most popular American authors of his time, although he didn't write his first novel until he was Lloyd C.

Lloyd C. Douglas' Magnificent Obsession book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Lloyd C. Douglas' Magnificent Obsession as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Magnificent Obsession is a 1929 novel by Lloyd . .

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When Robert Merrick's life is saved at the expense of the life of an eccentric but adored surgeon, the carefree playboy is forced to reevaluate his own path. Merrick embarks on a course of anonymous philanthropy, inspired by reading the doctor's private papers.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Magnificent Obsession by Lloyd C Douglas . Douglas was one of the most popular American authors of his time, although he did t write his first vel until he was 50. Product Identifiers.

Douglas was one of the most popular American authors of his time, although he did t write his first vel until he was 50.

Title: Magnificent Obsession By: Lloyd C. Douglas Format: Paperback Vendor: Mariner Books Publication . Lloyd Cassel Douglas (1877-1951) began his writing career in midlife, after working for many years as a minister. Douglas Format: Paperback Vendor: Mariner Books Publication Date: 1999. Dimensions: . 0 X . 0 (inches) Weight: 11 ounces ISBN: 0395957745 ISBN-13: 9780395957745 Stock No: WW957745. He gained international fame with his novels Magnificent Obsession 91929) and The Robe (1942).

A romantic novel, studies social attitudes and combines elements of drama, love, pathos and idealism
  • My complaint is not the story. This book is not available on Kindle, so I ordered a print copy. The text in this edition is quite small, perhaps even 6 pt. I'll struggle with a footnote presented in a small font, but not an entire book.

  • Original writing of the time by the author (1929) is difficult to understand, but worth reading. The first two chapters are complex, but do not give up! Magnificent Obsession is intricate and interesting with a divinely woven plot - never letting the left hand know what the right hand is doing!
    Great message and unique characters make for a great plot.

