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by David Baldacci

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David Baldacci
Grand Central; Large Print edition (2009)
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Home David Baldacci First Family. Part of Sean King & Michelle Maxwell series by David Baldacci.

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Home David Baldacci First Family. The backyard was lushly and professionally landscaped. He eyed the large pool, waterfall, and the pool house that matched the materials used. Two years ago they had visited the First Family at a hundred-year-old coastal home in South Carolina that wealthy friends of the president had lent them for a two-week summer holiday. Colleen Dutton, who was then only five, had locked herself in the bathroom. The terrified girl had screamed and pounded on the old door and pulled on its antiquated lock, but to no avail. Raising a large family on a cop’s salary was no easy thing, and her parents had sacrificed much for them

Home David Baldacci First Family. Raising a large family on a cop’s salary was no easy thing, and her parents had sacrificed much for them. She had no problem paying that debt back. She pulled out her phone and called her eldest brother. WHILE HIS PARTNER was in Tennessee trying to confront family demons, Sean was finishing up some Italian take-out in his office and still studying the reams of paper he’d printed off the computer. He was hoping that buried in here somewhere was a clue that would tell him if Tuck Dutton had had his wife killed and his daughter kidnapped for reasons yet unknown.

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First Family by David Baldacci. Hardcover with a Dust Jacket.

David Baldacci introduces an unforgettable heroine who must think fast, hit hard, and defy all odds to uncover the truth. Freddy and the French Fries Series. Freddy Funkhouser loves coming up with ideas to bolster business for his family's fast-food health restaurant, Burger Castle. But sometimes his inventions don’t always work as planned. Whether he’s accidentally making french fries come to life, travelling in a time machine, or standing up to bullies, Freddy and his best friend Howie Kapowie use their smarts to prove that brains have an edge over brawn any time.

  • King and Maxwell are such a good team. Of the 3 - 4 books I've read involving this team, I like this book the best. It was so interesting and I liked much of the dialogue between Sean and Michelle. They're so comfortable with each other. Their banter is fun to hear and occasionally they ribbed one another - particularly in this book. We also sometimes know their inner thoughts - including dread or fear at times. Very near the beginning, King and Maxwell come across Tyler - a teenager - who was thinking about running away from home. Initially, almost against their better judgement, they take to him and become involved in helping him with what turns out to be huge; at the same time, they know he can't really pay them. As they they become more involved, and some threats were made against them, Sean quipped to Michelle: "In for a dime, in for a dollar." Michelle replied dryly, "I'm just wondering when we're going to run out of change."
    Eventually their sheltering Tyler and their wanting to understand more about some mysterious events unfolding led them them in several different directions. The plot kept going and going: in the first third of the book it seemed as if nothing was really going to happen. Plus at times too much explanation was given about what they were doing. Then it suddenly picked up. I'm so glad I continued the book. Of course some bad guys were involved; we're kept in the dark for quite awhile about how exactly are the "bad guys".

  • A lively sometimes believable story of sex and violence. Politicians think they are above the law and usually are. Sam Quarry with a work ethic that made America what it is levels the playing field because his daughter was damaged with disregard. King and Maxwell save the day but later make sure documents of politician malfeasance reaches appropriate hands. Though Sam Quarry is killed it is during the effort to save the youngsters. Ever the teacher, he instructs the children to avoid hatred because revenge is wrong.

  • Baldacci is one of my favorite authors. Anything he writes, I am eager to read and always enjoy particularly the political plots. This one was intriguing in that he did NOT try to paint the President and the First Lady as perfectly innocent and untouchable but instead as real people with real faults and problems. The picture of the First Lady as responsible for her husband is one that too many women understand too well. King and Maxwell are, as usual, bigger than life in some ways, but that is what we like about them. Their dedication to one another is particularly attractive. King's trip to Maxwell's home town is particularly touching and their dedication to that mystery in the middle of the Presidential kidnapping was a glimpse into their real character. The exposure to the little place in Alabama was a character sketch in itself. My heart understood the Quarry family as well as Ruth Ann and Gabriel and their devotion. In short, the plot within a plot is pure Baldacci at his best and the end is absolutely AMAZING! When I finished the book, I put it down absolutely exhausted but totally pleased with another finely tuned mystery that teased my brain and taught m a lesson. I highly recommend it to readers who love to be challenged and want to feel the energy.

  • For an author that apparently researches his books, I had a difficult time with the kidnapper. The author makes it a point to tell us several times that the man had no education and then mentions several times that he was a F-4 pilot in Viet Nam. As an Air Force veteran I can tell you that a college education and officer training are a requirement to be a military pilot. These type of gaffes make it hard to stay focused on a book that already wanders around too much. Where were the editors?

  • A good author knows how to write complex interwoven plot lines, flesh out characters so they seem real, make the reader care about what's happening, keep them guessing, and not rely on coincidence. Baldacci is a very good author.

    For all its action and adventure elements, the story unwinds slowly, giving us plenty of "what the heck" issues followed by small glimpses of the truth. The convenient mechanism is a team of private detectives, both former Secret Service agents, who are called in to assist when the First Lady's favorite niece is kidnapped. Why was she (and not any of the rest of her family) kidnapped? Why was her mother, the First Lady's sister-in-law, killed and her father, the First Lady's brother, knocked out, during the kidnapping? Who did the kidnapping? What was their motivation? Can she be rescued alive? Will the FBI and the Secret Service and all the other feds crawling all over the case only make matters worse?

    We get a bit of this at a time, including getting to know the kidnapper early on, and a little bit about his motivation. We find that he is not, apparently, a cruel person, but that something compels him to this. What? That takes a long time to bring out.

    What is the meaning of the letters written on the arm of the girl's dead mother? What do the various characters know that they will not reveal? Why will they keep important information secret when it could easily cost the life of a pretty, smart, lovable little girl?

    Certainly any mystery has plenty of questions, but few authors other than Baldacci could wrap them up so well. In the process, we get a close look at the Secret Service, the impenetrable fish bowl that surrounds the First Family, and how it affects those who are close to them but outside the bubble.