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by Maya Seymour

ePub Gray Love: A Black and White Affair download
Maya Seymour
Publisher:, Inc. (July 15, 2011)
Dramas & Plays
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Gray Love is the story of Mathew Stephens, a white judge, and Hannah Collins, a black attorney, who accidentally meet at his private lake and fall deeply in love. Their relationship is complicated as Mathew struggles with his long held beliefs as the grand vizier of the local KKK. His fellow Klan members discover their relationship and vow to make both Mathew and Hannah pay for their 'forbidden' love.
  • Gray Love was an interesting read but I felt somewhat rushed through the story. There was so much exposition regarding the other events, it was as if the budding romance was an afterthought. The progression of the relationship between Mathew and Hannah was steady until the revelation of Mathew's beliefs. I still question whether a lifelong member of the KKK can overlook those strong beliefs for love. I think that's the pull of this story; the impossibility of a relationship born from hateful beliefs. True, Mathew seemed moderate in those beliefs but as evidenced of the manner in which he treated his workers, those beliefs are still an integral part of who he is. I would have loved to see how Hannah and Mathew's relationship continued and if he could truly let go of years of hate. Overall, this was a great read and despite the hefty price, I would recommend this to anyone who loves an romantic story.

  • Very enticing story that made me want to learn more about the main characters. Enjoyed reading it and look forward to more from the author.

  • I love this book and it was a relief for me to read an IR romance book which has not only a good plot,but also great characters.I am an avid reader and a book has to be really well written to be given at least 4 stars by me.This book evoked so many emotions in me (sadness, anger...) and many times during this book I had to roll my eyes at some of the things that were being said by Matthew(but I love him anyway) and his club. I love the fact that the author provided enough elements to make us understand the reasonning of Matthew before he met Hannah.
    I think it was a bit realistic because in life nothing is really rosy and you have to forgo some things (whether you like it or not) before you find true happiness.
    I cant wait for more works of the author;she gained a new fan:)

  • I liked this book a lot. At first, I have to admit I thought I was reading the wrong book because of the slow start but once it delved into the main characters I feel in love. It certainly had a lot of potential and could possibly be a mini-series of some sort since the author was able to have the reader connect with the other characters......keeping fingers crossed that it will. I definitely want to see what could happen next for Mathew and Hannah.

    The only downside IMO were the love scenes....could've been a bit steamier but overall you were still able to capture the connection. All in all a great IR story and would recommend it.

  • This book was absolutely good! I loved it. I hated that Danny and the chief died. I loved Matthew and his love for Hannah.

  • Hard to read!

  • I really wanted to like this book, but it fell short of it's promise. We meet the main characters too far into the story, and although the love story had an interesting start, it progressed too quickly. The judge fell in love too fast and the author didn't allow his side of the story to play out in his everyday life - where's the confrontation scene between the Klan and the judge??? Where are the warnings from those who know the judge's family history and suspect his true identity???? It also would have been nice if the judge and attorney actually worked in the same district/circut. An awareness of each other before meeting and falling in love would have been much more titillating, and seeing them in court together while keeping their relationship a secret would have been great drama! I also think that as the Grand Wizard of the KKK, he should've fought much harder against his feelings before finally giving in, and as both the Grand Wizard and a judge who would most likely wield a lot of power around town, it should've been very difficult to take down personally and professionally. What is most interesting about men in this position is that throughout history, they have used many justifications for their feelings. They love women of color, but still believe themselves superior - and their women to be either "different" or "special" - "a cut above the rest." More dimensionalized characters and a relationship woven through deceit, lies, as well as a well thought out murder MYSTERY would have been much more satisfying. That said, I admire the author for taking on such an ambitious story.

  • Gray Love is an exciting new romance novel filled with wonderful, believable characters and a fresh new prospective, which shows that two people from different races can put petty differences aside and fall deeply in love.

    Hannah Collins is a beautiful, gutsy black attorney that the reader will instantly fall in love with, and when she accidentally meets the handsome Judge Matthew Stephens while unknowingly swimming in the lake at the back of his property, she is immediately drawn to him. Secretly, Stephens is the local Klu Klux Klan leader, but Hannah's beauty and spirit attracts him like a bee to honey.

    The reader will enjoy watching as their romance blossoms into an unbreakable love that leads them as well as Hannah's parents down a dangerous road as they battle the evils of the Klan.

    This is one of the best romance novels I have read in years. I can't wait until Maya Seymour's next book comes out.