» » The Silent Miaow: Manual for Kittens, Strays and Homeless Cats

ePub The Silent Miaow: Manual for Kittens, Strays and Homeless Cats download

by Paul Gallico,Paul W. Gallico

ePub The Silent Miaow: Manual for Kittens, Strays and Homeless Cats download
Paul Gallico,Paul W. Gallico
Souvenir Press Ltd; New Ed edition (October 16, 1986)
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  • A must have for cat lovers.

    This is a manual written for kittens, strays and homeless cats on how to manipulate humans into caring for them, written for them of course, by a cat. Painstakingly translated from a cat's horrible typing skills by Paul Gallico in 1964 (possibly earlier) the human reader will read and instantly recognize the nefarious tactics used by felines to get us to do whatever they feel like.

    Packed with photographs (albeit black and white ones) this book serves as a masterful dissection of human psychology, and how our feline overlords use their mastery of that knowledge to dominate us.

    You might think that after reading this book, that you can take countermeasures to mitigate the nonstop onslaught of feline psy-ops. Just forget it, resistance is futile. They have won before the battle has begun.

    Still a great book though.

  • Anyone who has a cat or loves them will smile at this book. It is technically out of print and the pictures are black and white but the narrative sounds like what you think a cat would say exactly. Fun read and great cat perspective. I highly recommend it for the cat lover. I have bought several copies over the years and every time I lend one out, it never comes back! It's that good.

  • I love this book, and have tracked down several copies to give as gifts over the years. Although Paul Gallico is a splendid writer, it is only fair to note that mine is scarcely an objective assessment of pure literary merit. This is a distinctly whimsical, book aimed at a specific population of people who have been owned by cats, and from whom the tale will elicit smiles of recognition. The photos are delightful, and the "instruction manual" describes a variety of behaviors with attendant motives some of us have long suspected. Curl up with a favorite feline....relax....Enjoy the Read!

  • The Silent Meow is a wonderful book for cat lovers in general and children as well. The author, Paul Gallico, has written many books about cats, including some that have been made into movies. He understands human nature and the human affection for animals. In this book he allows a cat to speak as it were capable of Humanspeak. The two species are able to observe each other across the great divide of human and feline comprehension. The cat's point of view is predictable and fully justified, and her goals, values, and opinions will be no surprise to humans who know cats and have learned to respect other animal species and attempt to understand those other species' values and priorities.

  • As a cat lover, and servant to one, I was delighted to learn one cat had actually shared with the reading public, the machinations she employed to gain total control over her humans. Loved it all.

  • A mother cat teaching her kittens how to manipulate their humans.

  • These days, in the age of You Tube, we are all too familiar with the concept of the, "funny," talking cat. In fact, Anderson Cooper, of CNN, has recently reported that the cat video is the most frequented variety of the homemade humorous videos featured on such sites. Thereby, this book shall seem, to the casual observer, to be nothing novel. Upon further examination, however, one will find that this book is delightfully unique.

    The feline author of the manuscript upon which this book is based is not the average, "I can haz cheeseburger," variety of grammar naïve and spelling-butchering kittens abundant on the internet. Rather, this ghost writer of feline persuasion is intelligent and eloquent. Even the translator, Paul Gallico, seems astonished with the quality of the original transcript.

    As the Editor, also Paul Gallico, explains in his forward, the manuscript for this work was delivered in a clandestine manner to the doorstep of another editor, one who specialized in educational books. In the forward, Gallico offers a well thought out and quite believable speculation as to the method in which the mysterious cat could have typed the manuscript on an old-fashioned typewriter. Further, his theory is evidenced by the typos found in the original manuscript, which coincide perfectly with the result achieved by fingers (or paws, in this case) too large to strike just a single key at a time (eg. using a, "b," where an, "n," should be).

    Gallico has, "broken," what initially appeared to be complex code by doing exactly that at which superb editors excel, namely unveiling exquisite literary works by simply correcting the (typographical or other) errors that mask their true greatness (and incidentally, often their underlying meanings). By recognizing that the use a particular letter could actually be intent to use any of that letter's proximal neighbors, Gallico uncovers an educational text written by an unknown cat and intended to impart wisdom to the youth of his species.

    The author of the manuscript has gone from vagabond to well-loved house cat, who truly rules the roost. Upon perfection of his technique of doing so, he has decided to write an instructional, "How To," book for kittens. Chapters include : Take-Over, People, Property Rights, Attitudes, Speech, and many more. Each is peppered with illustrative photographs, which alone are worth the price of the book.

    This book works so well, not only because the back story of its origin is so darned believable and supported with evidentiary photographs; it stands alone as one the earliest works of its type, published in 1964. I would hazard to say that Gallico was the first to discover the literary genius hidden in our feline friends. If he was not, he certainly was the perfecter of the concept, as his narrating cat is not of the, "If Not For Sits Why Is It Made of Warm," or "I can Haz [stuff]," variety.

    Because the text is so well written that the reader is not stumbling over annoyingly, "cute," grammatical and spelling errors, and because the back story of the origin of the work is so believable, this book stands alone among others of its type. I highly recommend this book to cat lovers everywhere, and postulate that this book may even enable those of us with a penchant for cats to persuade dog-people to take a deeper look at our feline friends and companions.

  • The Silent Miaow" is the most charming cat book ever. It is written by a man who is unashamedly a cat lover and who has written many delightful books.

    For me, one of the best features is that she is still alive at the end of the book. I really dislike reading a book about an animal that forces the reader to endure and grieve for the death of the protagonist - as if we haven't had to do that enough in real life.