  • Lloyd Cassel Douglas, 1877-1951, was a minister before he was an author. MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION, was his first book written and published after he retired from the pulpit around 1928. How appropriate then that this book's main subject centers around his old boss, the Galilean from Nazareth. His novels are of a didactic tone purposed for developing strong moral character. His writing is of the very formal literary style of the day, and tilt toward the upper class vernacular of that era. This is a classic novel that was first published in 1929.
    The protagonist is Robert Merrick (Bobby), a good for nothing carousing playboy that drinks too much, and chases women. His parents inherent money led to their irresponsible, self indulgent attitudes, and those bad traits carried over into their son’s life; he could always buy his way out of any bad situation.
    The money came from his grandfather, Nicholas J. Merrick, who was the founder of Axiom Motor Corporation, and still a large stockholder of that company. Nic Merrick worked hard for the wealth his family took for granted. His family was a disappointment to him. That is until Bobby Merrick’s life was changed by an unfortunate chain of events.
    Bobby lived with his grandfather at Windymere, a retreat by a lake out in the country. Bobby’s father, Clif, had died when he was young, and his self absorbed mother, Maxine, abandoned him to go live in Europe, leaving him to live with his grandfather Nic. His neighbor was a prominent brain surgeon from Detroit, Dr. Wayne Hudson, who had recently married in hopes of helping his daughter, and moved his family to his newly constructed retreat, Flintridge, across the lake from Windymere.
    Dr. Hudson was the most important brain surgeon in the country, but his career was being threatened by what his close colleges that worked with him at Brightwood Hospital in Detroit called “little idiosyncrasies”, and his not so close colleges called “clean-cut psychoses”. All colleges thought Dr. Hudson’s extreme hard work and dedication, along with concern about his out of control daughter, Joyce, was killing his health, mental and physical. It was decided that Dr. Pyle, who idolized the prominent brain surgeon, would talk to the Dr. and convince him to take his daughter and go on a long vacation.
    Dr. Hudson completely turned the tables on Dr. Pyle when he finally got the gumption to approach the good Dr. about taking a vacation. Before Dr. Pyle could say a word Dr. Hudson informed him that he was going to marry his daughter’s college classmate, Helen Brent, because Miss Brent had such a positive effect on his daughter. Joyce was a perfect lady and good student when in the presents of Helen. Telling Dr. Pyle that it sounds like one of those “January and June” weddings; that he was not fooling himself, and it was to be a marriage on behalf of his daughter. A “mariage de convenance”. That he was building his country retreat, Flintridge, and retiring there for the sake of his family. Dr. Pyle was amazed, as were all his associates at Brightwood Hospital.
    One of Dr. Hudson’s ‘idiosyncrasies’ was living without fear; must not fear anything. He feared swimming, but he swam.
    “Still swim?”
    “Enjoy it?”
    “Well - it’s good for me.”
    “Keeps your weight down?”
    “Perhaps. But, in any event, it’s good for me.”
    The visitor then asked about a “strange piece of furniture” that was sitting there, his super-type inhalator. Dr. Hudson briefly explained what it was, and that it was to be used if anyone were to fall in the deep water; it would be of great use.
    Then the unfortunate chain of events that spurred Bobby Merrick to reevaluate his life, to commit his life to doing good for others, happened. Bobby’s boat had somehow exploded and he was blown off the boat, and would have died except for the aid of Dr. Hudson’s super-type inhalator. Unfortunately, on the other side of the lake, Dr. Hudson died from drowning because he din’t have his inhalator there to save his life, because it had been taken to the other side of the lake to help save Bobby’s life.
    The village Dr. attending to Bobby shipped him off to Brightwood Hospital, famous for its brain surgery, not knowing that Dr. Hudson wouldn't be there. When Merrick revived he was tortured by the ill treatment, or rather hateful attitude of the staff there. He tried to make it right by throwing his money at the problem, not knowing that everyone there blamed him for the death of their beloved Dr. Hudson. That is until Nancy Ashford, the most intimate of Dr. Hudson’s associates, kindly filled him in. Once Merrick transformed his life to one of doing good, and committed his life to the service of mankind, Mrs. Ashford became his biggest ally.
    By chance he came to the aid of Mrs. Helen Hudson, still in mourning from her husband's passing, when her car got stuck in a ditch near Windymere, where Merrick again went to live with his grandfather after his recovery from the hospital. He didn't reveal who he was for fear she hated him so. It was love at first sight. This impossible love story carries throughout the story, and ends on the last pages in a quite dramatic and satisfying fashion.
    Bobby became Dr. Merrick, brain surgeon, and inventor of a surgical tool that catheterized vital veins during the surgical process. Loved and hoorayed by all just as Dr. Hudson had been. Since gaining Mrs. Ashford’s approval and admiration, she entrusted ‘a little coded book’ of Dr. Hudson’s to Dr. Merrick. Decoding this little book solidified Dr Merrick’s religious convictions, which until his accident were nil. He concluded that religion wasn’t a thing out there. It is as certain as the physical sciences used in materia medica. Dr. Hudson’s little coded book described a sort of personality transference. Help people by doing good deeds in an effort to help them reclaim their own lives. And, most importantly, keep it to yourself. That by doing so your own life would be blessed with all the good your heart desires. To quote Dr. Merrick, if only people “...realized how human personality can be made just as receptive to the power of our Major Personality.” Just as surely as electricity can be transferred in physical science. Beautiful premise, beautiful story.
    It is sacrilegious to be allowed to give this classical literature only five stars.

  • This book explores a somewhat different philosophy on how a man or woman can live their own principles at the highest influence of an unselfish expansion of the major spiritual influences won through the stories of individuals who put the philosophy to work in their own lives and passed the ideas along to others.

    An extraordinary book. It was also made into a lovely movie starring Rock Hudson and Jane
    Wyman. Amazon has the movie available for your enlightenment.

  • Lloyd C. Douglas wrote many inspirational stories some years ago and I remembered being particularly touched by his story of a young surgeon who discovers a way to make his life my youth. I purchased this book to reconnect with the story and to remember his method of making a difference. While I don't personally agree with the sentiments I found the idea interesting and challenging. The writing is in that inspirational genre and is sentimental rather than probing and analytical, however I felt that I was more than capable of reading the book for the idea rather than the sentiment and as such I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the idealised look at a past generation.

  • Author Lloyd C. Douglas offers an extraordinary gift in this book -- the spiritual key to a fulfilled life. Together with the sequel, "Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal," Douglas uses the vehicle of compelling storytelling to describe a way to extend oneself outward and form an eternal connection with humankind. Douglas, a former Protestant minister who also gave us "The Robe" and "The Big Fisherman," explains how one's life can be transformed through the act of giving to others. I first read this book and its sequel when I was a young teenager. They have remained at the top of my favorites list ever since. Whether you're looking for an enjoyable novel, or something with deeper meaning, "Magnificent Obsession" will not disappoint you.

  • A wonderfully timeless and suspenseful story that has real-life helps for the Christian who wants to do better.

  • Great. It was great when I was a child and equally inspiring today. It told a story in an easy and fun way .