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by Charlotte Louise Dolan

ePub The Counterfeit Gentleman download
Charlotte Louise Dolan
G K Hall & Co (December 1, 1994)
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Charlotte Louise Dolan. Stooping to be conquered. That’s not a matter for us to decide. The gentleman who hired us was most specific.

Charlotte Louise Dolan. Miss Bethia Pepperell owed her life to the dark and handsome stranger who called himself Digory Rendel and who had fished her out of the sea. That, however, did not mean she should give him her heart in return. It was unthinkable that as highborn a young lady as she should stoop to be conquered by a man who did not even pretend to be a gentleman. It must look like an accidental drowning, and ropes might leave suspicious marks on her skin. Instructing him to wait for her, she entered the premises alone and without undue problems, sold for a bit more than £3,000 a diamond bracelet that had come to her from her mother. to hold this back for a week or two, the clerk assured her, in the event that you might wish to redeem i. .

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Charlotte Louise Dolan Regency Romance by Charlotte Louise Dolan; originally published by Signet. Marigold Kinderley's uncle kept her wrapped in cotton wool. So Lady Sylvia found a way to take Marigold home with her for summer break. by Charlotte Louise Dolan. I immensely enjoyed this book. I liked Ms. Dolan's characters and found them immediately appealing. I admit the storyline was not all that realistic, but I liked the adventure aspect. Ms. Dolan reminds me a bit of Carla Kelly's characters, in that they are truly unique, three dimensional, and very memorable. This one will be a keeper on my shelves. Witty, and mysterious. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 21 years ago. Meribe Prestwich had once been the darling of the ton. But she’d married for love a gentleman who subsequently had had many accidents, eventually resulting in his death. Now Meribe was ostracized-by all except Lord Thorverton. And he seemed to have not the slightest hesitation in trying to win her-though surely he should be shaken by her very reputation. Select the first letter.

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Book by Dolan, Charlotte Louise
  • We were first introduced to Digory in his sister, Cassandra's book - "The Unofficial Suitor." Digory was the illegitimate son of Cassandra's father, the former earl of Blackstone. Even though Digory was not a true gentleman, he was an ethical man and had made his way in the world as a smuggler and also in other areas revealed within this book.

    Bethia Pepperell was an heiress whose nasty cousin was intent on gettting her killed off so he could inherit her wealth. In fact, the book begins with her being taken out to sea in order to be drowned. The murderers didn't count on Digory being close at hand to rescue the lovely, feisty Bethia. Once Digory saves her life, Bethia cannot let him go - not hardly for a few minutes. She wants him close by her side, so Digory complies with her wishes, knowing all the while that it will not work out between them due to their different social status with society.

    As the storyline proceeds, Digory thinks he has a plan that will see Bethia safe until she is able to turn 21 and be in charge of her own funds. Ever the gentleman, he keeps her virtue safe and commits himself to her safety even as he falls hopelessly in love with her. This is truly a sweet romance with two worthy individuals and we even have a couple of surprises toward the end of the book - one very unpleasant and one very pleasant - an altogether enjoyable book. And, of course our dear Lady Leticia is along for the ride - what would we do without her assistance in these books. She is a delight.

  • I love this book! It is filled with romance and heroic adventure. A hero who has been working in defense of England during the Napoleonic Wars, using his smuggling background to help English spies defeat Napoleon. A hero who worked behind the scenes to help his half sister in a previous book avoid loveless matches that would only benefit her evil half-brother benefit monetarily. Diggory Rendel is a hero in the style of heroes of the past. Yet, not quite as conventional. He saves a young heiress from death and falls in love. Charlotte Louise Dolan uses plot devices of the past but finds her own path and creates delightful characters. Her supporting characters are so enchanting that I would love reading stories that feature them in leading roles. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read! I recommend it!

  • This author is one of my favorites and this book did not disappoint. It contains some of the characters in this author's previous novel, THE UNOFFICIAL SUITOR. This book centers on Digory Rendel, a retired smuggler and Bethia Pepperell, daughter of a Baron and an heiress. This story starts with excitement, one of Bethia's cousins has had her kidnapped and the kidnappers are in the process of tossing her into the sea to drown. Digory is fishing nearby and rescues her, and the story begins. Digory is rich, but he knows that he is not good enough for Bethia because he is base born. Digory and Bethia fall in love and fate brings them together. This book is packed with excitement and intrigue as well as a love story. I loved this book and I highly recommend it.

  • I like Charlotte's stories, though I will admit they are not all good reads. This one was and the story was well done. It never ceases to amaze that the people who are not the "upper crust"'of society at the time (billed the worlds worst class conscious snobs) pale into comparison to those more gently bred - no matter which side of the blanket that breeding took place! But all is resolved in a most exciting and satisfying manner...

  • Wonderful plot. Wonderful characters. Exciting suspense. Excellent love story. Although this was basically a light romance, the ugly side of class divisions and the plight of women was strongly described in unfavorable terms. Because of that, the story had depth and compassion. I strongly recommend reading The Unofficial Suitor first which is the prequel. A hero doesn't get much better than Digory and his character is introduced in the first book. Lady Lititia gets better with each book. LOVED IT!!!

  • Had some rainy days to sit through at home, and found this book enjoyable reading. No unnecessary padding with graphic sex, but a diverting unfolding of a good plot.

  • Charlotte Louise Dolan creates such wonderful characters. Some appear in more than one of her books, but all are memorable.
    There are a few re-occurring characters in this novel but you don't have to read all the stories to enjoy this one.
    It starts with a rescue and the two main characters keep rescuing each other until the end.
    A good read.

  • I really love the old Signet regencies and Ms. Dolan is one of my favorite authors. The substitute bridegroom is at the top of my list. The counterfeit Gentleman is another one and I do have all of her books that my Kindle offers. Most of the authors who wrote for Signet regency are the kind of books I just love to read. I do wish more of these Authors would put their books on the kindle. I do have quite a number of these books but there are some hold-outs and I hope that soon there will be more of them.