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by Ginna Gray

ePub Fatal Flaw (MIRA) download
Ginna Gray
Mira Books (April 20, 2007)
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. As a serial killer terrorizes the town of Miers, Colorado, preying on the female patients of plastic surgeon Dr. Mark Adams.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Published March 29th 2005 by Mira Books (first published January 1st 2005). A native Texan, Ginna lived Ginna sold her first novel in 1983, after winning the Golden Heart Award, given by Romance Writers of America for the best unpublished novel in a category. She has been working as a full-time writer ever since. When she finishes her current contracts, Ginna will have written 33 books. She has also given many lectures and writing workshops, and judged in writing contests.

Don Mills, Ont. : MIRA. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana.

Format:Mass Market Paperback.

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Book by Gray, Ginna
  • I enjoyed the romantic elements of this book, along with the charming family characters. My main problem with it is the lack of suspense. There were tense moments but, unfortunately, I guessed who the murderer is fairly early on. I won't give it away, but there were some very obvious clues and none of the other potential suspects came across as being very likely. Overall, it's an enjoyable read but don't expect any "knock your socks off" surprises.

  • This book has it twist and turns that will have reading until the end. With comedy relief and with fast genuine love, it will have you at the edge of your seat feeling numerous emotions (laugh, love, shock, grief and sadness

  • Predictably plot, I caught on to the supposedly surprised ending before third chapter. Me Gray is a new author to me and I picked this book thinking it would keep me entertained, there was action but it wasn't really what I thought it would be. Was this going to be a series? I hope not I have feelings for the characters.

  • Good Reading ...Suspenseful

  • Detective Casey O'Toole and her partner Dennis are called to a crime scene that appears to be related to a series of killings from another jurisdiction. When Casey is selected to head a multi-department task force, she is met with resistance from the inept county sheriff but manages to rise above the muck. When the victims are linked to a sexy and prominent plastic surgeon, the widowed Casey finds herself attracted to a potential suspect. Dr. Mark Adams is soon cleared, but continues to find reasons to bump into Casey as the attraction is definitely mutual. Casey shares an attribute of the victims - her curly red hair. When an attempt is made on her life, she has to wonder if she's the next victim.

    Light on suspense (as many have mentioned, it is easy to figure out within the first few chapters), overall, it has an interesting plot. With the exception of Casey and Mark, most of the characters are not fully developed, the dialogue is pretty stale (do you know anyone under 70 who says "oh dear?"), and Mark's premature protestations of love within days of meeting her make the romance unbelievable. There was just too much going on - between the murders, the office politics, the delivery of her cousin's twins, the family dynamics, and the romance... the story just seemed incomplete. I love Gray's plots, but her inability to create realistic dialogue and overpopulated storylines keep her books from being 5-star reads.

  • Ginna Gray captured my interest with "Witness," and I eagerly snatched a copy of her latest, "Fatal Flaw," when I saw it at the bookstore.
    Total dud!
    While the serial killer plot is well-developed - though I figured out within the first few pages who the killer was - the book seemed to deteriorate at the end. It was as though the author was pulled in too many directions - from family scuffles, to births, to shootings, to chasing a serial killer and - oh, yeah - two people, like, falling in love or something.
    The last five chapters seemed disjointed - they just didn't flow like the beginning of the book. And sometimes it was like just reading words on a page - the characters somehow became sterile, cookie cutter, and reading their dialog was like watching a really bad school play.
    And don't even get me started on the lack of development of the killer. It would have been good to have a few sections from the killer's POV, so we could see into his sorry, black soul. Instead, we just sort of happen on the information about him at the very end of the book.
    The author does try to put a few red herrings in there, but they really weren't that effective (but I read a lot of mysteries, so that may be the case).
    And I couldn't relate to the heroine's love interest, Doc Mark Adams. Unlike FBI agent Sam Rawlins from "Witness," Adams doesn't seem as well-developed. He's hot, he loves his family and is in love with Det. Casey O'Toole, but we see these things as though through a dirty window. We don't get a "feel" for the doctor, his inner-most thoughts and feelings, his soul.
    If you want to check this book out, make sure to get it used - don't pay full price.

  • Casey O'Toole is a detective in Mears Colorado. She is 29 and a veteren police officer. Her whole family are cops as was her husband. She and her husband, Tim, grew up next door to each other and married right out of high school. A year and a-half ago Tim was killed in the line of duty. Although a tough cop she is niave and innocent where men are concerned because she only ever dated her husband and they had decided at 14 they would marry.

    Dr. Mark Adams is a plastic surgeon whose patients are being murdered by a serial killer. They are raped and then set loose to be hunted by the killer. Mark is attracted to Casey but it's hard to court a woman who doesn't know the rules. Happily Casey has her own rules and they include respect, integrity, and not hopping into bed with the first man who rings her chimes. It was so nice to finally meet a heroine who had a few morals.

    The murder mystery is OK but you pretty well know who it is right away. That is the only reason I gave it a 4 star rating. The story is really more about the relationship between Casey and Mark and their families. I loved it. My daughter loved it. and you will enjoy it too. The ending has all the excitement you could want and the romance was great.

  • I liked this book. Kept my interest and finished it in one day. I have always enjoyed Ginna Grays books.